Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2029

Long Chen’s lightning wings filled the sky, blowing away the sea of lightning swords. Those heaven-shaking wings then slashed down at Leng Wufeng.

“Unending Blood Sword Divine Ring!”

Leng Wufeng retreated, lengthening his distance from Long Chen. In the blink of an eye, he had completed seven different hand seals, condensing a giant ring of spirit swords in front of him.

The sword ring spun continuously, and the surrounding Heavenly Dao energy surged toward it like it was a gaping maw.


The lightning wings smashed into the sword ring, and it instantly exploded, completely unable to endure Long Chen’s power.

Even Long Chen was surprised. He hadn’t expected Lei Long’s power to have grown to such a level.

All the power Long Chen was using was Lei Long’s. He could no longer draw any thunderforce out of the air because he was in front of an Empyrean with a fully awakened manifestation. But just Lei Long’s power alone was enough to destroy Leng Wufeng’s absolute defense.

It seemed the dragonization tribulation had allowed Lei Long to transform. It also possessed its own dragon might now. Although it wasn’t powerful, it was definitely there.

His wings destroyed Leng Wufeng’s defense, and he switched out Evilmoon for a lightning spear, stabbing it at Leng Wufeng.

Leng Wufeng’s expression changed. His spirit swords were actually suppressed by Long Chen’s lightning. Seeing Long Chen’s lightning spear shooting toward him, he took out a transparent sword.

As his sword swung through the air, the void was sliced apart, forming a twisting space. Long Chen’s lightning spear actually deviated from its path.

“Heavens, this is spatial power! How can Leng Wufeng control a power on that level?!” Countless experts cried out in shock. That was something that only Netherpassage experts were supposed to be able to control. It had nothing to do with power but a cultivation base realm.

Long Chen merely snorted. His lightning spear suddenly exploded, sending lightning runes in every direction.

Leng Wufeng had been preparing a counterattack when Long Chen actually detonated his spear. That terrifying power completely swept away his spatial distortion and blew him back. He hacked up blood.

“Just some superficial spatial skill. I’d be too embarrassed to bring out such a thing.” Long Chen suddenly stamped on the air, and lightning exploded out of him. He suddenly split into two people, coming at Leng Wufeng from two different directions.

“Not good!” Leng Wufeng’s expression completely changed. One had to be a clone and one had to be the true body, but the two of them were identical. Even the spiritual fluctuations were the exact same.

After all, Lei Long shared the same soul as Long Chen. It was not a spirit beast that Long Chen had been raising but his most trusted companion who was closest to him.

So Lei Long’s clone of him was practically identical to Long Chen. It was almost impossible to tell the difference.

Leng Wufeng instantly turned white. Long Chen’s combat power far surpassed his expectations. If he focused all his power on one side, he might face a sudden attack from the other side. If he split his power, he wouldn’t be able to block the real one.

Just at this moment, a giant rod smashed through the air at one of the Long Chens. Xiong Tianba had come back.

Seeing that, Leng Wufeng was ecstatic and immediately caused the sea of swords to transform into two rings of swords that whirled toward Long Chen.

Two explosive sounds rang out. What shocked everyone was that both Long Chens exploded, transforming into sparks of lightning.

“Not good!”

Xiong Tianba and Leng Wufeng cried out at the same time. They instantly realized that those two were clones. At this time, killing intent appeared behind them, causing them to shiver. A sensation of death enveloped them.

At some unknown point, Long Chen had appeared behind them. Evilmoon was already raised high.

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s heart shook, and he gave up the attack he was preparing, instead slashing Evilmoon behind him.


Evilmoon met a black sword. Long Chen was shocked to sense the power of his attack rapidly flowing away.

Just at this moment, a white sword slashed toward Long Chen, and he hastily blocked it with Evilmoon, only to be sent flying. He coughed up blood, his hand broken.

Long Chen stabilized in the air, looking at a man with two swords in his hands, one white and one black. The black was as black as ink, while the white was as white as jade.

“The Yin Yang Sword Sect’s Lu Zichuan… How is he so powerful? He actually forced back Long Chen and injured him in one move?”

People were shocked to find that Lu Zichuan had also awakened his manifestation. Furthermore, he was so powerful that he had injured Long Chen.

“Long Chen, don’t blame me. Having accepted someone’s favor, I have to repay them. If you need to blame someone, you can only blame yourself,” said Lu Zichuan with a complicated expression.

Long Chen shook out his arm. He quickly healed and rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He shook his head. “Don’t act so sanctimonious. You became Pill Valley’s dog a long time ago. You’ll bite whoever they tell you to bite. People like you can lose their bottom line just because of a steamed bun.”

“That’s enough! Long Chen, I respect you as a man, but how dare you slander me? I have my own principles. I don’t need you to judge me,” shouted Lu Zichuan.

“Slander? No, I’m not interested in that nor am I interested in judging you. It’s just the natural reaction after seeing such a hypocrite. I already said that if anyone wants to kill me, they can come at any time. There’s no need to make up a sanctimonious excuse to cover up your true intention. The cultivation world is far crueler than the secular world. It’s more shameless and more direct. Although I’m enemies with the Corrupt path, I admire that they don’t cover up their evil. In my eyes, they’re superior to hypocrites like you,” sneered Long Chen.

Lu Zichuan was clearly someone who had been unable to handle the enticement and had joined Pill Valley a long time ago. He had no enmity with Long Chen, but he had to fight for Pill Valley. Having his lies exposed by Long Chen, Lu Zichuan was embarrassed and angry.

During this time, Leng Wufeng and Xiong Tianba quickly healed, preparing to fight once more.

“Long Chen, how are you qualified to criticize others? You’re the one whose infamy has drawn enemies all over the world. Why don’t you reflect on yourself? Or did your parents never teach you to ponder your mistakes?” sneered Lu Zichuan.

At the start, Lu Zichuan’s words could count as courteous, but now he didn’t bother to speak any courtesy. He even insulted Long Chen’s parents.

Long Chen smiled coldly. “Fine, you win. I really dislike it when people talk about my parents. Lu Zichuan, is it? Today, if you can walk out of the Brahma secret realm alive, I will cripple my own cultivation base.”

Long Chen’s calmness was even more terrifying than if he was furious. Long Chen was definitely infuriated.

Even though Lu Zichuan had awakened his manifestation, even though Xiong Tianba and Leng Wufeng were present, Lu Zichuan’s heart clenched. He forced himself to remain calm. “I, Lu Zichuan, am not someone you can intimidate. This oath of yours is meaningless. Do you think that you will live past today? Keep dreaming. Ignoring the net Pill Valley has arranged outside, you won’t even be able to leave this place.”

“That’s right. Long Chen, you’re not getting away today. As for crippling your own cultivation base, there’s no need for that. I’ll do it for you!” Di Feng slowly walked into the sky, his manifestation appearing behind him. The halo of the Heavenly Daos was present around it as he had also awakened his manifestation.

“Long Chen, don’t you claim to be unrivaled in your generation? Let’s see who among us will be cutting your head off.” Xie Luo also came out. A large figure was present in his manifestation. It was actually identical to the Corrupt path’s statue of the Corrupt God.

“Who would have thought that the unrivaled Long Chen would die here? I’m already excited.” Yan Wei also came out.

Following Di Feng, Xie Luo, and Yan Wei, one powerful Empyrean came out after another. They had all awakened their manifestations.

“Long Chen, you can be happy with your death. To have thirteen of us send you on your way, you can die at peace.” Someone from the Flame Divine Palace also stepped forward, his body wrapped in flames.

Including Xiong Tianba and Leng Wufeng, there were thirteen Empyreans who had awakened their manifestations. They surrounded Long Chen.