Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress-Chapter 902 - Causing An Uproar

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Chapter 902: Causing An Uproar

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This naturally did not have a good effect on Wu Pengfei, but it actually affected Shi Jin the most.

After all, when it came to relationships, the women were the ones that would be the center of discussion, which would further cause harm.

Wu Pengfei said to his manager, “Keep an eye on the phone. If someone from Shi Jin’s side calls me to tell me to clarify things, tell them that as long as Shi Jin accompanies me for a meal, I’ll immediately cooperate with the clarification. At the same time, I’ll sue a bunch of unscrupulous paparazzi and unscrupulous marketing accounts for spreading rumors.”

“Sure, we’ll just wait.”

As for what would happen after the meal, Wu Pengfei naturally had his own arrangements. He was not afraid that Shi Jin would not obey.

While the bad news was rampant, another piece of bad news about Shi Jin was released.

The problem was that vlog of hers.

The vlog that Yao Jiahong had edited for her was actually only three minutes long. It simply showed Shi Jin’s current life and her gardening.

The fans didn’t think much of it, but some haters saw a glimpse of an orchid.

After verification by many haters, they learned that this orchid was called a Single Leaf Orchid. It was a precious plant of the country and it was forbidden for any normal person to dig it out of the wilderness and plant it at home.

Now that Shi Jin’s home had a single leaf orchid, it naturally caused an uproar.

“It’s been confirmed. Although the image is very blurry, this is indeed a one-leaf orchid.”

“Single-leaf orchid. There’s only one leaf on each orchid. It’s a very precious and rare species. It’s already a national first-level protected plant. I wonder where Shi Jin dug it out from!”

“She’s too arrogant! How could she do such a thing!”

“Apparently, a similar orchid was lost in a plant museum earlier. Could Shi Jin have stolen it?”

“Please investigate and punish her severely!”

The fans tried their best to defend, but it was useless.

The social influence of such things was very bad. It spread very quickly and widely.

Many people had already tagged the relevant departments on Weibo and demanded that Shi Jin be severely punished for her actions.


Yue residence.

Seeing this Weibo post, Madam Yue was very worried. “Hubby, what do you think will happen in the end?”

“Shi Jin’s fame and status makes this a big deal. If it really gets out of hand, the impact on her career will be quite bad.”

Yue Yu sat at the side and said, “Does she usually like to raise these flowers and plants? How did she manage to raise such a rare species?”

“I think she definitely didn’t steal it from somewhere. It’s too much for netizens to guess like that. Perhaps she just received a gift from someone else and doesn’t know what it is. She only raised it at home because it’s beautiful.” Madam Yue tried to absolve Shi Jin.

Yue Yu frowned at her. “Mom, don’t you always say that if you did something wrong, you should admit it?”

“Shi Jin was wrong about that, but we still don’t know why she did it. Isn’t that what I’m speculating about?”

Yue Yu pursed her lips. “Don’t you think you’re being a little too protective of her?”

Madam Yue thought for a moment and said, “How am I protecting her? Has she done something that’s infuriating? As an artist, is she really going to dig up a precious and protected plant and raise it specially like what the netizens say?”

“Okay, stop arguing,” Yue Feng said.

Madam Yue said, “Then what do you think we should do?”

Yue Yu felt uncomfortable. Did they have to be so concerned about Shi Jin? What should they do? Couldn’t they just let Shi Jin sort it out herself?

She didn’t want to hear any more, so she got up and headed upstairs.

As she reached the stairs, she heard Yue Feng say, “I’ll think of something, see if I can…”

He spoke in a very low voice at the end. Yue Yu did not hear what he said clearly, but her heart was filled with a pile of turbid air.

Why did the others have to excuse Shi Jin’s mistakes?

Her mother had always been soft-hearted, but her father was a very strict and fair person. Now he was going to be soft-hearted like her mother?


Wu Pengfei did not receive Shi Jin’s phone call as he expected.

After seeing what happened on the Internet, he knew that Shi Jin might be having a headache over these things.

“Then we’ll wait,” the manager said.

Yao Jiahong posted a statement overnight. “All the rumors and misinformation related to Shi Jin are fake. Please don’t believe the rumors and don’t spread them. In addition, the orchids that Shi Jin reared were all cultivated by herself. There are no stolen plants.”

Unfortunately, in the midst of the public’s anger, Yao Jiahong’s statement only appeased Shi Jin’s fans and some of the netizens. The haters were still spreading wildly, and many other onlookers were also skeptical. They didn’t say that they didn’t believe it, but it was also difficult to trust her.

Early the next morning, Professor Lin and the others had a simple breakfast before rushing down the mountain.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, many of the reporters and paparazzi were waiting.

They had all basically turned on the live broadcast. The two things that had happened to Shi Jin last night were really too big.

Either way, it would be extremely explosive news. Everyone was waiting.

Even if they couldn’t interview Shi Jin, they could hammer her to death. Shi Jin was indeed on the mountain last night. Then, about her and Wu Pengfei…

“Why are there so many cars?” Shi Jin frowned.

The signal on the mountain was extremely poor. She used walkie-talkies to communicate with Professor Lin and the others.

No one knew what had happened last night.

There were too many people, and it was difficult for Shi Jin’s car to move.

“Shi Jin, what should we do?” The driver, Little Li, did not dare to drive forward forcefully, afraid that he would hit someone.

Shi Jin glanced at her phone. Yao Jiahong had said that he was already on his way with bodyguards, but there were so many people at the scene…

“Shi Jin, stay in the car. I’ll go down and take a look,” the assistant said.

She got out of the car and said to everyone, “Everyone, Shi Jin has something official to do. Please don’t surround us. Make way for us.”

“Then we want to ask Shi Jin, do you have anything to tell everyone about yesterday? You were on the mountain yesterday, and Wu Pengfei was also here. I wonder what happened for you to meet in such a secluded place?”

“Do you have work to do?”

“Are you working together on something?”

The reporter was asking about cooperation, but he sounded like he was gossiping.

Obviously, the scandalous news was more interesting than the orchid. The reporters also knew what more people would pay attention to and would bring more popularity and traffic.

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