Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3596 - : Arriving at the Imperial Capital

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Chapter 3596: Arriving at the Imperial Capital

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F***, that unknown halo of his was starting to take effect again?

Ling Han raised his head to look at the sky, yet discovered that this was really just a shooting star, and not another visitor from another planet, which made him sigh in relief.

In the end, his luck was not that bad.

Two days later, Ling Han returned to the Imperial Capital, with a headache. Tang Yun’er was truly a troublesome child. Furthermore, she was a very big problem, and had caused who knew how much trouble on their way here. Meanwhile, the silver-haired little lolita also appeared very displeased. On the way here, she had been so excited about committing arson and robbery. However, she was always stopped by Ling Han, which made her feel extremely displeased.

She was here to become a great Demon King!

Ling Han felt that there was a need to enlighten this little loli. There were so many people in the Imperial Capital, and if this little loli was really in the mood to play, what kind of terrifying damage would be caused?

More importantly, it was extremely likely that there was a great elite of the Sect Master level standing behind her. If this was drawn out, it would be extremely troublesome.

“Little Toffee, why do you want to become a great demon king?” Ling Han asked.

“Because Grandpa is an old demon king, so I want to be a demon king!” The little loli said, as she looked around. When she saw someone selling candied hawthorn on the street, she couldn’t help but drool. She has never had much resistance against sweet things.

Oh, so this problem originated from the little loli’s grandfather.

“What did your grandfather do to deserve the title of Demon King?” Ling Han asked again.

The little loli giggled and said, “Grandfather calls himself the Heaven Demon, and specially makes enemies of those who claim to be righteous. When he was young, he captured a great many Holy Daughters and slept with them. Now, they have all become my grandmothers.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. This child matured early as expected, and her grandfather actually slept with the Holy Daughter of the various great sects, yet was still alive and well. Just how powerful was he?

“Grandfather only had one daughter, my mother. My mother was really too bad. Since childhood, she had secretly left home, and entered into the sect that Father was in. The two of them fell in love with each other, and like dry sticks of firewood, passion erupted like a flame, so they became lovey-dovey with each other.” The little loli plucked a few sticks of candied hawthorn on her own accord.

Ling Han once again broke out in a cold sweat. This little loli liked to use idioms, but it was completely nonsense. Was that any way to describe your own parents?

Furthermore, this little loli’s illness of running away from home was actually inherited!

“Hold on, how old was your mother when she left home?”

“Fifteen or sixteen years old.” The little loli bit on the candied hawthorn as she counted on her fingers, making Ling Han think of the counting idiot, Second Baby.

Ling Han breathed a sigh of relief. That would be more normal, unlike this little loli, who was completely acting out of spite.

He paid, which made the little loli very unhappy. She was a demon king, so how could she pay for food?

Ling Han laughed loudly, “Don’t worry, there are plenty of profligate young masters in the Imperial Capital. When I have the time, I will bring you to fight them one by one.”

“Okay, okay!” The little loli held the candied hawthorn in her mouth and began clapping her hands.

The Little Demon King had arrived, so are you afraid or now?

Ling Han brought the little loli to the Foreign Affairs Department. The little loli held onto the corner of Ling Han’s shirt with one hand, appearing a little fearful.

F***, this was a wo}f jn sheep’s clothing.

Ling Han began to feel regret. It was very possible that bringing this little loli back to the Imperial Capital was a very wrong decision.

“Yi, such a beautiful little girl?” Xuanyuan Dingguo just happened to walk out, and he spoke without thinking, “After a trip outside, you have an illegitimate daughter?”

“I’m not a beautiful little girl,” the little girl hurriedly corrected. “I’m a beautiful, cute, well-behaved, and filial,en… smart, brave Little Toffee!” Xuanyuan Dingguo was instantly dumbfounded. After a while, he finally said, “Ling Han, this little girl isn’t transformed from some old monster, right?” “You’re the old monster here, how am I old?” The little loli was very displeased. She pointed at Xuanyuan Dingguo and shouted loudly, “Super Lightning Cannon, prepare Level One, prepare Level Two, fire!”

Peng, a pillar of light instantly surged out from her palm at an astonishing speed, instantly hitting Xuanyuan Dingguo.

“F***—” Xuanyuan Dingguo didn’t have the time to dodge at all. He only let out a scream, and was sent flying by the pillar of light, crashing heavily into the wall. Ka, ka, ka! Cracks immediately appeared on the wall, but thankfully, it didn’t collapse.

The little girl giggled, and became harmless again, obediently eating the candied hawthorn.

Ling Han did not stop her. The might of this whatever cannon was only Mystery Realm Tier-level, and was not enough to kill Xuanyuan Dingguo.

It would be good to let this guy suffer a bit. In future, he would not dare to trifle with this little loli.


Amidst a series of shouts, seven toddlers ran out. After so long, there was absolutely no change in their size.

One, two, three, four, five, six. The little loli counted, and couldn’t help but gape, forgetting to eat the candied hawthorn.

That was too amazing, wasn’t it? To have so many children all at once?

Finally, she raised her head and said to Ling Han, “Ling Han, I’ve underestimated you!”

Underestimating me in what area?

Ling Han glanced at the little loli, and resolutely did not pursue the matter. Instinct told him that this was definitely not anything good.

Princess Bixiao also appeared gracefully, and when she saw that Ling Han was completely unscathed, she breathed a sigh of relief. When her eyes turned back to the little loli, her beautiful eyes involuntarily lit up.

Such a beautiful little girl was truly unprecedented. She was as beautiful as a fairy.

“Are you jealous that Little Toffee is more beautiful than you?” The little loli giggled, “Ugly, you can only think about it!”

Princess Bixiao’s expression instantly darkened. This little girl was indeed beautiful, but her tongue was really too toxic, wasn’t it?

“You can’t be rude. Call her Big Sister,” Ling Han chided.

Tang Yun’er pouted, appearing very reluctant. However, she still said, “Ugly Big Sister.”

Fine, you might as well not have addressed her.

“Where did you pick this child up from?” Princess Bixiao asked. She was also filled with curiosity. Hadn’t Ling Han gone to participate in a martial arts competition? Why had he brought a child back?

“If I said that she fell from the sky and was picked up by me, would you believe me?” Ling Han said with a smile.

Princess Bixiao merely chuckled, and even rolled her eyes at Ling Han.

‘Fine, I know you don’t believe me.’

Yet Tang Yun’er had developed an interest in the seven babies. She chattered away with the seven babies, and it was unknown what they were talking about, but it was as if they had already become good friends.

Ling Han gritted his teeth. The seven Calabash Brothers were no pushovers either, and added with a little loli who wanted nothing more than for the world to be in chaos, this destructive power would increase tons of times.

However, he couldn’t keep these little girls captive, so he could only keep an eye on them.

“Did anything major happen these few days?” Ling Han asked Princess Bixiao.

“Yes.” Princess Bixiao nodded, “At present, the various great forces are all expanding their territory, forming a super-powerful force led by the Nine Spirits True Lord and the other Spirit Transformation Tier elites. The remaining sects have all submitted, and have more or less divided up this world.”

“According to scouts, these forces have been sending out people to search, seeming to be looking for something..”