Age of Evolution#-Chapter 220 - : 220 Gathering of Heroes under Heaven (Fourth part released)

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Chapter 220 - 220: 220 Gathering of Heroes under Heaven (Fourth part released)

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When Lin Zhen returned home, he heard the rhythmic sounds of punching.

The punching followed a rhythm, with someone loudly giving guidance. It sounded professional.

Lin Zhen came to the training room on the second floor of the villa, a room converted from several others, covering an area of about 200 square meters.

Both his parents were training under the supervision of their personal coaches.

Three months of training had significantly improved his parents’ complexions. Lin Zhen sometimes saw them punch, they had probably reached the third level of warriors.

Lin Zhen nodded slightly. Advancing to the third level of warriors in three months – it didn’t make them geniuses or even talents, but Lin Zhen was satisfied as long as there was progress.

Without disturbing his parents who were in a state of self-forgetfulness, Lin Zhen returned to his room.

He took out the book he bought from the little girl. It was several dozen pages thick, introducing powerful War Gods from various countries.

The first page belonged to the Hua Xia District. Lin Zhen couldn’t help but smile when he opened it.

Because the first person on the first page was Su Mingyue, his beautiful Su.

Su Mingyue was still in her iconic white priestess robe. Her black hair hung from her shoulders, tied gently around her waist with a gold ribbon, outlining her perfect waist. Her voluptuous chest lifted her robe, revealing a delicate and exquisite clavicle at her neckline that made one couldn’t resist the urge to explore the beauty beneath.

In the background, there was an endless sea of stars. Her beautiful eyes gazes at the distance, with a faint halo floating on her body. She was so beautiful she didn’t seem like she was from this planet.

Below is an introduction, with a familiar phrase: “Without Su Mingyue in this world, who else is worthy of wearing white?”

“Su Mingyue, twenty years old, Saintess of the Star Sky Divine Teaching in the

Hua Xia District, a fifth -level War God, one of the youngest competitors….”

What followed was a lengthy document about Su Mingyue, which Lin Zhen was already familiar with.

He did not expect that Su Mingyue had also been promoted to a fifth-level War God, and Lin Zhen felt that she seemed to have gone beyond the initial phase of the fifth level, possibly even higher than himself.

Of course, if Lin Zhen hadn’t wasted so much time in Yan Mountain Lake at the Five Connected Pools, he might have already been promoted to a sixth-level War God.

Despite this, the special training by Gongsun Du was remarkable. The Star Sky Divine Teaching indeed has hidden mysteries unknown to others.

Su Mingyue’s strength was very strong, Lin Zhen advanced to the War God stage with a ten -fold compression at the late stage of level three, Su Mingyue advanced to near-mid level three with a nine-fold compression, not far off Lin Zhen.

Even when Yue Feng advanced to War God, he was only at the peak of level two, which shows that Su Mingyue’s talents are higher than Yue Feng’s.

Now that she’s advanced to level five, outside eyes have some competition power in War God’s Knockout, and there’s a good chance they’ll estimate to pass the preliminaries, but people don’t really believe she’ll have a chance in the knockout, after all, her level is still low, and mainly Su Mingyue do not look very strong.

There are many great warriors in this War God’s Knockout competition. Apart from her status, Su Mingyue was put on the first page mainly because of her beauty. It’s a normal publicity stunt to place the most beautiful one at the top.

This is people’s inertia thinking, beautiful equals delicate, equals fragile. Although Su Mingyue has proven her strength many times, no one actually sees her as a top-level fighter.

But Lin Zhen knows that Su Mingyue will definitely be promoted.

Seeing this poster reminded him, in her past life, Su Mingyue seemed to have made it to the top sixteen in the War God’s Knockout, a very good result in Hua Xia. It can be imagined that after the preliminary selection, Gongsun Du will continue to give her a small cheat.

After reviewing Su Mingyue’s information, the next several pages belonged to Capital Base City. However, Lin Zhen no longer remembered anything.

But there was one person Lin Zhen took notice of, He Liu from Capital City Liefeng Martial Hall. He was a ninth-level War God and considered as Gale’s ace card, but Lin Zhen had never heard of him before.

After Capital City, there were pages for Demon Capital, then Northwest, South, Tianfu, and finally Ice City.

Among them, Lin Zhen knew two warriors from Demon Capital, Tang Wenbo, and Feng Ni from the Northwest military, both had quite a reputation in his

previous life.

Tang Wenbo belonged to Demon Capital Gale Martial Arts Hall, he was a senior to Jiang Huai. Feng Ni was a senior to Li Changying and was quite famous in the Northwest.

Ice City had five people, Tong Yuehu, Ma Yao, Wei Li, Xin Rughai, Duo Long, others were nameless on the roster, Lin Zhen’s name was not there as well.

After the Ice City section, the Hua Xia District was done. The next page featured the fighters from the United States.

There were many fighters from the United States, but Lin Zhen only knew of one.

One of them was Duke from Los Angeles Base City. He was very famous in his previous life and was one of the representative warriors of the United States. In the previous War God’s Knockout, Duke came in second.

But the book mentioned that besides Duke, another War God called Mario from Seattle Base City was also very strong. However, Lin Zhen didn’t remember this person; he isn’t a god, it’s not possible for him to remember everyone’s names from a thousand years ago.

After the United States was the European Union’s martial artists.

The first warrior from the European Union was Ai Er from Madrid Base City. His promotional image was that of a knight, clad in Star Artifact armor and longsword, with a helmet and shield. He looked radiant, but Lin Zhen knew that Ai Er was a prominent leader within Hansen’s organization.

Apart from Ai Er, there was a woman from Paris Base City, who wore a metal mask that only revealed her chin and eyes. But even with just these two points exposed, it was clear that she was a beautiful woman. Her long golden hair and somewhat Eastern skin tone suggested that she was of mixed descent.

This woman’s name was Chris, and that was all the introduction available, without any additional details.

There was also Moroski from Berlin Base City, a tall, Caucasian warrior.

Then there were two famous warriors from India: Omar from New Delhi Base City and Shah from Mumbai Base City.

Lin Zhen vaguely remembered these two, though not very clearly, as it had been quite some time. It seemed that one of them had made it to the top eight.

Aside from India, there was Bokba, the African Hawke from Cairo Base City in the African Union, who was also a formidable Level Nine War God.

Also, Sang Ji from the Base City of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was a hot favorite among the top few.

There were still many more War Gods, but Lin Zhen couldn’t recall all of them.

At the end of the book were the warriors from Sand Russia. Huo Luofu from St. Petersburg Base City was known as the Northern War God, and he was extremely powerful.

Apart from Huo Luofu, Kip from Moscow Base City, Lanslow from Leningrad

Base City, and Adolf from the Far East Base City were all powerful warriors of Sand Russia and were hailed as the three brave warriors of Sand Russia; their strength was second only to Huo Luofu.

After seeing Huo Luofu, Lin Zhen immediately recognized him.

He was the champion of War God’s Knockout in the previous life!

Even though in Ice City, there were plenty of legends about Huo Luofu, because he was the only known super War God to have independently killed S-level Mutated Beasts!

He had killed a mutated polar bear, and when he brought back the body of the mutated polar bear, the whole of St. Petersburg was buzzing with the news. The news gradually spread, eventually reaching almost the entire world.

In this War God’s Knockout, Huo Luofu was still the top contender for the championship.

Even though the War God’s Knockout had not yet begun, the page on Huo Luofu in this book still showed something different because it contained a paragraph from an exclusive interview with him.

Huo Luofu said in the interview: “My brother, Ivan, was killed in Hua Xia. I have no good feelings towards Hua Xia’s warriors. So warriors from Hua Xia better watch out when they encounter me in either the pre-selection or the knockout rounds. You will experience the cold storm from the distant north!”

Huo Luofu didn’t say who killed his brother, but the Hua Xia warriors, especially the Ice City warriors, almost all knew that Ivan was killed by Lin Zhen.

Apart from Huo Luofu, Moroski, Lanslow, and Adolf also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Hua Xia warriors and hinted that they would avenge Ivan.

When Lin Zhen read this, he sneered. He could even imagine that after Huo Luofu’s comments, many Hua Xia warriors were on the forum cursing him, Lin Zhen.

He casually opened his computer and logged onto the forum and, sure enough, all sorts of comments were there.

Some Ice City warriors suggested that Lin Zhen was attracting attention and that all Hua Xia warriors were paying the price for him.

Others suggested keeping their distance from Lin Zhen to avoid being implicated in any of his troubles.

Shen Yuhua from the Gale Martial Arts Hall even said online: “I Shen Yuhua may not be a very nice guy, but I can firmly state that I am stronger than Lin Zhen. I am the real villain, while that guy is a hypocrite. I won’t say anything else. He voluntarily ran to Blue Sky Martial Arts Hall, which is a place that recruits Russians. Look at what the attitude of the Russians towards us is now? Even though he is hugging the big leg of the Russians, they aren’t paying him any attention and are venting their anger on us Hua Xia warriors. This kind of despicable behavior has lost face for all Hua Xia people. I, Shen Yuhua, will never associate with someone like Lin Zhen in this life!”

Even though Shen Yuhua had a really bad reputation online, his words echoed with some warriors and elicited responses expressing dissatisfaction with Lin Zhen joining Blue Sky.

“Lin Zhen, a piece of trash like you probably won’t make it past the third round!”

“To the one on the first-floor, do you really think Lin Zhen can make it through the pre-selection round? He’ll probably be out very early.”

“By joining Blue Sky to suck up to the Russian, wow, this kind of person, should be thrown out of Ice City.”

“May I weakly say something? Didn’t Lin Zhen kill a Russian? How can you say he is sucking up to the Russians, your logic doesn’t make sense, ah.”

“The person above, don’t you know that people can change? This doesn’t even have to be asked. See that the Russians are powerful, they are scared and want to go plead for mercy, isn’t that why they joined Blue Sky.”

“Is there anyone who feels that Shen Yuhua, though he isn’t a good person either, is far better than a hypocrite like Lin Zhen?”

Reading through all these posts, Lin Zhen closed the website.

Saying such things was useless. The pre-selection competition was about to start soon, and he would respond strongly with actions.

The three days passed quickly, and the day of the preselection competition had arrived..