What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?-Chapter 1071 The End’s Breakdown

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(Iris POV)

*Moments before*

I looked at Master.

His silent, perfect back.

And yet… There was still something that was just a little off about Him.

Others might not be able to see it but for someone like me who knew Master the best in the entire Universe, I could sense it clearly.

"Master?" I called out to Him.

Master did not even acknowledge me and continued looking off into the distance.

Certainly, the past Master would do this as well but the feeling of it was different.

The feeling I would get from the previous Master would be as though He had heard the sound of the wind blowing through the air, but this time it was like He did not hear anything at all.

Yes, there are major differences between the two and I could tell them apart especially when Master was the one exhibiting such a feeling.

"Master?" I called out again, a little louder this time.

Master still showed no signs of having heard me.

This shouldn't be… I did everything that would not only ensure that Master would turn back to His original self, but also an even better version of Him as well, so what went wrong?

Ara? Could it be? This is what the 'improved' version of Master is like?

Ara, ara~ If that's the case, then all I need to do is get used to this improved version of Master! Ufufufu~ I wonder what Master would do? Should I just suggest that Master and I head somewhere out into the far reaches of the Universe and forget about everything else?

That most certainly sounds like a good idea! Mas--

"This universe… Another failure."

--ter? Ara?

Master turned back around, His eyes moving past me as though I was never there.

"I guess I should just make a new one and start again. Perhaps this time… Without having an End set from the start would yield better results."

Without… Me?

What… What does that mean, Master? And what do you mean by making a new one to start again? Are we not tied together from the start? I was made before the Universe wasn't I?

I took a step closer, "What do you mean, Master?"

Master did not show any indication of having heard me and simply started walking off.

Why… Even in this state, Master should at least listen to me, right? Even if the wind were to blow past your ear, you would still hear it, right?

So why is Master acting like the wind isn't even there? Why is Master acting like I don't even exist to Him?

I moved in front of Master in an attempt to stop Him but Master simply walked through me like I wasn't even there.

I turned back to find Him, only to see that He was gone.


Why, Master?! Despite everything that I have done… Why won't you look at me?!!

The past you were never interested in me! To you, I was the same as space dust! Now am I not even worth the same as space dust to you?!

When you told me that you would be leaving behind your Origin energy and intentionally 'losing' that war… No matter how much I begged you not to do it, you still went ahead with your plan!

I was left behind, Master!! The only existence I cared about was you and I was left behind!!

I know… I know that you loved everyone equally… You loved the Gods, the stars, the void and everything else that exists within the Universe equally… But all I wanted was for you to love me just a little bit more…

I have watched you since the beginning of the Universe's existence, sought for your attention ever since I started to learn my place… And yet I have never received it even after I tried to create something with you.

Yet… When you left me to become a mortal, you started to care about someone else…


It should have been me!! It should have been meeeeee!! Why was it not me?!!

I was the one who saw you first, fell in love with you first, yet you gave your attention to all those mortals and yet never to me!

I tried… I tried to ignore it… I know I was not someone who was even fit to control you… But yet… I want to be loved, Master…

Yet after you had turned yourself mortal… You showed no signs of coming back while I waited for you… That's why I concocted the plan to make you return on your own.

I thought Master might return back willingly once you had regained your memories but you refused! I don't understand! Are these disciples of yours so important that you would be willing to give up the rest of the Universe for them?!

Then what about me?!

All I ever wanted was for Master to love me!

And as though all of existence was laughing at me, Master made me feel loved for the first time that day when He pushed me down and made me experience the first orgasm of my life.

Yet just as I thought we would join together as one, you stopped… And I was left behind again.

I was prepared to lose my virginity right there and then yet Master simply pulled up His pants and took a step back, forgoing all forms of communication as He stared into the distance.

My plan backfired and made Master to turn into who He is now.

I did not want this… I never wanted this… Why does everything I do go so wrong?

Am I fated to never be loved?

And it looks like I even doomed the rest of the Universe to be eradicated along with myself.

Master… I'm sorry… Please… Go back to your original self… I don't want this anymore… I just want us back… I don't want anything else, just let me stay by your side… Please…

Despite my sincere pleas, Master did not return and I was still left alone.

What have I done… How do I fix this?

Who else can I depend on? I've pretty much burned down all of my bridges so there's definitely no one else that can help me…

Or is there?

Master's disciples… They are mortals who had not only managed to ascend to Godhood, they had also found ways of fighting against me, something most Gods would not have been able to do.

That's it! I just need to stir them up and make them think that they can convert Master back! As long as Master's turned back to those disciples' selves, then we had a chance!

Perfect! Let's do that!


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