Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress - Chapter 783 - Is It Okay to Talk Publicly?   

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Chapter 783: Is It Okay to Talk Publicly?


Yue Xiu sneered. “How is that possible? I already know that they were going to hire someone to be their spokesperson this year. Don’t they just think that I was too domineering? However, if I wasn’t domineering, how could I have gotten the endorsement?”

She had quite a few artists under her. The speed at which artists earned money from endorsements was several times that of filming dramas. They also earned a lot of money every year.

Artists who really wanted to walk the path of popularity would definitely have to use business endorsements. While earning money, they would also rely on the advertisements and publicity spread by the endorsements to increase the popularity of the country and maintain the confidence of their fans.

Only by earning this money could the company better plan for nurturing them. Therefore, they had to earn this money.

“Let’s contact them again,” Yue Xiu said.

The assistant contacted all kinds of people and finally contacted a cell phone brand. The other party agreed to consider meeting Yue Xiu in Xi’an. If possible, he could work with Zhang Yunfei.

“Miss Yue, the other party wants to meet Zhang Yunfei and you first. We’ll talk about the rest later.”

“Sure, as long as we meet, there won’t be a problem. As for Yunfei, even if this show is not as good as Jiang Yuheng’s, his status is still here.”

As long as they met, Yue Xiu knew that Zhang Yunfei had hope.

This phone brand was called Guangxing. The main technical point was that it operated extremely quickly and was extremely suitable for playing games.

At this moment, many mobile games had just been launched. Many mobile phones could not support the operating conditions of the games at all, so Guangxing had been targeting this group of consumers from the beginning.

Now that Guangxing was going to sell a new phone, they definitely needed a suitable opportunity to promote it.

Their publicity manager, Manager Han, had been having a headache over this matter.

“The matter of the spokesperson is indeed very important, but more importantly, it must be related to the game,” Manager Han said. “When the time comes, let’s meet the candidate’s spokesperson first. You can organize a detailed report for me.”


On Yao Jiahong’s side, he also received Guangxing’s initial invitation to Jiang Yuheng.

He reported the situation to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin asked him, “How is Jiang Yuheng currently?”

“He’s very willing to suffer and has always been neither arrogant nor rash. I think he’s still very calm. I’ve contacted a new script for him, and he’s also reading it seriously.”

“Does he know how to play games?”

“Yes, I heard that his usual pastime is playing games,” Yao Jiahong said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to casually promise Manager Han. I think there’s a high chance of winning this endorsement.”

“Alright, I’ll go personally this time,” Shi Jin said.

On the day they were meeting, Shi Jin accompanied Jiang Yuheng.

Although Jiang Yuheng had become famous, he was still humble. He smiled at everyone and spoke elegantly. He had not changed much from when he was still filming Wind Cloud.

When they arrived, Yue Xiu and Zhang Yunfei also came over.

Manager Han smiled and said, “Everyone, we’re looking for a spokesperson this time for a public event. I’ve also seen the information. Yuheng and Yunfei are both quite suitable for our situation. Then, we also want to understand the situation between the two of you and both sides. Is it okay to talk openly like this?”

Actually, Manager Han’s original choice was Jiang Yuheng, but Yuexiu suddenly interfered, so Manager Han had to give her face.

Everyone knew Yue Xiu’s identity. Regardless of whether Manager Han chose her or not, he had to convince her.

“No problem.” Yue Xiu sat down. “Manager Han, may I know what your basis for choosing a spokesperson is?”

“According to the characteristics of our products, we naturally want to find a popular artist with popularity, good image, and good reputation.”

Yue Xiu had a smile on her face. Didn’t Zhang Yunfei meet these requirements? What else did they need to inspect?

“And?” she asked.

“Miss Yue, do you know if Yunfei usually plays games?”

Yue Xiu hated playing games very much. She felt that there was no need to waste time.

Especially after Yue Lanchen entered the gaming team, she felt even more uncomfortable than if her feet had been stepped on. She felt that the Yue family’s reputation had been completely thrown away by Yue Lanchen.

Even though she knew that Guangxing mainly advertised a gaming phone, she did not want to pretend. “Why would a high-quality idol play games? Isn’t this a waste of time and misleading children?”

Manager Han’s expression darkened slightly. He could completely hear Yuexiu’s arrogant attitude. Since she was so arrogant, why should she seek the position of spokesperson?

He quickly recovered his smile. “Unfortunately, Miss Yue, the phone we’re pushing is a game phone. In that case, it really doesn’t match Yunfei’s temperament. It’s really a pity.”

“Manager Han, it’s true that Yunfei doesn’t know how to play, but who can rule that a spokesperson must know how to play? Just like how actors who act as bad people don’t need to kill someone to prove themselves in real life, right?”

“Miss Yue’s words do make sense, but after that, our phone will be advertised at the Asian Games and will appear for a long time. When the time comes, the spokesperson will have to spar with professionals as a contestant…”

Yue Xiu understood that Manager Han was indeed going to reject her.

She glanced at Zhang Yunfei. Zhang Yunfei really wanted to say that he could learn it, but he felt that as an A-list celebrity, saying such soft words was very demeaning, so he did not say anything.

Yue Xiu saw that Manager Han’s philosophy did not match her own and was no longer in the mood to tangle with him. She said, “Are you sure you want to advertise the gaming aspect?”

“Miss Yue, games are not only a pastime, they can also exercise one’s willpower and cooperation. Furthermore, no matter how hard a person works, they still need leisure, right?”

Yue Xiu had always been arrogant. She stood up and said, “In that case, I wish Manager Han a smooth release of the new product. I hope that when the time comes, fewer parents will complain to you.”

“That’s our business. As for the complaints, we’re only producing the product reasonably. We’re not stealing or snatching anything. The country also approves of it. Whoever is unreasonable will be the awkward one.”

Manager Han’s attitude was neither servile nor overbearing. Guangxing was a huge company, and it was supported by countless knowledgeable people.

With someone backing her, Yue Xiu liked to suppress others everywhere. Manager Han gave her face, but he was not afraid of her.

Yue Xiu flicked her sleeve and left.

Zhang Yunfei followed her. “Miss Yue, it’s okay. Without this, we have many other opportunities.”

“Did I say it mattered? It’s fine if we don’t cooperate with such a company.” Yue Xiu was usually calm and restrained, and she was very good at weighing the pros and cons. At this moment, her attitude was purely stimulated by the word game.

The more others thought highly of the gaming industry, the less optimistic she was! Otherwise, wouldn’t that be slapping her own face?

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