Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3362 - : Gourd Again

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Chapter 3362: Gourd Again

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After using food to appease the piglet, Ling Han continued to use it as a pathfinder to understand the changes in this formation.

He was so focused that he forgot the passage of time. It was only when the fat pig protested to him that he realized that the sky had already darkened.

After eating, the lecherous pig refused to accept such inhumane treatment and lay down to sleep.

Ling Han had used his brain for the entire day, and was also a little tired, so he entered the gourd to rest.

The next morning, he finished cultivating first before continuing to let the lecherous pig test out the formation.

Two days, three days, four days, no one else came in, or perhaps someone had already come in, but they had not come to him yet. Ling Han continued to ponder over the formation every day. Although he was still unable to crack it, he had a feeling that his grasp of the formation had improved a little.

Another two days passed, and Ling Han finally had a clue. He strode forwards, taking a strange course, and threw out the Destructive Formation in his hand.

This formation was too powerful. A Destructive Formation could only slow down the formation for half a second at most. Fortunately, he only needed this half a second to pass through the gap in the formation.

Half a minute later, he finally arrived at the door.

He pushed the door open and entered. There was a courtyard inside with a huge shelf. The shelf was covered in vines and seven gourds of different colors hung down.

Gourd… there were gourds again.

Ling Han bared his teeth. Could it be that he was going to be given another seven Essence Nurturing Gourds?

He had hoped to obtain a high-level Treasured Fruit that could allow his level of being to take a huge leap.

Gourds again?

How did he get stuck with gourds?

Were these gourds edible?

Ling Han scratched his head and threw the fat pig out first. Fortunately, there was no formation in the courtyard, so it was safe.

He walked over to the shelf and looked up at the seven gourds on it.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, green, and purple. The seven colors were extremely eye-catching. Furthermore, there was clearly no wind, but the seven gourds were gently swaying. It was very strange.

“Why do I always encounter strange things?” Ling Han muttered.

The fat pig also looked at the gourds with surprise in its eyes.

“I’ll pluck them and take a look,” Ling Han muttered.


“Wait a few more days.”

Several voices suddenly burst into Ling Han’s mind at the same time. There were clearly only two sentences, but it was as if five or six people were speaking at the same time.


Ling Han was astonished. This was a message transmitted through divine sense, and could only be used when one’s Spiritual Power reached a certain level.

Was there a Spiritual Power Grandmaster here?

Ling Han looked around, but did not see a single person.

Strange, although Spiritual Power was formless and could pass through walls, there was a formation protecting this place, so Spiritual Power should not be able to pass through. Therefore, the person who spoke must be in the courtyard.

The problem was that other than him, there was only one pig.

The lecherous pig was talking to him?

It was obviously impossible. If it could communicate with Spiritual Power, this pig would have done it long ago. It couldn’t have dragged on until now. Besides, the lecherous pig wouldn’t say such words that had no sense to them.

Wait a minute, he had just muttered that he wanted to pluck the gourds before he got such answers.

He thought for a moment and muttered to himself, “Who’s talking to me? Forget it, forget it. I’ll pluck the gourds first.”

“You can’t pluck us. We’re still a few days away from maturity.”

“It’ll hurt us.”

Another two sentences sounded in Ling Han’s mind, and he felt that several people were speaking at the same time.

Ling Han was astounded. F*ck, were the gourds talking to him?

What the hell? Had they gained intelligence?

Treasured Fruits of heaven and earth could obtain the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth and could greatly increase their level of being. However, he had never heard that Treasured Fruits could also gain intelligence and be capable of transmitting thoughts.

How rare.

Ling Han thought for a moment, and decided to wait a few days to take a look.

He did not waste any time and took out the Red-Furred Fruits to eat and refine.

Boom, the medicinal power channeled in his body and surged, raising his level of being.

The Brother Monkey Cultivation Technique was indeed a top-notch technique. The efficiency of absorbing and refining the medicinal power was shockingly high. A Red-Furred Fruit only took two hours to refine.

A smile appeared on Ling Han’s face. From the looks of it, after refining all the Red-Furred Fruits, he would be able to advance to the peak stage of Fourth Change.


He ate them one by one. The lecherous pig also wanted to come up and take a bite, but was thrown far away by Ling Han, making it so angry that it snorted endlessly.

Petty, too petty. Wasn’t it just a few low-level Treasured Fruits?

Bah, was this even worthy of being called a Treasured Fruit?

A day passed. Ling Han had already refined all the Red-Furred Fruits, and he was only a hair’s breadth away from the peak stage of Fourth Change.

In the morning, he cultivated when the sun rose. After just ten minutes, he discovered that he had reached a bottleneck and could not increase his power at all.

He had reached the peak of Fourth Change.

He wasn’t in a hurry to break through to the Fifth Change. Although he desperately wanted to increase his cultivation level, he definitely couldn’t blindly increase his cultivation level just for the sake of increasing his cultivation level.

He needed to solidify his foundation first.

The best method was actual combat, but there were no opponents here, so Ling Han could only use his Spiritual Power to check if there were any imperfections in his body.

On the other side, he was still improving his Body Art. This wasn’t like mystical power, which could be improved with just a few Treasured Fruits. Even if it was honey from the Purple Wasps, it would only make his progress faster. It was impossible for him to temper his body to perfection overnight.

Day after day, another three days quickly passed.


Ling Han raised his head. He saw that the red gourd was trembling violently, as if it would fall off the vine at any moment.

A gentleman would not stand on a dangerous wall?. He decisively moved a few steps away to prevent the gourd from falling and hitting his head.

This was not superfluous. After a while, pa, as expected, the red gourd left the vine branch and fell to the ground under the action of gravity.

Could this be considered ripe?

How should he eat it then? Braised or steamed?

Pa, under Ling Han’s gaze, the large red gourd suddenly split into two.

Tsk, it’s too ripe, that it split in half on its own?

“Father!” A crisp voice sounded. A little child crawled out of the gourd.

Ling Han was stunned. Although he had quite a few children, he definitely didn’t have this… He glanced at it., there was no c*ck, en, it was a girl.

Seeing that Ling Han did not reply, the little child tilted his head and muttered, “There’s no reaction from calling Father? Could this be Mother? Strange, could it be that I saw wrongly? Forget it, who asked us to encounter this parent!”

Damn, this little girl was too mature. She could say such words the moment she was born?

“Mother!” The little girl said crisply.

Ling Han wiped away his cold sweat, and said, “I’m a man.”

“That’s right!” The little girl clapped her hands as if she knew this would happen. She broke out into a run towards him and spread out her arms. “Father, I want a hug.”

He had become a father?

Ling Han sighed, picked up the little girl, and said, “I’m not your father.”

The little girl looked shocked. “Do you actually want to be Mother?” 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝙣𝓸𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶(f)

F*ck, why do you keep going on about this topic?

Ling Han sighed, and said, “It’s better to call me Uncle.”

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