Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 2845 - Primitive dimension

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2845 Primitive dimension

Ling Xi had already obtained the best conditions in the world before she was even born.

Both her parents were Heavenly Venerates, her natural aptitude was excellent, and she had only been born after the Empress had gone through close to 100,000,000 years of pregnancy, absorbing enough Heavenly Venerable Tier nutrition, and already being a Celestial King upon her birth. Just how amazing was this?

Ling Han had also retrieved a small world and instilled it into her body. Not only could she then have a burst of Pseudo-Heavenly-Venerable-Tier battle prowess at any time, she could also study the Power of Dimension constantly. How great was that?

Under such excellent conditions, Ling Xi had reached her limits after only spending around 10 billion years?

Ling Han could not believe it.

“Precious daughter, why have you returned so quickly?” he asked hurriedly.

“Father, I have decided not to walk the path that you and Mother have walked,” Ling Xi said. Though her voice was gentle and calm, there was a firmness that said no one could change her mind, which resembled Ling Han.

Ling Han sighed. He himself was that kind of person, so he had no plans on convincing her otherwise. Instead, he asked, “What kind of path will it be?”

“I plan to turn the small world inside my body into a true dimension,” Ling Xi said. “I have a feeling that this will be stronger than if I extracted the Power of Dimension from 10, or even over 100 dimensions.”

Ling Han did not speak, pondering the possibility and future prospects of this kind of path.

Facts had proven that those like the Empress who had directly extracted the Power of Dimension of various dimensions and fused it into a core were not as strong as Ling Han, who was nurturing various dimensions within his body.

But Ling Han’s situation was too unique. Even if others wanted to take the same path, it would not be possible. They would only destroy themselves.

However, in Ling Xi’s case, she had had a small world implanted in her from the very beginning, and it would slowly develop into a dimension. This was more or less the same as Hysteria, judging from a certain angle.

However bright her future would be, how far she could develop this dimension would depend on her own abilities.

Low-level? Medium-level? High-level? Or a transcendent dimension?

This was very important.

It was equivalent to a First Tier possessing the Power of Dimension of a whole dimension, which could still grow exponentially, and this was very astounding. Of course, this could not be compared to Ling Han. What was nurtured inside his own body was an entire Genesis World.

Precisely because of this, Ling Han’s progress was overwhelmingly slow. Who knew how long it would take for him to take another step forward. However, the increase to his battle prowess with every step forward would also be exceedingly great.

Er, this was not about him; it was about his daughter.

Ling Han nodded slowly. “This is a path that you have chosen yourself. Since you have made your decision, you must resolutely and determinedly continue on this path.”

“I know.” Ling Xi nodded. After a slight pause, she continued, “That’s right, Father. There is someone that I would like you to meet.”

Ling Han glanced at his daughter, and couldn’t help but feel a sense of alarm rise up in his heart.

F*ck, there was a sliver of romantic sentiment hidden in his daughter’s expression.

Not good, his daughter was about to be snatched.

Damn it, who was this damn brat?

“All right, let that bra— boy come,” he said, suppressing his anger.

Ling Xi smiled lightly with pursed lips. Very soon, she brought over a young man.

Ling Han was surprised. Originally, he had thought that the one who had gained Ling Xi’s notice had to be in the Heavenly Venerable Tier, at the very least, but this young man only had a cultivation level that was equivalent to the Immortal Palace Tier, and his strength could be considered extremely weak.

“My name is Fu Tianxing. Greetings, sir.” This young man clasped his hands in respectful greeting towards Ling Han. He was polite yet neither haughty nor humble, appearing to have very good bearing.


Even if Ling Han had kept his aura under wraps now, to say nothing of an Immortal Palace Tier, even Celestial Kings would feel weak in his presence as they were completely overwhelmed by his aura. They would not even be able to articulately speak, and would definitely not be as calm as this guy in front of him.

Ling Han felt a sense of approval for this young man, but he immediately warned himself mentally that this was the man that intended to snatch his daughter away. It would not be wrong to even consider him his enemy.

He made close queries about Fu Tianxing’s past, and discovered that the latter actually had had similar experiences as Ling Han. He, too, had come by opening the sky of a small world, and had only used several million years to attain the Immortal Palace Tier, which was very, very extraordinary.

Because of Ling Xi’s gentle suggestion that did not accept refusal from him, Ling Han accepted Fu Tianxing as a disciple.

He gritted his teeth. Wasn’t this just welcoming the wolf into his own home, making it even more convenient for Fu Tianxing to court his daughter?

But it was not good to keep a daughter with him now that she was grown up.

Fu Tianxing was really very extraordinary. With the pouring of a great volume of resources, he swiftly advanced to the Celestial King Tier in just a million years, advancing so fiercely that even Liu Yutong and the other women clicked their tongues in amazement.

This brat was not all that handsome, but his bearing was amazing, graceful and polite, so all the women had high expectations for him, and treated him like he already was their son-in-law, which also caused Ling Han to almost yell with fury.

Another 100,000,000 years passed, and Fu Tianxing had already advanced to the Ninth Heaven. Even though he had a later start, he had already surpassed Ling Han’s other disciples, and breaking through to the Heavenly Venerable Tier was close at hand.

With this kind of son-in-law, Ling Han actually should be quite satisfied, but whenever he thought that his beautiful daughter would be married off to this brat, he always felt the temptation to brutally beat Fu Tianxing up.

Right at this moment, Ling Han received a message from Lin Xiaoyang, asking him to visit the Lin Clan immediately.

Ling Han set out as soon as he received the message. Aside from himself, Zhou Heng and Chu Hao were also present.

“I just received some news that a primitive dimension has appeared inside the Void,” Lin Xiaoyang said.

“What!?” Both Zhou Heng and Chu Hao instantly stood.

“How is that possible?”

“The Void should be unable to accommodate anything.”

The expressions of both the great Sixth Tier elites changed drastically due to their great shock.

“That is indeed the truth.” Lin Xiaoyang nodded, and said seriously, “This is what Father has found out, and it has also been confirmed by the other Seventh Tier Lords.”

At this, both Chu Hao and Zhou Heng had nothing else to say. Even Seventh Tiers had already confirmed this, so there was nothing to be doubted about this,

“Is there anything special about this dimension?” Ling Han asked.

Lin Xiaoyang glanced at Ling Han in approval. This brat would always ask questions that hit the nail on the head. He nodded, and said, “In this dimension, there is a great amount of what we call Heavenly Venerable Stone.”

Ling Han knew what Heavenly Venerable Stone was: a unique stone that could be used to seal Heavenly Venerable Seals. Apparently, aside from the mind of a Heavenly Venerate, only this object was capable of containing a Heavenly Venerable Seal.

However, by itself, this actually did not have much value.

“The Heavenly Venerable Stones that we have obtained here actually originate from that primitive dimension. They have struggled free of the Power of Dimension, and appear in the Void at certain timings before descending here.”

Lin Xiaoyang explained slowly. He paused, and then glanced at Ling Han and the others. “By itself, Heavenly Venerable Stone does not have much use. Aside from allowing the divine sense and techniques of Heavenly Venerable Tier to pass through it, it could not be any more ordinary.

“However, Father has discovered that some ancient relics of that primitive dimension are nurtured inside these stones, like the young of the True Dragon, supremely valuable medicines, Primal Chaos Divine Metal, and most important of all… there are also Heavenly Venerable Seals!”

Hearing these words, the expressions of Ling Han and the others all changed at the same time.

Then the value of this Heavenly Venerable Stone would be astonishing, and would give rise to a full-scale competition over it.

“Then this primitive dimension will become an extremely important strategic location,” Chu Hao said.

Zhou Heng nodded. “It will be attractive to all Heavenly Venerates, and it can be foreseen that great battles that will leave bodies scattered everywhere will take place continuously.”

Yet Ling Han said, “The Void is Hysteria’s territory, and it can traverse the barriers between dimensions, a world where it reigns supreme. If we ventured to that primitive Ydimension inside the Void, would we then be attacked by Hysteria?”