Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3541: Snake Cave

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Chapter 3541: Snake Cave

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Men were more carefress. They could simply sit on the ground and rest, and it was fine even if it was one or two nights.

However, the women were more delicate. Some were reserved , and thought that it was not appropriate for their sleeping posture to be seen by outsiders, so they would bring tents. In any case, it was quite convenient.

Ling Han walked quietly, and touched the side of Ma Qiuling’s tent.

He activated his Eye Technique and easily saw into the tent, discovering where her head was. Then, he took out the broken piece of the tombstone and ruthlessly smashed it at her.


With a muffled sound, how could Ma Qiuling have imagined that someone would actually sneak attack her at this time?

They had already reached an agreement, and formed an alliance. Whoever made a move at this time would be a public enemy, and would be eliminated by the joined forces of the others. Thus, she slept extremely peacefully. In any case, there were people standing guard outside.

Being smacked by the shard of the tombstone, no matter how awesome you were, it was useless. You would immediately pass out, and in future, you would also be plagued by bad luck, which would last for a very, very long time. However, this muffled sound also woke the people in the surroundings. After all, they were all Mystery Realm Tier-level, and the slightest breeze would be able to wake them up.

What happened?” They all exclaimed in shock. Anyone could see that the tent had collapsed, and Ma Qiuling’s originally beautiful face now had a large bump, completely ruining the aesthetic.

Obviously, this large bump was not Ma Qiuling knocking herself out, but was rather caused by a sneak attack.

Who had done this?

It should be known that they had already formed an alliance, and now someone was actually making a move in secret. Wasn’t this destroying their alliance? Who else would dare to trust others?

Jin Yulu walked out. She was the disciple of a Spirit Transformation True Lord, so she was naturally quite austere. After a closer look, a strange expression appeared on her face, and she said, “She seems to have been knocked out with a stone tablet. There are words on it.”


Everyone was curious. To throw a stone tablet at someone, what did the culprit mean?

Was this a blatant humiliation?

Everyone, get up. This matter is extremely vile. The culprit must be found!” A member of the Sea Race declared fiercely.

“Let’s check first to see if anyone has disappeared,” Jin Yulu said after a moment of thought.

“The culprit can’t be so stupid, right?” someone asked. To smash someone and then run, why was there such a shameless air about this?

With this search, there was really one less person.

Ling Han!

“This Han Lin must be the culprit!” Everyone said with absolute certainty.

During the day, they had seen Ling Han and Ma Qiuling come into conflict, and now that Ma Qiuling had been knocked unconscious, while Ling Han had disappeared, the answer was naturally very obvious.

“What’s strange is that this person’s strength is very weak, so how could he have succeeded in this sneak attack?” someone questioned.

“Naturally because Ma Qiuling was unguarded. After all, in sleep, defense is the weakest.” Immediately, someone answered.

“That’s not right!” Someone shook their head, “I remember that Han Lin Lin was lying here, and there was a total distance of 21 meters between him and Ma Qiuling. Though this is a distance that can be covered with only a dash, if he had done so, why did we not hear any movement?”

If Han Lin had sneaked over, that would be even more inconceivable. With our divine sense, how could it be that no one had discovered him?”

Hearing his analysis, everyone felt that it was strange, because Ling Han’s strength was indeed very, very weak. Such a weak person could actually cover a distance of 21 meters without being discovered?

How could this be possible?


Right at this moment, Ma Qiuling actually farted loudly.

Everyone said that loud farts were not smelly, and smelly farts produced no noise, but her fart was both smelly and loud, causing everyone to hurriedly cover their noses, and all of them showed expressions of disgust.

No matter how beautiful a woman was, to actually fart in public, this was also a very humiliating thing, and greatly decreased her merits.

Undoubtedly, Ma Qiuling’s bad luck had already begun.

Ling Han wasn’t in the mood to care about how confused these people were.

His target was the Divine Stone inside the cave.

Others wouldn’t be able to barge in, and even if a bunch of Mystery Realm Tier elites teamed up, they wouldn’t dare. However, Ling Han was unconcerned. He had the Void Beast Skin, and in fact, tf Sixth Baby brought the Essence Nurturing Gourd with her, he would also be able to come and go as he pleased in the cave.

Hence, he unhesitatingly gave Ma Qiuling a smack with the piece of tombstone, then left swiftly, leaving behind a group of people holding their heads in confusion, yet could not think of any reason for the act.

Ling Han entered into the canyon, and soon found that cave.

In truth, there were multiple Bloodstream Pythons in the entire canyon. If one wanted to barge through by force, he would definitely have to experience a tough battle, but it was not impossible to pass through. However, if one wanted to overcome all obstacles on his way into the cave, it would be a different story. The terrain would be more complicated, and the light would be dimmer, so it would be very easy to become a target of a sneak attack.

Ling Han entered into the cave without hesitation. Though the Bloodstream Pythons here had reached Mystery Realm Tier, there was a serious problem with their intelligence. They were far from being called Demon Race, but could only be called Demonic Beasts, and were incredibly primitive.

He entered into the cave, walking slowly all the way. Firstly, he was afraid of alerting the snakes, and secondly, he was afraid of missing the Divine Stone.

After walking for half a mile or so, Ling Han finally discovered a Divine Stone.

This was too obvious. In the dark cave, it was exuding a soft light. He picked it up and looked at it. This was a red stone. It was very hot to the touch, as if it was burning.

It must be a Divine Stone of Fire.

Ling Han didn’t think too much about it, and directly put the Divine Stone into the gourd.

The people outside said that the most valuable item here was the Ten

Thousand Star Stone, which was hidden in the depths of the cave, so this was definitely not the Ten Thousand Star Stone.

Ling Han continued to advance, and very soon, he found a second Divine Stone.

This was completely black, but was even dimmer than the darkness itself, which instead highlighted its presence, and Ling Han also drew it into his gourd.

He was just about to move, when he immediately stopped, because he sensed movement.

It wasn’t long before a large snake slithered over, hissing.

When this large snake slithered to a spot near him, it coiled its body, and stretched out its head, as if it was confused. However, after circling around twice, it still did not discover anything. Then, it began to slither again, and disappeared around the corner.

Ling Han breathed a sigh of relief, and came out of the gourd. Though this fierce snake had not developed intelligence, and was very primitive, its senses were extremely shocking. Just now, it had clearly discovered traces of him.

Thankfully, he managed to hide in time, and with how “foolish” the large snake was, it was not to the extent that it would discover the abnormality of the Essence Nurturing Gourd.

-If it was another person, and a gourd suddenly appeared on the ground, he would definitely feel curious.

Ling Han continued to advance, and his gains were also increasing. Very soon, he discovered another Divine Stone.

If the people outside saw this, they would definitely be both envious and jealous of him.

Hehe, he would pick up all the Divine Stones here, and then wait for those people outside to kill their way in with all their efforts, but in the end, they would not get a single thing. Presumably, their expressions would be very ugly.

En, he was slightly expectant.

Ling Han was extremely cautious. With so many Bloodstream Pythons gathered together, it was extremely likely that there was a Demonic Snake King among them, and the Demonic Snake King would definitely be stronger than other Bloodstream Pythons.

He had discovered twelve Divine Stones along the way, but he had never discovered the most valuable Ten Thousand Star Stone.

However, the cave finally came to an end..

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