Walker Of The Worlds-Chapter 1436: A Stealthy Breakthrough

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"There we go... that should be enough for the time being." Lin Mu finished setting up a formation array and did some final checks.

He had set more several formations on the courtyard and reinforced them by turning them into an array. The main function of this array though was to restrain the Qi fluctuations and also hide all that happened inside.

It was a combination of a strong isolating formation, barrier formations, Qi restraining formations as well as an illusory formations. And the reason why Lin Mu had set it up was none other than for the upcoming breakthrough of his tamed beasts.

'They are going to be the first ones to breakthrough...' Lin Mu glanced at the twins that were coiled up in the room.

The spirit Qi fluctuation around them had gotten quite strong and faint Dao Traces could also be seen on them. Though the surprising part for Lin Mu was that he couldn't exactly tell what these Dao Traces were.

He knew the reason for this was probably because they simply weren't as compatible with it.

"Even observing the Dao Embryo's of the Twins was difficult in a way..." Lin Mu recalled the time when he had checked their Dao Embryos.

The Twins had reached the Dao Treading realm some time when Lin Mu was in the Sleepscape and had cause no commotion at all. In fact, one wouldn't even be able to tell that they had broken through if one didn't probe them.

Even then, it was the Saintess that had informed Lin Mu about the twin's progress.

One could even say the twin's breakthrough was very stealthy.

Of course, upon learning this Lin Mu wanted to see what kind of a Dao Embryo they had formed and had met an obstacle. When he tried to probe them, he 'saw' a haze that almost threw him off.

The Dantians of the Twins were different from any others Lin Mu had seen so far, and were filled with violent Qi. If this was anyone else, they would have already died from the chaotic and turbulent form of the Qi.

But to the twins, this was nothing. Their Dantian safely contained it all.

Xiao Yin had Yin Spirit Qi in her Dantian, while Xiao Yang had Yang Spirit Qi in his Dantian. The purity of both types of Qis was very high, but at the same time it made it violent for most beings.

Even Lin Mu needed an hour to adjust to it. Only after that was he able to maneuver through their Dantian and observe their Dao Embryos.

Unsurprisingly, the Dao Embryo's of the Twins were similar to the crest that the Saintess had made for them. Xiao Yin had the yin half of the Taiji symbol and Xiao Yang had the Yang half of it. But if one looked closely they would see that they weren't like the normal Taiji Symbol.

Instead, they looked to be curved snakes, holding the opposite colored bead on their heads.

This was a Dao Embryo that neither Lin Mu, nor the Saintess knew. Even Xukong didn't know about it and he only said that it should be a unique Dao Embryo for both of them.

Remembering all this, Lin Mu let out a breath, wondering just what kind of phenomena they would cause upon their breakthrough.

"Hopefully, the array can restrain most of the effects..." Lin Mu muttered to himself as he walked up to the twins.

They were curled up on their usual pillow and were still absorbing more spirit Qi. The Dao Traces around them were also getting denser and Lin Mu knew they should be very close to a breakthrough.

"Now to wait for a short while more..." Lin Mu sat down next to the twins and cultivated as well.

He was soon immersed in cultivation as immortal Qi swirled around him. With each breath, it would enter his body and be assimilated at the same time.

Minute after minute passed, but no change occurred. Lin Mu also fell deeper into cultivation and continued as it is. He knew he would wake up quickly at the moment of their breakthrough, so wasn't as worried.

But as more time passed, Lin Mu also lost track of it.

It was hard to say if it was a flaw or not, but Lin Mu had no issues in immersing himself in cultivation. It was a natural thing to him at this point, and he could do so with little effort.

Though there were millions of experts that would give up a lot to have the same natural focus as Lin Mu.

And just like this, three days passed.

At this point, even Lin Mu was feeling like something was wrong. His closed eyes trembled before opening.

"They still haven't broken through?" Lin Mu muttered in confusion.

But when his spirit sense swept over the twins, his expression changed.

"Immortal Qi? What?" Lin Mu suddenly felt that there was Immortal Qi surrounding the twins. "When did this happen?" he decided to look deeper and probed their bodies.

It was now that he realized something.

'They have broken through already?!' Lin Mu had never expected that the twins breakthrough would be undetected.

Especially since they were his tamed beasts, he should have felt something through his link with them. And yet, there was no change, there was no fluctuation of emotions. It was as if everything was in a state of absolute calmness.

It was almost eerie on some level as to how calm the two were. But the Dantians of the twins showed the proof. There was Immortal Qi in their bodies!

And not just normal immoral Qi but Yin and Yang Immortal Qi!

Their Dantian also seemed a lot more turbulent and Lin Mu couldn't observe it for much long. He was forced to withdraw his immortal sense, or there was a chance he might injure himself.

"They are surely in the False Immortal Realm, but why were there no signs? No phenomena? No surge of immortal Qi? How is this possible?" Lin Mu was left confused.