After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure-Chapter 720 - : Side Story: The Whole Family Wearing Modern Clothes (End)

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Chapter 720: Side Story: The Whole Family Wearing Modern Clothes (End)

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Soon, her father booked a plane ticket to that city for the day.

It wasn’t just him and Mother Shi, but everyone present.

Everyone thought that Luo Luo had left Liang Hanzheng and the children behind for so many years. Although Luo Luo did not do it on purpose, it did not change the fact.

Therefore, they had to go with them to welcome Liang Hanzheng and the children.

Sigh, they were really worried sick.

Seeing that everyone insisted on going, Shi Qingluo could only agree helplessly.

The plane tickets were only available in the evening, so the two families continued to sit down and eat. They also watched the live broadcast of this episode.

After dinner, they went home to pack their things and gathered at the airport.

Xiao Hanzheng lived in a remote area and the county was not developed enough to have an airport.

So the two families stayed in the city for the night. The next morning, their father arranged for seven luxury cars to send them to the county town. The highway from the city to the county town was open, so it took more than three hours to get there.

It took more than two hours to drive from the county town to the village.

Looking at their surroundings, Grandma Shi and Grandma Yan sat together and sighed. Their great-grandson/great-granddaughter/great- grandson/great-granddaughter had suffered.

When they returned, they had to dote on them.

Shi Qingluo had grown up with the four elders, so whether it was in the Yan Family or the Shi Family, she was the most favored among the younger generation.

The four elders had yet to meet the children these days, but they loved them dearly just by watching the live broadcast.

Today’s program team had already finished recording this episode’s program.

Next time, they would have to change the venue.

Therefore, the production team left the village early in the morning with the other groups of guests.

Xiao Hanzheng and his children went back to their rented house in the village. When Shi Qingluo and the others arrived at the village, the two little ones had just taken a nap.

Hearing the knock on the door, the two little ones saw their father reading in the study room and took the initiative to go to the door.

Instead of opening the door immediately, they asked together, “Who is it?”

Hearing the two little ones’ voices, Shi Qingluo also wanted to cry. She was finally going to see the two children.

For the past six months, she had missed them every day.

Her voice was choked with sobs. “It’s me, your mother!”

Shi Qingluo’s voice was very similar to before. The two little ones immediately opened the door when they heard her.

Seeing their mother standing at the door, the two little ones cried and threw themselves into her arms. “Mother!”

They suddenly remembered that they had to call her Mom now, so the two little ones immediately changed their words. “Mom, Ran Ran misses you so much.”

“Mom, Jia Jia missed you so much.”

Shi Qingluo hugged the two little ones in her arms and kissed their cheeks.

“Mommy misses you too!”

Daidai also immediately ran over and kept rubbing against Shi Qingluo’s hand. It finally saw its mother.

The two families behind Shi Qingluo were a little stunned when they saw this.

They thought that the two children would be very guarded or distant. They did not expect it to be such a scene.

When Father Shi saw his grandchildren’s adorable appearance, he couldn’t help but take a step forward and say, “How do you know this is your mother’s? Aren’t you afraid of mistaking her for someone else?”

He was afraid that the two children would be raised too innocently. What if they met a swindler?

The two little ones poked their heads out of Shi Qingluo’s arms and looked at the person who spoke.

“This is Mom’s father, who is also your grandfather,” Shi Qingluo introduced to them.

When she was in Daliang, she was not close to Third Brother Shi, so she did not bring the two little ones to meet their relatives.

Hence, the two little ones looked at Grandpa curiously. They only had Grandpa and Grandma in the past.

Hence, they greeted him sweetly, “Hello, Grandpa!”

“Because we’ve seen Mom’s photo,” Liang Yiran said politely. “Of course, we’re not mistaken.”

Of course, they didn’t have a picture of their mother, but they could make one up.

They had been here for more than half a year and had gradually adapted to modern life. They knew a lot of things.

Hearing this explanation, everyone understood. No wonder the two little ones recognized their Luo Luo immediately. It turned out that they often looked at photos.

Just then, Xiao Hanzheng heard the voices and walked out of the study.

When he saw Shi Qingluo, he almost called out ‘Wifey’. Fortunately, he stopped in time and changed it to, “Qingluo!”

When Shi Qingluo saw her little husband, she couldnt help but put the child down. She ran toward him and threw herself into his arms. “Zheng Zheng, I finally found you.”

Xiao Hanzheng hugged her tightly. “We all missed you.”

The two of them hugged each other tightly, which shocked the two families.

What they thought was a sadomasochistic scene did not appear. Instead, they only saw deep love.

This Liang Hanzheng must have loved Luo Luo dearly. It was rare that he did not feel any estrangement after being abandoned for six years!

Then, Shi Qingluo introduced her family to Xiao Hanzheng and the two children.

The two families were very enthusiastic. First, they helped Shi Qingluo explain why she had not come to visit them for so many years. Then, they welcomed the three of them.

Xiao Hanzheng greeted them politely.

The two little ones were swapped between the four elders, Father Shi, and Mother Shi. No one else had their turn.

After sitting for more than an hour, the two old men suggested that they return to the county town first. They allowed Shi Qingluo to have a good chat with the father and children trio, making room for one person.

After the two families left, Xiao Hanzheng told Shi Qingluo what had happened to them.

“We were suddenly swept to the bottom of the lake. When we woke up, we were by a river in the mountains behind this village.”

“Then, the old Taoist priest from the Taoist temple on the mountainside picked it up.”

“I said that I don’t remember the past, and I don’t know where my home is, so the old Taoist priest took us in.”

“I get along very well with the old Taoist priest. He also knows Chinese medicine and wanted me to acknowledge him as my master and inherit his mantle. ”

“I didn’t reject him, so I accepted him as my master.”

“Then Master re-registered the household registration for me and the two children. He said that I was an orphan he picked up and raised. It was just that I had been studying medicine in the Taoist temple all these years, so I didn’t go out.”

“Then, he took us to the village or the county town to see a doctor. He also introduced the three of us to the villagers.”

“And a month ago, Master’s lifespan ended, leaving us behind.”

“So I took the children to rent a house at the foot of the mountain. I also helped people to earn money. I also bought a cell phone and learned many modern things.”

“Then, I met that director. I thought you might see us on the live broadcast of the variety show, so I agreed.”

“As expected, our family is finally reunited.”

He had learned a lot here and learned how to use his phone to search for information.

He had also found out where his wife was. He had originally wanted to earn some money and bring the two children to the capital to look for her.

Who would have thought that they would encounter the opportunity to appear on a variety show? He thought that his wife would definitely come looking for them.

Shi Qingluo also told him about what had happened in the past six months. “It seems that everything is destined. My family has already recognized your identities. ”

“Yeah,” Xiao Hanzheng said, hugging her. “This is fate.”

The family sat together and talked a lot. Shi Qingluo asked Xiao Hanzheng to pack up and go back to the capital with her.

Xiao Hanzheng would not refuse. For him and his children, wherever his wife was, it was their home.

Hence, the family of four took a car to the county town.

After meeting up with the two families, they set off for the city.

After having dinner together, the two little ones successfully entered the two families and became the darlings of the four elders and their grandparents.

Father Shi and Mother Shi hugged the two little ones tightly and liked them very much.

This was probably because they were closer to each other from different generations. The twins were quite speechless.

“Sister, I didn’t expect our parents to be so loving.”

Shi Qingluo could tell that her younger brothers were not jealous. They were really speechless.

“When you have children in the future, you’ll also be able to receive the same kind of love from our parents,” she said with a smile.

The twins were speechless.

After staying in the city for a night, the family returned to Beijing.

The Shi Family held the wedding ceremony for Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng very soon and did not hide the fact that they had children.

Therefore, everyone in the circle knew that Shi Qingluo had two children with her six years ago.

However, when they saw Liang Hanzheng, who was so handsome, elegant and capable, they all expressed their understanding and blessings.

Moreover, the people attending the wedding could tell that the Shi Family and the Yan Family liked Shi Qing’s two children very much, so everyone’s attitude was very polite and friendly.

However, they were envious of such smart, beautiful, and cute children.

After the marriage certificate and the wedding ceremony, Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng took the two little ones to live in another villa in the same neighborhood as their parents.

Xiao Hanzheng was hired to work in the First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing City because of his excellent medical skills.

Shi Qingluo also returned to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to work.

The two of them began the modern life of working and raising children.

Every once in a while, the two of them would go on a trip alone.

In any case, the two children were now the four elders and Shi Qingluo’s parents’ babies. They were completely fighting to take care of them.

However, during the summer and winter holidays, the couple would take the two little ones on a trip together.

The two little ones were smart and sensible. They also skipped a grade and went to university like their biological mother.

However, they took a different path.

Liang Yijia liked acting because she followed her father on that live variety show when she was young.

After that, she had also acted in many guest roles. She had directly applied for the Beijing Film Academy in university and entered the entertainment industry.

Liang Yijia had a talent for acting, and with the Yan Family and the Shi Family backing her up, her acting career was very smooth. She became a top actress in just two years. After that, she even won several of the most valuable Best Actress awards in a row and became tamous all over the world.

Liang Yiran, on the other hand, fell in love with games. With his parents’ approval, he joined the best e-sports team in the country when he was in university.

He was very talented in the game and quickly became famous. He gathered a lot of fans and participated in international competitions with his team.

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If they were in any other wealthy family, their choice would definitely be opposed by the elders.

However, the two little ones were the best at coaxing people since they were young. They coaxed the four elders, Father Shi, and Mother Shi until they were extremely spoiled.

As long as they were happy, the elders would also be happy.

It also made Shi Qingluo’s brothers and sisters of this generation speechless. This was completely double standards!

Especially the twin brothers, who often complained about their parents being double standards. If they wanted to enter the entertainment or e-sports circles, they would definitely break their legs…

Since the older generation did not object, Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng would not interfere with the children’s preferences and choices.

The two of them even went to watch their son play games, visit their daughter for filming, and support their daughter’s movie as soon as it was released.

On this day, the two of them finished watching a movie their daughter was acting in and walked out of the cinema hand in hand.

Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng interlocked their fingers and turned to look at him. “Zheng Zheng, I want to hold your hand and grow old like this.”

“Thank you for bringing the children to my world!”

Xiao Hanzheng took her into his arms. “Home is where you are. I will stay with you until we grow old!”

Shi Qingluo hugged him back, her eyes filled with happiness. Companion was the longest confession.. It was so good!