Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress-Chapter 901 - This Medicine Package Works

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Chapter 901: This Medicine Package Works

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Shi Jin had actually cultivated a single leaf orchid at home?

Professor Lin smiled and said, “I asked you to consult Shi Jin because I wanted you to ask her about her professional knowledge, not because I wanted you to ask her random questions”

“Understood, Professor.” Cao Tian and Meng Rujia stopped their questions and continued to search.

“Let’s split up and search. Let’s speed up,” Professor Lin said. “Cao Tian, you go with Shi Jin. I’ll go with Rujia.”

“Wait, Professor Lin.” Shi Jin handed two small bags to him and Meng Rujia. “This is especially effective against snakes, insects, rats, and ants.”

“Okay, okay. If you didn’t give it to me, I was about to ask you for it.” Professor Lin picked it up.

Meng Rujia took it quickly. “Thank you.”

Shi Jin tossed one to Cao Tian, who caught it with both hands.

Everyone split up.

Cao Tian followed Shi Jin, carefully searching.

“Shi Jin, are you a medical student?” Cao Tian asked.

“Yes, correct, I study Chinese medicine.”

As they spoke, Cao Tian saw a poisonous snake slithering not far away. The reason why she knew it was a poisonous snake was because it was colorful all over and had a triangular head. It was the iconic appearance of a poisonous snake.

He was about to tell Shi Jin to be careful when the snake smelled something and turned around to slither away.

“Eh?” Cao Tian was puzzled. Then, he touched the small bag that Shi Jin had given him.

He knew in his heart that the packet had worked.

The feeling in his heart was indescribable. Before coming yesterday, he thought that he could show some of his masculinity in front of Shi Jin.

Now it seemed that he had to rely on the girl to protect him.

Half a day later, an empty area suddenly appeared in front of him. He saw a dozen orchids blooming brightly not far away.

Cao Tian said in surprise, “It’s the Half-Sun Orchid! Look!”

“Contact Professor Lin immediately.” Shi picked up the radio and spoke to Professor Lin, reporting their location.

When Professor Lin came over and saw the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised. “That’s great, that’s great.”

There was a slight breeze. The Half-Sun Orchids were swaying as if they would collapse at any moment. Everyone wanted to rush over and catch them with their hands.

“Their roots are especially shallow, so it’s extremely difficult for them to grow and bloom. This place is surrounded by woods and the terrain is relatively flat, which gives them a relatively friendly environment to grow in. However, when the rain comes, this place will be soaked into a quagmire.”

Shi Jin said, “Professor Lin, do you think their roots are especially shallow because it’s difficult for them to survive in the deep soil?”

“It’s possible. That’s why we have to study how to make them survive better immediately after we bring them back,” Professor Lin said. “Everyone, be careful when you go over. Pay attention to see if there are any sloughs, puddles, and so on.” Professor Lin directed everyone.

Cao Tian took the professional tools out of his backpack.

The few of them carefully waded through. When they saw everything was clear, they approached.

The flowerpots and soil had been professionally treated. Together, they transplanted the half-sun orchids into the pot, doing their best to ensure that none of their tiny roots were damaged.

After a long time, they finally finished transferring the dozen orchids.

Shi Jin’s chauffeur and assistant were also informed and helped to transfer the pots to the car.

Professor Lin and Shi Jin’s RV had been specially processed. The temperature and humidity were currently very suitable for these half-sun orchids.

Most of them were placed in Professor Lin’s car, with a small portion being placed in Shi Jin’s car.

“These orchids should be fine now. They can last until we bring them back to the laboratory,” Professor Lin said with a smile. “When we get back, we’ll conduct further research.”

The sky was already dark, and it was difficult to walk on the mountain path. Professor Lin said, “Alright, let’s rest here for the night and go back tomorrow morning.”

Cao Tian went to get a tent.

Originally, Professor Lin’s RV was enough for the three of them to stay in. However, because the orchids that were moved back needed space, most of the space was used for the orchids, so only two people could stay there.

“Rujia can stay with me,” Shi Jin said. “Cao Tian and Professor Lin can sleep together.”

Shi Jin’s RV was big enough for her, Meng Rujia, and the assistant and driver.

She’d brought the tent with her just in case.

This way, Cao Tian did not have to camp out in the deep mountains.

The night was peaceful and uneventful.

That didn’t mean there wasn’t something else going on.

A car was quietly circling down the hill.

In the car, Wu Pengfei and his agent sat around the mountain road in boredom.

“That should do it,” the agent said. “The photographer behind us should have caught our car.”

“I’ll get out of the car to show my face.”

Wu Pengfei opened the car door and stepped out. He idled for a moment and drank a bottle of water.

The camera followed from afar, recording such scenes.

Pretending to be completely oblivious, he got back into the car.

“Is the news accurate that Shi Jin went up the mountain yesterday?” Wu Pengfei asked his manager.

“Of course it’s accurate. I found out yesterday that her car entered these mountains early in the morning. I don’t know what she was going to do, but she must have gone there by herself. And for a change, she didn’t bring anyone else. Just a driver and an assistant. I don’t know what she was going to do.”

“Who cares what she is doing? After a while, people will start speculating.”

That was how it was in the entertainment industry. They could make up rumors from thin air.

Yesterday, Shi Jin’s car had just stopped here, and today, Wu Pengfei’s car appeared here. As soon as the photos were posted, there would definitely be busybodies starting to fabricate gossip without Wu Pengfei saying anything.

These people were best at reading pictures.

Sure enough, before Wu Pengfei’s car had completely gone down the mountain, the photos had already spread.

The news soon began to appear.

“What’s Wu Pengfei’s schedule today? Why did he come down from the mountain?”

“Strange. Shi Jin also went up that mountain in the morning. Shi Jin doesn’t have any events. She’s not filming or recording. Why would she go there?”

“To be honest, this place is quite remote. Few people go there usually. If the two of them went there one after another, could it be…?”

“No way. Shi Jin has a legal husband. How could that happen?”

“When did their paths cross?”

“Have you forgotten that Wu Pengfei and Shi Jin participated in a game variety show together?”

“Don’t talk nonsense without proof.”

“But it’s really hard to explain. There’s no reason for it to be fake.”

Nevertheless, the gossip spread very quickly. In a moment, many people knew about it.

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