Zhan Long - Chapter 1246- Being content

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Chapter 1246- Being content

I didn’t even need to interrogate him and Li Xin just blurted out everything he knew. He didn’t show the pride of a low grade god. But that made sense, this was a strong eat weak world so where was the pride? Survival was first, as long as one could leave, everything was possible.


I set off from Black Flame Castle late at night. Luo Zhao sent 100 Scattered Spirit cavalries to head out together. Eve followed too. Due to me, this little miss finally had some power in the city. She had changed the clothing worn by maids and now wore a heroic-looking armor. She held a shining sword and followed us.

Mei Er walked in dragon form. She also flew for a period and Li Xin was strapped on her back. He glanced at me, “Why didn’t you summon it to attack me?”

I glanced at him, “I don’t need the dragon’s help, just lead the way!”


Actually, Icy Wings had the dragon’s stat bonus but Li Xin was a fool and didn’t know about it. I didn’t pity such a person. Once we found Eve’s father, I would just kill him. Who knew how many people he killed to become a God Ancestor.

Moreover, after entering the Illusionary Realm, I noticed the laws here. Everyone here fought for survival, they killed and fled. Once they got power, they will turn into demons. This God Realm was far less civilised than where we were. After all, each empire had their laws.


The journey was relatively far and after two hours, we even went around two cities. We couldn’t go through as there would be a battle. Although I could defeat God Ancestors but I had entered God World for too long and my equipment durability had dropped. I didn’t need to waste durability on such people.

“We are nearly there.” Li Xin said. He also glanced into the dark forest.

I laughed coldly, “Don’t think about escaping, you can’t flee from me.”

Li Xin laughed coldly too, “I am like the wind, do you think you can catch the wind?”

He was talking about space laws? I smiled, “I can’t catch the wind but I can catch you.”

Thus, I held the chains and grabbed him in my hands. A swamp appeared and Eve’s expression became emotional. Her body shook, “I can sense my father, he… He is underneath here. Oh my god, my father isn’t dead!”

I nodded, “Go, let’s head down!”

I held Li Xin and charged down. Luo Zhao, Eve etc also jumped into the water. It was really dark. I could only hold up Li Xin while holding Butterfly in the other. I used the light from the sword to light up the area. Moreover, I could sense Nike’s god power. It was similar to Li Xin’s and there was no difference.

Deep in the swamp, Luo Zhao etc scattered spirits were feeling unbearable by the pressure and they all frowned.

Li Xin frowned at me and also looked down. He was thinking about how to escape.

A few minutes later, we arrived deep below and there was a metal pole there. On it was a moustache old man. It was Nike and Li Xin said, “Nike is there, untie him and save him!”

No, there was something wrong, his acting was too bad!

I nodded, “Two of you slice the ropes and release him.”

Two scattered spirits swam across. When they were near there, a black figure pounced. It was a beast that looked like a dove and it had a giant mouth. With an open mouth, he swallowed the two of them and chewed on them, dyeing the area red.


I stabbed the sword into Li Xin’s heart. He didn’t heal when he was being captive and now that he was hit, he died and dropped a shining god divinity. I tossed it into my bag. I swam over myself and used Blade Spin from afar to slice the chains. I also used Dragon Hook to hit Nike’s armor and pull him over.

Right at that moment, the underwater beast attacked. Two scattered spirits weren’t enough?

I didn’t hesitate and used Star Shield on my right hand. Power exploded and the shield became bigger around two meters. The hit caused the beast’s teeth to break. I waved my arm and the shield smashed onto his head like smacking a fly which hit him into the darkness.

While Star Shield was being used, the bottom of the swamp was lit up.

Luo Zhao was stunned and Eve already charged up to hug her father. Nike was unconscious. I was worried about there being other beasts so I said, “Leave, let’s not stay here.”

We swam up to shore and we were safer here. Nike also woke up. He had been underwater for close to half a year and had been through so much torture. He might have even gotten swallowed by the beast but he didn’t, he really was lucky!


On the way back, Nike was still waking up. But his face slowly turned red and Eve heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sir, thank you… Thank you for helping me or I would never be able to see my father!”

She said gratefully.

Luo Zhao smiled, “Should you give him your body to thank him?”

Eve stumbled and said, “If Sir is willing to accept me then I am willing.”

I wasn’t focused on that at all and said, “Stop joking. Eve let me ask you, you said that you have an uncle at Earth Realm, what is he doing? What status is he?”


She smiled, “He is a genius, he is the most talented cultivator and he is a God King.”

“God King?”

Luo Zhao was shocked, “If Chris knew that your uncle was a God King he probably wouldn’t battle Nike.”


Eve shook her head, “Once you enter Earth Realm, you are separated. I have never seen him before. He ascended hundred years ago and have never returned and doesn’t ask about the family matters. Father has been managing everything and this proved that Gods are heartless.”

Luo Zhao said, “Right… They chase the path of the heavens and how to get to the limits. They never consider the weak.”

I laughed.

Eve was shocked, “Sir why are you laughing?”

I said, “I am laughing that your uncle really became heartless. If I enter Earth Realm, even if I meet your uncle, I will be able to kill him!”

“This…” Eve thought about it, “He is called Nile, if it is really him, don’t kill him… There are so many God Kings so there is no need to kill him.”

I nodded, “I will pay attention. Once your father wakes up then follow me to Earth Realm!”


Eve wanted to say something but she pursed her lips and didn’t continue.

“Is there something else?” I asked.

She was in a tough situation, “Sir, Father can only send you in but not go in with you, I hope you can understand our situation.”


“If weak God Ancestors enter, God Kings will hunt them down. God Ancestor’s low grade divinities can get refined by them so we are best nourishments for them. This was the reason why God Kings will come to Human Realm to hunt us. If not for God Emperors, God Kings would have killed all the God Ancestors.”

“Oh, why is that?”

Eve smiled, “High Grade gods are building their own order. They agreed not to swallow one another so they all have their own pride and won’t enter Earth Realm to hunt God Kings. They also won’t enter Human Realm to kill Human Ancestors. If Human Ancestors enter God King territory then if they are hunted that won’t break any rules.”

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“So that is the case, how terrifying…”

“Keke, Shattered Silence God World has always been like that for tens of thousands of years.”


I arrived at Black Flame Castle and after resting, Nike woke up. He really had a temper and wanted to kill Chris right away as he thought that Chris had used his daughter’s body. Until Eve told him that she was still a virgin did he calm down. He then brought his daughter to meet me.

I was afraid that Luo Zhao and Eve would fight after I was gone so I handed the city lord position to Nike. Since Nike was following me, Eve would be the temporary one. Now that Luo Zhao was the general, there weren’t any conflicts.

Before leaving, I handed Chris’s flame divinity to Luo Zhao and told him to wait for a girl called Dong Cheng Yue. He had to protect her and hand this to her. This meant that she could become the first player to ascend. Although it was a low grade one but she didn’t mind.

Being content was good, Dong Cheng understood that far better than us who chased for mid and high grade god divinities.

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