What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?-Chapter 1072 Are We Now Frenemies?

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(Lian Li POV)

"So that's why you came to us with such a nonsensical plea..." I muttered.

My desire to hit this bitch was still there and I most certainly wanted to tell her that she brought this all on herself, but it's a little difficult to do that when the person in question was collapsed on the floor while wailing out in anguish.

Especially considering the fact that we have never seen her like this before.

The difference between her stoic, insufferable persona and her current broken down self was quite staggering.

Unfortunately for her, some of my sisters weren't as kind as I was.

"Fucking bitch, why are you acting all sad and depressed for when you're the one who caused this, huh?" Diao Chan asked scathingly.

Tsuki was just as incensed, "We already told you and tried to stop you multiple times but did you listen? Nooooo~ You just had to insist that your version of Aniue is the best! Now look what you did?! Are you happy now?"

Eris also joined in, "We could be living easily alongside Master and be having wonderful self times with Him, yet now Master is intending to End this Universe because of you!"

The bitch could do nothing but sob while still collapsed on her knees.

I could see that they were prepared to start attacking her just to sate their anger but a cough interrupted them.

"If I may..." Brendan cut in meekly. "We already know what Master is capable of... So what is preventing him from Ending the entire Universe right now instead of waiting? We're still here after all."

The bitch choked on her tears, "I... I don't know... Master is beyond my Omniscience... I could no longer see where He was when He disappeared..."

,m "Could Master have created another Universe and abandoned this one?" Kiyomi asked.

"Unlikely," Another voice spoke up, causing all of us to turn and find Lilith appearing out of thin air while looking quite beat up.

I wanted to ask what happened to her but there were more important things right now.

Lilith came up to us, grimacing slightly at her injuries, "Daddy would not leave such loose ends behind, especially not in the current condition he is in. What's more, Daddy would have told Mother to End it instead of doing it himself..."

The bitch shook her head, "The current Master is different from the one you knew... I heard Master talk to Himself while He completely disregarded my existence... And I might not even be His very first creation... Master said He might create another Universe... Without me..."

Now it was Lilith's turn to be confused, "How could that be? Wasn't it a given that everything that has a beginning must have an end? How could it be possible to not have an end?"

The bitch only shook her head more while continuing to sob. She really was quite a pathetic sight to look at now.

The demoness then turned to us, "I was wondering why the Great Ones suddenly turned docile and even put up no resistance before we sealed the hole... Now I know why... How long was Mother like this?"

"A while," I admitted, showing no sympathy for the crying bitch on the floor. "She told us her little sob story of why she did all the stupid things she did. It truly baffles me how someone like her is in a position of such power. Oh wait, she didn't earn it at all, Master literally created her and gave her that position."

If she heard my remark, she showed no signs of it.

Laverna raised her hand to get our attention, "Master... Focus..."

Hmph... She's right, we could spend an entire week over here just berating this stupid bitch but it wouldn't bring Master back to us. What we needed to focus on was to fix the problem she had caused before we lost Master for good.

But where do we even start?

Actually, there's also one really big question I have...

"Where is Cai Hong? She said she would be looking for the other dragons of her kind but she just disappeared entirely."

Lilith scowled, "That little thing? I bet she went and found Daddy's clothes and holed herself up in a cave somewhere."

Manami tilted her head, "Ara? I do not think little Cai Hong would do something like that. She does love her Papa too~"

As much as I agree with her, it just didn't make sense that she would disappear like that. Unless this bitch did something to her?

Probably reading my mind, the bitch looked up at me, "I could not care less about a thing like her to do something like that."

Hmph, why are you suddenly acting up again? Do we need to remind you that we're all in this position because of you?

She then buried her face in her palms again, a clear indication that she was definitely reading my thoughts.

All of us were still at a loss on what we could do when faced with the imminent destruction of this entire Universe.

Elaria stepped forward, "Do you think that maybe... Onii-sama is doing a final inspection of the Universe before he destroys it? You know, sometimes the bosses would take a look around the company before they shut it down?"

"Does that mean Master is going around the Universe right now? Then how would we even find Him?" I asked.

"The centre of the Universe..." The bitch suddenly spoke.

All of us turned to her, wondering what she meant.

She slowly rose up from the ground, her figure magically fixing itself to make her look as though she had not spent the last few hours crying her heart out to us.

"The centre of the Universe," She repeated with more conviction than before. "It is where Master is able to see the entire Universe without moving around. If Master is inspecting the Universe now, that's where He will be."

Hmph... At least I'll admit that she's useful for that, but seeing her recover so quickly like that... I'm starting to think that her pathetic sight might have been entirely orchestrated just to gain pity from us.

"I would not waste my time doing such a thing just to gain your sympathy," She scowled.

"Then why are you reading my mind?"

"It is difficult not to when you're projecting your thoughts outwards so noisily like that."

Oh? That's a thing? Maybe I should ask Master about it, oh wait, He's not here!

Her scowl deepened but said nothing.

Eris bounced on her feet, "Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go there and return Master to His senses!"

The bitch then looked at us with a serious gaze, "There is just one problem. The centre of the Universe is only accessible to two existences... Myself and Master..."


You're not seriously saying that we have to rely on this bitch to save Master?!!