Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2386 - Interrogate

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Chapter 2386: Interrogate

When Ultimate Supreme Being and Zi Xiao heard the noise outside, their faces darkened. They had not expected Tian Chenyu to visit them.

Ultimate Supreme Being dashed outside the Ultimate Hall and lifted his head to look up to the sky. He saw Tian Chenyu, who was in a white robe, standing in the sky.

“My friend, please join me at the hall!” Ultimate Supreme Being waved his sleeve and an opening appeared on the array in the sky.

“Thank you!” Tian Chenyu cupped his fist and landed on the ground. He followed Ultimate Supreme Being into the hall.

When Tian Chenyu walked into the hall, he started to frown when he saw Di Zang Supreme Being, Lei Huo Supreme Being, and Chi Yun Supreme Being.

He had not expected the three of them to be present. He was not concerned with the other two, but Di Zang Supreme Being was Tuoba Qingyun’s elder brother and thus, he had to be careful.

“Tian Chenyu, why are you here?” Di Zang Supreme Being asked as he squinted at Tian Chenyu through hardened eyes.

Heavenly Palace and Earth Palace were at odds with each other at that moment.

He was surprised to see Tian Chenyu at the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace. Is he there due to the Ultimate Sword Art and Ultimate Holy Sword?

“I am here for some personal reasons. Please carry on with whatever you are doing. I can wait!” Tian Chenyu said as he shook his head. Since Di Zang Supreme Being was around, Tian Chenyu would not talk about Su Mo as he did not want Earth Palace to know about Su Mo’s identity.

“Take a seat!” Ultimate Supreme Being signaled to Tian Chenyu to take a seat.

Tian Chenyu sat quietly to the side, far away from the three Supreme Beings, to show that he had no intention of disrupting them.

Ultimate Supreme Being was baffled when he saw Tian Chenyu’s behavior. Is Tian Chenyu not here because of Qin Yun? Why is he behaving in such a manner?

In any case, it is good that Tian Chenyu did not get himself involved.

At this moment, Ling Chang, who was in a blue dress, walked into the hall.

“Palace Master!” Ling Chang bowed respectfully to Ultimate Supreme Being.

“Hmm! Take a seat!” Ultimate Supreme Being said as he nodded. Upon hearing that, Ling Chang sat beside Snow Supreme Being.

Di Zang Supreme Being, Huo Shen Supreme Being, and Chi Yun Supreme Being fixed their gazes on Ling Chang.

They knew that Ling Chang had died many years ago but she had not been annihilated. Her cultivation level had merely been brought down.

“Ling Chang Palace Master, I’ve heard that Qin Yun is your disciple. Is he Zi Xiao’s Secret Disciple?” Di Zang Supreme Being asked as he stared at Ling Chang.

When the rest heard the question, all eyes were on Ling Chang.

Even Ultimate Supreme Being had asked Ling Chang privately before about whether Qin Yun was related to Zi Xiao.

Back then, Ling Chang had told him that she was not sure.

“Ling Chang, tell everyone the truth,” Zi Xiao said in his deep voice, and he gave Ling Chang a warning look. Apparently, he was reminding Ling Chang not to frame him.

“I am the one who brought Qin Yun to Ultimate Supreme Being Palace. All of us know that Qin Yun is talented and Zi Xiao thinks highly of him. However, I have no idea if Zi Xiao has taken Qin Yun in as his Secret Disciple!” Ling Chang replied with a grim look.

Ling Chang had followed Su Mo’s instructions and she knew what he intended to do. However, she could not tell the Supreme Beings that Su Mo was Zi Xiao’s Secret Disciple as it would seem too deliberate. They would not be convinced if she did so.

She only mentioned that Zi Xiao thought highly of Su Mo and that would make everyone believe that Su Mo was Zi Xiao’s Secret Disciple.

“Ling Chang, what are you saying! When have I thought highly of Qin Yun?” Zi Xiao raised his brows when he heard what Ling Chang had said. His worries had come true and Ling Chang was trying to frame him.

“Zi Xiao, I am not sure if you have taken Qin Yun in as your disciple. However, you can’t just wash your hands of this matter.” Ling Chang said coldly.

“You are spouting nonsense!”

Zi Xiao was furious. He stood up and looked at everyone and said, “I am not related to Qin Yun at all. I did not kill Tuoba Liuming, Yun Mu, and Gu Jianshan. If I am right in my conjecture, Qin Yun is the one who killed them.”

“Zi Xiao, do you think we are stupid?”

Di Zang Supreme Being shouted. He stood up and said, “Although Qin Yun is powerful, he does not have the ability to kill Liuming. Moreover, even though Qin Yun has obtained the Ultimate Holy Sword and Ultimate Sword Art, he could not have escaped without receiving any help.”

Di Zang Supreme Being did not believe what Zi Xiao had said. Firstly, he was well aware of his son’s ability.

Secondly, Qin Yun had a low cultivation level. Although he had obtained the Ultimate Sword Art and Ultimate Holy Sword, it was impossible for him to escape from the Supreme Beings. It would be ridiculous for that to happen.

“Someone is trying to divert our attention and confuse us, and it is none other than Qin Yun!”

Zi Xiao said. He then looked at Ling Chang and said, “Ling Chang and Qin Yun know each other too.”

“Zi Xiao, since you are not related to Qin Yun, why did you not punish Qin Yun when he killed your disciples back then?” Chi Yun Supreme Being asked, looking indifferent.

“I let him off as Qin Yun is close to Ling Chang!” Zi Xiao replied. Although he was furious over the matter, he was still able to handle it.

Since he did not have the Ultimate Sword Art and Ultimate Holy Sword with him and he had hidden Qian Xunyue, no one had any evidence against him.

Without any evidence, none of them could accuse Ultimate Supreme Being and set themselves against him.

“Ling Chang Palace Master, do you have any idea where Qin Yun has gone to?” Lei Huo Supreme Being asked.

“I have no idea. Although Qin Yun and I get along well, I don’t really know him.” Ling Chang shook her head.

Di Zang Supreme Being, Lei Huo Supreme Being, and Chi Yun Supreme Being were silent. They were not concerned with the Ultimate Sword Art or the Ultimate Holy Sword, but they wanted to know who had killed Tuoba Liuming, Yun Mu, and Gu Jianshan.

Tian Chenyu sat at the side and looked straight ahead. He was not interested in knowing who had killed Tuoba Liuming and the other two, nor was he concerned about the Ultimate Sword Art and the Ultimate Holy Sword. He only wanted to search Su Mo out.

Ultimate Supreme Being looked impassive. After listening to the conversation, he no longer believed Ling Chang and Zi Xiao.

“Ultimate Palace Master, I don’t care whether Liuming has been killed by Qin Yun or Zi Xiao, you have to account for Liuming’s death!”

After a while, Di Zang Supreme Being rested his gaze on Ultimate Supreme Being.

“That’s right! Both Zi Xiao and Qin Yun are from the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace!” Lei Huo Supreme Being nodded.

“We hope that Ultimate Palace Master will give us a reasonable account for this matter!” Chi Yun Supreme Being said.

“Don’t worry!”

Ultimate Supreme Being nodded and said, “We will find Qin Yun and everything will come to light.”

Even if the three Supreme Beings had not looked for Ultimate Supreme Being, he would try to locate Qin Yun as he wanted to get back the Ultimate Sword Art and Ultimate Holy Sword.

“Five years. We will give you five years to settle this. If Ultimate Palace Master is unable to give an account of this after five years, Earth Palace will use our own method to avenge Liuming.” Di Zang Supreme Being said, with his face darkened.

“Are you threatening me?” Ultimate Supreme Being squinted his eyes. Use your own method? Is he implying that Earth Palace will deal with Zi Xiao?

“I dare not do so. I just want to avenge my son!” Di Zang shook his head. He had to verify the matter before he openly fell out with Ultimate Supreme Being.

“Ultimate Palace Master, since you have given us your word, we will look forward to hearing from you!” Lei Huo stood up and said, cupping his fist.

“I am leaving!” Chi Yun Supreme Being got ready to leave.

“I shall not send you off!” Ultimate Supreme Being waved his hand.

Chi Yun Supreme Being, Di Zang Supreme Being, and Lei Huo Supreme Being left Ultimate Supreme Being Palace together.

After the three Supreme Beings had left, Ultimate Supreme Being looked at Tian Chenyu and asked, “Tian Chenyu, are you here because of Qin Yun, who is also known as Su Mo?”

“That’s right!”

Tian Chenyu nodded. He stood up and bowed respectfully to Ultimate Supreme Being.


Ultimate Supreme Being sighed. Although Su Mo was not a notable martial artist, he had created a lot of trouble for them.

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