Walker Of The Worlds-Chapter 1437 A Not So Stealthy Breakthrough

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As much as the breakthrough of the Twins was confusing to Lin Mu, he knew there was only one person who could give some answers.

"Saintess… are you here?" Lin Mu called out.


A few seconds later, the air next to him turned blurry before the figure of the Saintess appeared.

Lin Mu had no idea where the Saintess would go when she was in the Courtyard. He knew that she was inside it, but he couldn't see her anywhere unless she actually appeared physically.

He had wondered if she was simply staying invisible or whether she was going somewhere. But since she hadn't said it, Lin Mu didn't pry either.

At the very least, she would appear when he called for her.

"The twins… They've reached the False Immortal realm." Lin Mu spoke, confusion apparent in his voice.

"I know." The Saintess replied.

"You do? When did this happen?" Lin Mu questioned feeling surprised again.

"Three days ago." The Saintess answered much to Lin Mu's doubt.

"Three days ago? I'm sure they were at the Dao Treading realm back then. I had checked." Lin Mu replied.

"They were indeed. Then they broke through. They simply made no commotion." The Saintess stated.

"You didn't inform me?" Lin Mu asked, feeling a little lost.

"You were cultivating, so I didn't think it was needed to disturb you." The Saintess responded, making Lin Mu feel a bit better.

"I see… Still, is it normal for them to have no signs of a breakthrough?" Lin Mu questioned.

"Of course." The Saintess nodded. "The Yin Yang Twin Serpents can be considered as the most mysterious of the Seven Ancestral Serpents. Even I do not know everything about them, as they have never appeared before this." She added.

"Besides, they have no bottlenecks and their power also stems from their bloodline. Their potentially is gargantuan and simply by existing they will keep on growing." The Saintess explained a bit. "Though once it is time for their First Immortal Tribulation, you will witness the level of chaos that can happen." She added.

"Will it be tough?" Lin Mu asked.

"For them? No…" The Saintess shook her head. "For others though… that's hard to say. The suggestion I'll give you is that it is best to be as far from civilization as possible during their breakthrough." She warned.

"Mmm… I'll keep that in mind. Should I expect any variant or unique Immortal tribulations?" Lin Mu asked next.

"Possibly. With their potential, it wouldn't be unusual for them to trigger Variant Immortal Tribulations. And they will be quite dangerous to the beings around them." The Saintess replied.

"Looks like we'll have to be careful then." Lin Mu said before looking at the twins that were still cultivating silently. "How long will they stay like that?" he asked.

"You can wake them up if you want. They should listen to you." The Saintess spoke.

But Lin Mu shook his head. "I'll let them cultivate. There's no need to disturb them for now."


But just as Lin Mu said this, he felt a wave of energy coming from the outside. It was strong and had knocked up a wind that blew in front the door.

"Wait a second…" Lin Mu directly teleported outside with Blink, only to see that the energy wave had come from none other than Little Shrubby!


The Saintess also appeared beside Lin Mu before speaking, "seems like he's having a breakthrough as well."

Little Shrubby was lying in the center of the garden, and was in a smaller form. It wasn't as small as his cat or kitten form, but was half the size of a normal lion or tiger. He had been staying here so that if he had a breakthrough, it'll be easier for him and no damage will be done to the courtyard.

While the courtyard was indeed protected, there was no saying just what kind of power would be unleashed during his breakthrough. Lin Mu just thought taking precautions was a lot better than leaving it to luck.


The pressure around Little Shrubby increased, and he was forced to revert to his full sized form.


Little Shrubby let out a growl as the immortal Qi started flowing around him. An invisible vortex was already forming in the air, and Lin Mu could tell that this was going to be a large infusion of immortal Qi.

And surely, just a minute later, it happened...


The vortex of immortal Qi poured a stream of immortal Qi directly into Little Shrubby's body, which greedily absorbed it all. His meridians, organs, flesh, and Dantian were bathed in the immortal Qi, as the new power fueled them.

The immortal Qi quickly reached his Dantian and bathed the Nascent soul of Little Shrubby in it. The nourishment provided by the Immortal Qi made his nascent soul roar out in pleasure as well!

Lin Mu continued to observe and felt that Little Shrubby's breakthrough might not end just now.

"Seems like it was right for me to prepare…" Lin Mu muttered.

He closed his eyes for a moment before activating spatial perception. He gazed at the cloud dappled sky and saw the spatial fabric twisting.

"The immortal tribulation is close… Little Shrubby is also going to have his Immortal Tribulation after this." Lin Mu said as he became alert.


The arrays that Lin Mu had set up activated automatically and prevented any energy fluctuation from leaking outside. Little Shrubby's breakthrough to the False Immortal Realm lasted for about ten minutes, after which his next breakthrough started.


All of a sudden, the temperature of the air rose and the moisture around them started to evaporate.

Lin Mu could sense the Spatial Fabric getting distorted all around Little Shrubby.

"It's here…" Lin Mu took several steps back and got ready.


A second later, the space around Little Shrubby cracked open as searing flames jumped out of it.

It was almost as if the gates of hell had been opened and the damning fire of hell was calling for a life!


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