After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!-Chapter 804 - Checkup

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804 Checkup

Xia Fang arrived at Qiao Mei’s house when everyone finished eating. She brought along a metal box filled with the latest equipment from the hospital. It was the lightest type and most convenient for use during emergencies outside the hospital.

Early in the morning, Xia Fang went to look for Liu Yang to approve the request. At first, Liu Yang had refused. After all, this set of equipment was very expensive. If it was damaged, he would not be able to pay for it with his life.

However, when he heard that it was for Qiao Mei, he approved it without even looking at the form. When Xia Fang left, she told him that he had no principles. Liu Yang even boasted shamelessly that as long as it was a matter concerning Qiao Mei, it was not a problem for him to stake all his assets. 𝐟𝒓𝚎𝘦we𝐛𝐧𝐨vℯ𝚕. c𝘰m

“Mei Mei, come into the room with me. I want you to do a checkup,” Xia Fang said.


Xia He helped Qiao Mei back into the room. Xia Fang carefully observed and measured Qiao Mei’s stomach before recording the data. Currently, they could only do a superficial checkup. For a proper checkup, she still needed to go to the hospital.

“Everything looks good now, but you have to find time to go to the hospital with me for a comprehensive checkup tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. You’ve already missed the best timing to check if there’s any abnormality, but it’s still not too late to take a look now. You have to take it seriously this time,” Xia Fang said sternly.

Qiao Mei was not worried about what Xia Fang said at all. In the original owner of the body’s memories, these two children were just a little malnourished. Everything else was normal and there were no problems.

If she could successfully give birth in such a difficult place as the village, there would not be any problems in the capital. Moreover, she was eating so well now. The children could only be overnourished, not malnourished.

However, she heard from the other women in the village that it was not a good thing to have children who were overnourished. If the babies grew too big, it could become difficult to deliver them. It was better to find time to go to the hospital for a comprehensive checkup.

“Alright, I’ll listen to Aunt,” Qiao Mei said obediently.

Xia Fang pointed at the two little girls sitting in wheelchairs in the courtyard and asked, “What’s wrong with them? Do they have inherent issues? Do you want to bring them to the hospital to take a look? Your Uncle Liu is very good at treating pediatric patients.”

Xia Fang liked little girls the most and had always dreamed of having a daughter. Therefore, she always felt an affinity with little girls from other families and could not bear to see the children suffer.

Xia He and Xia Fang were not outsiders, so Qiao Mei told them about what happened in the village.

“The elder girl is Zhang Qin and the younger girl is Zhang Miao. Zhang Miao was kicked by her biological father and had a few broken ribs. She has already recovered, but she just needs to walk around more often for rehabilitation training. Zhang Qin was pushed down the mountain by my second uncle’s son. Fortunately, she only sprained her ankle and is fine,” Qiao Mei said.

The two of them widened their eyes in disbelief. They had never heard of such things happening. Even though there were many aristocratic families who fought both openly and secretly against the Xia family, no one had ever been injured badly.

“That’s not all. As you all know, my grandfather has a younger brother. We have a very deep feud with one another now. After I returned to the village, my eldest uncle ambushed my grandfather on the mountain and smashed a big hole in grandfather’s head which needed many stitches. He even wanted to harm me. A big tree suddenly fell on my eldest uncle’s body and he had to amputate his legs,” Qiao Mei said lightly.

Xia He said in exasperation, “This kind of person deserves it! Then how is Grandpa Qiao now? Does he need to get a checkup? Will he have a concussion? Did he go to the hospital for a checkup after the accident?”

When she was a young girl who was still learning how to speak, it was Qiao Qiang who brought her around to play. At that time, Xia Mao and Xia Jun were busy and Xu Lan also had performances nationally. Xia Wen had gone to summer camp, so she and Wu Min only had each other for company at home. At that time, Wu Min’s health was getting worse by the day. Qiao Qiang would come by with a lot of delicious food and play with Xia He every day.

Therefore, she liked Qiao Qiang very much and always remembered how nice he was to her.

“He’s fine now and almost fully recovered. He doesn’t feel particularly uncomfortable anywhere. He had done a checkup at the county city. They said it’s nothing serious,” Qiao Mei said.

Xia Fang frowned and asked, “Is there anything else? Has their family been punished?”

“That’s not the end! Later on, in order to avenge my eldest uncle, my second uncle came to our house in the middle of the night to set fire, and he even poisoned all the chickens and ducks in the courtyard. Fortunately, I found out in time and knocked him out with a stick. After that, it was Zhang Qin’s turn to get injured,” Qiao Mei said.

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