Zhan Long - Chapter 1247- Weakling in the Earth Realm

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Chapter 1247- Weakling in the Earth Realm

I spent nearly three hours in the game and finally, Nike had recovered much strength and prepared to head out towards the Earth Realm. Of course, his mission was just to send me to the entrance, after which I would enter alone. Moreover, after I enter the Earth Realm, I would most probably not return to Human Realm. After all, if I ascend, I had to follow the rules. God Emperors couldn’t enter Earth Realm and God Kings couldn’t enter Human Realm. God Ancestors couldn’t enter the surface if one broke the rules one would be hunted down.


In the night sky, two people flew across. My flying skills were better and Nike hadn’t fully recovered so he couldn’t keep up.

“Where is the entrance?” I asked.

“A really hot place.” He smiled.

“How hot is it?” I continued to ask.

“Enough to burn your body into ash.” He said.

I kept silent.

A few seconds later, we stopped in front of a volcano that spat out magma. Damn, an active one, was I going to get barbecued? I pointed at it in disbelief, “Don’t tell me that the entrance is underneath this.”

“Right.” Nike said, “Human Realm and Earth Realm’s space system is based on high temperature, it is also the reason why weaker people can’t enter Earth Realm. Only after passing through this test can one become a God King. This is the most basic test.”

I was Blazing Sun Realm and my body’s cultivation was really high. Moreover, Blazing Sun energy didn’t fear high temperatures, but… The game was another matter. I pulled out my swords. If I was right, there might be monsters inside that increased the difficulty. I didn’t want to die inside.

“Should we enter together?” I turned and looked towards Nike.

Nike shook his head, “Sir, my body and strength haven’t recovered. The magma will turn me into ash. Sir you need to be careful, there are some little demons inside too.”

“What are they?”

“Magma bugs, bugs that live by swallowing magma. Their attacks are really sharp and many God Ancestors would get killed by them when they try to ascend. You need to be careful, after all, you…” He looked at my body, “After all you are still with a mortal world body so you might not be able to even withstand the magma’s heat.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” I smiled, “Head back, maybe I wouldn’t come here for a very long time.”

“Yes, Eve and I will wait for you at Black Flame City!”



I sucked in a deep breath and stopped hesitating. I dove down and spread my left hand. Light shone and star energy gathered to form the Star Shield to protect my body!


Although the magma didn’t come into contact with me due to my momentum, but it still felt like I was in a sauna. I continued to fly deep in. At first, it was still okay, the burning feeling dealt a few thousand damage to me a second and I could still handle it. Then the magma started to block me and I could only fly at 30% speed. My body was wrapped in magma and I took 20 thousand damage a second!

I could only rely on Heaven Control to push the magma away from me and maintain my vision. After all, I couldn’t open my eyes at all and without vision, nothing could be said.

“Ji ji…”

Magma bugs were here, they were bug-like things but their bodies were all red. They started to chew on my armor and star shield. Their attacks weren’t weak, they were similar to level 9 Hybrid Demons.


I used Sword Tempest and then used Strength of a Thousand Men to heal some health. My body continued to sink. This feeling was really bad and it felt like I would get killed at any moment.

Magma Bugs continued to bite down and my star shield was about to break. But when I looked at the map, the barrier was nearly here. I red net suddenly appeared in front of me. It was it!


When I hit it, body ripping pain covered my body. Damn, did I have to force my way through? Nike didn’t tell me that there was such a hard barrier!

I didn’t think and attacked!

Double hit+ Strength of a Thousand Men exploded and I left marks on the net. But this net was really firm and it still didn’t shatter! I used Wind Carrying Slash and it still didn’t break. Again. I attacked for two minutes and during this period I relied on health potions and cleansing rain to heal up. I was even forced to use Eternal Realm. Finally, a hole was opened and I charged through. Damn, I nearly died here!

I was filled with glee when I entered. Fortunately, I was a heavy armored player, if I was a mage, just the Spirit Gathering Shield wouldn’t be able to help me survive for 10 minutes right? This map was a scam, it was the nightmare for mages, archers and priests. Who knew what Lin Wan Er had to do here? She was the top assassin on the server, but… After all with her body, could she really get a god divinity?

I couldn’t help but start to worry.


It was still darkness ahead. This was the night of Earth Realm. I just stood in the sky like that. Not good, people might hunt me like that. Time to head to the ground, I had to hide in the forest!

I dove down and turned into a star that charged across. The closest map was a dense forest and I didn’t see any light there. This was a good place!

“Hua la!”

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I broke some branches and entered a camouflage state. I looked around and there was nothing at all.

I looked up in the sky and this time I saw stars. That was rare. The air was much fresher here than the Human Realm. This wasn’t an illusion. The Human Realm’s air was filled with death energy but not the Earth Realm. Were the God Kings so much stronger than God Ancestors?

I got excited thinking about that. Challenging a God King and getting their god divinity! That was exciting.


I ran through the forest, I had to search for a city and maybe there I could find out where the God Kings were. If not I would be like a headless fly dashing about.

When I was walking, a bright light shone in the east and I heard the roar of a wild beast.

“Hua hua…”

An elephant cried out and dashed over and there was a spear in its back. Its body was covered in arrows and I heard the sound of horse hooves and people behind it, there… Was actually people hunting here?

“Your Highness slow down, we can’t keep up!”

A teen in golden armor held his spear and bow and charged in excitement. He laughed, “Quick, today if we hunt this elephant, father wouldn’t say that I am weak anymore. You lazy bunch, walk faster. Did you waste your riding skills on girls?”

Your Highness?

Was this person a prince? He did look like that, I didn’t expect to meet such a person right after entering the new world.

Shortly after, 20 guards charged over. They looked really nervous and were afraid that something would happen to him.


I stood on a tree and waited for them to hunt. At the same time, I was speechless, what was going on, this didn’t make sense.

None of this bunch were bosses. Even that prince was just a Titan Grade NPC, he was someone I could insta kill with a skill. How would such mortals appear in Earth Realm. Wasn’t this where God Kings lived in? How do we explain this?

That prince tossed his spear once more and it stabbed into the elephant’s neck. Blood splattered and it fell to the ground.

The guards chased up and panted, “Your Highness, you killed the elephant on your own, his majesty will allow you to follow the Grand Teacher to learn skills!”

“Ha!” The prince laughed, “That is… Grand Teacher is a God King, if I cultivate with him, I will obtain the power of the gods soon.”

“We shall congratulate your highness here in advance!”


At that moment, a guard raised his bow and shouted towards me, “Who is it, come out. I sense your breathing, come out!”

I was noticed?

I didn’t hide and just jumped down.

He looked at my equipment in shock and said, “You.. Who are you?”

I said, “I just came here, I came from the human realm.”

“God Ancestor?” He looked at me and mocked, “You have no god divinity at all and you dare say that you came from the Human Realm. Scoff, what a thief. Are you trying to say that you came because you heard of his highness’s name and want to join and serve Capital Spirit Empire?”

“Capital Spirit Empire?” I laughed, “I can consider.”


He charged over towards me with his sword. The prince didn’t stop him and probably wanted to see my strength.

I was afraid I would kill him in one strike so I used my handle to attack. I blocked his sword and knocked his shoulder, forcing him to knock onto the tree. He fell to the ground and spat out blood.

The prince’s eyes lit up, “You… Who are you?”

“Treat me as


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