Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3374 - ; Shocking Everyone

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Chapter 3374; Shocking Everyone

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“What’s wrong?” Eldest Baby asked.

“That freakish person is Father!” Second Baby exclaimed.

“What!” The Calabash Brothers jumped up.

This big monster was actually their father?

“But Father is only in the Blood Transformation Tier. Previously, he was at the peak stage of the Fifth Change, so even if he breaks through his limits this time, he’ll only be at the Sixth Change,” Sixth Baby said. “Although the Sixth Change is extraordinary, there have been many geniuses who have cultivated the Sixth Change since ancient times. I’ve never heard of anyone who could cause a phenomenon in heaven and earth.”

“Second, did you see wrongly?” Eldest Baby asked suspiciously.

“Impossible!” Second Baby was very sure. She was full of confidence in her eye technique.

“Because he’s Father!” Third Baby said with a matter-of-fact expression.

How could someone who could be her father be an ordinary person?

Deep inside the Imperial Palace.

An old man in eunuch attire slowly walked out. His face was full of wrinkles, and it was unknown how old he was.

“Sigh!” He sighed softly and looked up at the sky. His originally narrowed eyes opened, and two shocking thunderbolts immediately flashed past, as if they could tear through the dark sky.

“These are troubled times!” The old eunuch said. “His Majesty is in seclusion, but so many things have suddenly happened. Not only is the Demon Race restless, but there is also a phenomenon in heaven and earth.”

“Look at this phenomenon? Eh!”

The old eunuch let out a cry of surprise. The wrinkles on his face suddenly melted away, revealing a face that was not handsome but filled with dominance.

“This is the resonance of heaven and earth!”

“Who can obtain the recognition of heaven and earth and resonate with it?”

“Even His Majesty… who possesses the ability to move heaven and earth, has yet to obtain the recognition of heaven and earth.”

Could it be that an Innate Divine Physique has appeared?”

“The Innate Divine Physique is born from the fate of heaven and earth. It possesses divine powers that ordinary people can’t imagine.”

“The Eldest Prince is an Azure Star Physique. When he was born, there were indeed abnormalities. However, it’s far from being as large as it is now. It can only be seen in the Imperial Palace area, and it only lasted for a very short period of time.”

“If the Divine Physique is born, the level of the Divine Physique will definitely far surpass the First Prince.”

“The birth of a Divine Physique?” Jin Sanyin looked up at the sky and frowned slightly.

“Right now, the environment of heaven and earth is still far from recovering, yet there is actually a Divine Physique that has inherited the fate of heaven and earth. I have to say, this is very ironic.” He shook his head. “However, an Innate Divine Physique is very important. If he is obtained by my Jin Clan, then if we nurture him well, he will definitely become a great treasure in twenty years at most.”

“I have a feeling that the recovery of heaven and earth has become faster and faster after a short period of stagnation. If my Jin Clan has a Divine Physique, we can take this opportunity to grow quickly. Perhaps we can become the rulers of the universe in the future.”

“Immediately mobilize the clan forces to search for the whereabouts of the Divine Physique!”

“Although a Divine Physique can be formed after birth, it’s still inferior to an Innate Divine Physique.”

“The heavens are trying to bring prosperity to our Jin Clan!”

“A phenomenon of heaven and earth?” The Fourth Prince of the Demon Race frowned slightly. “There are only two possibilities. One is that someone has attained astonishing achievements and caused the heaven and earth to sense him. The other is that an Innate Divine Physique has appeared.”

These gods and devils were all strong practitioners of the Celestial Sea Planet. They must have obtained the recognition of heaven and earth in order to be imprinted in the Dao of Heaven and Earth.”

His gaze became sharp. “A great era is coming, I must seize this opportunity to rise up. In the future, I will also become an elite recognized by heaven and earth and my name with be known eternally!”

However, if the human race produces an Innate Divine Physique, it won’t be a good thing for the Demon Race to develop in the future.”

“Find this person and bring him back. It’s said that the Innate Divine Physique can be used to refine medicine. If I consume it, I can obtain a Mystical Power. Even if it’s not as good as the Innate Divine Physique, it can increase my strength greatly.”

Boom! Boom! An earth-shattering change occurred in Ling Han’s body. One shackle after another shattered, allowing his level of being to soar.

But at the same time, the number of Long Rainbow Fruits was also decreasing. After Ling Han shattered the fourth shackle, the medicinal power of the last Long Rainbow Fruit was also declared to have been exhausted. However, this rapid evolution was still not over.

If he continued, he would have to expend his own life force, and the most direct damage would be a huge decrease in his lifespan.

Ling Han gritted his teeth and decided to continue.

In theory, according to the time flow ratio between the Genesis World and the outside world, he was only two years old. After advancing to the Seventh Change, his lifespan would at least be more than 200 years. Therefore, it was fine even if he lost a bit of lifespan. He was not the Sun Jianfang from back then.

Hong, the increase in his level of being continued, but without the Long Rainbow Fruit to replenish his vitality, Ling Han could only burn his own life force to push for the increase in his level of being.

This made him feel extremely weak and empty, as if he had lost something. Lifespan could not be seen or touched.

Pa, the fifth shackle was broken. However, this evolution did not stop.

F*ck, you trying to f*ck me up?

Ling Han was elated, because the more shackles he broke, the stronger he would become. However, the problem was that he no longer had the Treasured Fruit of Life, so he could only burn his own life force.

Ling Han gritted his teeth, and continued!

After a long time, the sixth shackle was also broken. Then, there was the seventh and even the eighth shackle. It was only when the ninth shackle was broken that the evolution finally stopped.

Nine shackles.

Ling Han didn’t know whether to be happy or cry. He was happy because his level of being had increased by an extremely large margin this time, almost equivalent to a leap of two Changes. However, it was also because of this that the consumption of his life force should be extremely severe. Perhaps he had lost 30 years of lifespan, or even 50 or 100 years in fact.

He wasn’t too worried, because he was about to break through to the Extreme Bone Tier, and once he advanced into the Extreme Bone Tier, he could immediately obtain 50 years of lifespan.

Even if he didn’t have much time left now, another 50 years of lifespan would be enough for him to advance into the Enlightenment Tier.

He checked himself and found that his blood had not completely turned red. There was still a faint diamond glow.

His level of being had increased, but his cultivation level had yet to catch up. His blood could only turn pure red when he reached the peak of Seventh Change.

Wait a minute!

Ling Han suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen it with his divine sense just now, but with his naked eye. Otherwise, his divine sense wouldn’t have been able to see the color.

But how was that possible?

He raised his hand and saw a perfectly normal hand. He didn’t see any bones or the flow of blood.

However, Ling Han was certain that what he saw just now was definitely not a fantasy.

With a thought, he focused his power on his eyes.

Instantly, the world changed.

Time seemed to slow down. He saw a mosquito three metres away, flapping its wings. Even though it was so far away and the mosquito was so small, he could still clearly see every pattern on its wings.

He was excited and the world immediately returned to normal.

Ling Han was pleasantly surprised. He had cultivated a Mystical Power!

It was a little like Second Baby’s eye technique. After activating it, he could see the details clearly, and even in fact surpass time. However, he was not as strong as Second Baby now, but Ling Han believed that this was a growth-type technique. In the future, as his cultivation level increased, this would become stronger and stronger.

This was an ability that was activated after reaching Seventh Change!

Ling Han laughed loudly. This was truly amazing. Regardless of whether it was used in battle or to break formations, it was extremely useful.

He stood up, but he couldn’t help but feel incomparably weak. He almost sat back on the ground.

This was because his life force had been severely depleted. He hurriedly took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and consumed it. After consuming one, the feeling of weakness was still very strong. He hurriedly consumed another one.

He came out of seclusion and asked the little maid to make a feast. He wolfed down the food.

“Yi, Father, your hair!” Seeing Ling Han come out, the six children all jumped over and exclaimed in surprise.

“What’s wrong with my hair?” Ling Han took a mirror to take a look, but was surprised.

He had white hair all over his head!

Yes, the consumption of his life force was too severe, causing his hair to turn white overnight.

Alright, wasn’t this declining before he grew old?

Through the mirror, Ling Han could see that his body was clearly showing signs of weakness. His face clearly looked to be less than 20 years old, yet it exuded a strong aura of decay.

Without the Treasured Fruit of Life to repair it, it looked like he would have to bear with the white hair for a while..

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