Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3612 - : Defeating Prodigies

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Chapter 3612: Defeating Prodigies

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“Qian Senlai, let me deal with him!” Luo Xi walked out.

“Get lost! I didn’t lose!” Qian Senlai was unwilling to accept this.

“Still haven’t lost?” Luo Xi shook his head, “You are not even willing to admit the gap between you and your opponent. In future, I would really be ashamed to be associated with you.”

Qian Senlai was furious. In truth, he was only at a slight disadvantage. Previously, it wasn’t like Ling Han hadn’t been at a disadvantage before. Why was it that he would lose just because he was forced a few more steps back?

He was defiant, and stepped forward to battle fiercely with Ling Han again.

However, Ling Han had already completely adapted to the new Frequency Attack. He discovered that this was the correct way to use the Demonic Monkey Fists.

That was because the Demonic Monkeythat had created this fist technique — it was very possibly the Ancestral King that Brother Monkey had spoken of. That was a great emperor that was invincible in this world, and had once ruled over an era on his own. Such a domineering character, what need was there for him to care about the techniques and attacks that the other party used?

There was no need!

I threw a punch, and naturally am invincible.

Thus, when Ling Han transformed his Demonic Monkey Fists, it became even more proficient for him to channel the Demonic Monkey Fists. Similarly 70 layers of power stacked together, but it was obvious that his current Frequency Attack was more powerful.

Qian Senlai was truly no match. Although he wasn’t much inferior to Ling Han, he was still slightly inferior. He was being suppressed by Ling Han, even if he could hold on for long enough.

He was a prodigy, after all, so he still cared about his pride. In the end, with a furious roar, he retreated from the battle.

He was done fighting.

Luo Xi walked forward and said, “You’re now qualified to tell me your name!”

These words were naturally directed at Ling Han. With his status as a Foundation Building Tier cultivator, this was not considered going too far.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “If you want to fight, then go ahead. Why are you spouting so much nonsense?”

He charged over on his own volition, unleashing the Demonic Monkey Fists and barraging it madly.

Now, there was no need for him to grasp the rhythm of the other’s attack first. He completely focused on himself. That was very comfortable, and a domineering aura was also growing in his heart.

T don’t care if you’re a human or a demon. I don’t care how strong you are. I’ll deal with you with a single punch.’

‘Can’t deal with him with one punch? Then I’ll deal with him with two punches.’

Luo Xi was exasperated and was forced to parry.

He had a card up his sleeve. Previously, he had not just watched from the sidelines for nothing. He had already thought of a strategy, but when it really came to it, he discovered that it was a completely different matter. The strategy that he had come up with was completely useless.

He was also being suppressed by Ling Han. No matter what he did, he couldn’t reverse his disadvantage, and could only defend passively.

“Haha, Luo Xi, aren’t you very arrogant?” Qian Senlai laughed loudly. He was a Luo Xi’s rival, and he hadn’t won. Of course, he didn’t want Luo Xi to have the upper hand.

Luo Xi gritted his teeth and unleashed one secret technique after another. He wanted to turn the tables around, but the value of secret techniques did not lie in the number, but rather quality. For example, in the case of the Demonic Monkey Fists, it possessed astonishing might, so one fist technique would be enough to suppress the world. What need was there for other fist techniques?

No matter what he did, he was still unable to reverse his disadvantage.

After exchanging a hundred moves, he had no choice but to withdraw from the battle. If they continued fighting, he would not be able to gain the slightest advantage either.

Though his rival had lost, Qian Senlai was not the slightest bit happy.

Two great elites of the Foundation Building Tier, and prodigies of the younger generation of Peaceful Splendor County at that, were actually defeated by an unknown rookie.

How could they endure this?

They exchanged looks. Were they still going to spar?

The two of them shook their heads at the same time. They couldn’t even win against a Mystery Realm Tier-level martial artist, so how could they still have the face to spar?

Let’s go, what was the point of staying?

The two of them treaded on the waves at the same time. Even if their cultivation level was suppressed to Mystery Realm Tier, there was naturally no problem for them to tread on the waves.

Ling Han smiled, and sat down in a cross-legged position, allowing himself and the Essence Nurturing Gourd to absorb some fresh air.

A night passed, and the sun rose. Gentle sunlight shone down, but Ling Han did not feel the slightest bit of warmth. This Cold Water Lake was really too cold.

After a night, his Spiritual Power had mostly recovered. He had Tang Yun’er also come out to cultivate. The little loli was too lazy, and without urging, she was not willing to cultivate properly at all.

Strange, why would the abilities of the Calabash Brothers increase so rapidly as long as they grew normally?

Er, they had sprouted from a gourd vine.

Ling Han had not used up all his Fire Origin Stones, but if he used them here, the effects would be greatly reduced.

Water and fire restrained each other?

He didn’t waste them and put away the Fire Origin Stones. Since the Extreme Flame Valley had the Fire Origin Stones, would there be Ice Origin Stones here?

After he finished cultivating, he dived to the bottom of the lake and continued to hunt.

This time, his efficiency dropped drastically. Even with the help of seven babies, he wouldn’t be able to gather enough essence of water without one or two years.

To say nothing of Ling Han, the news of their battle with Ling Han still leaked out after Luo Xi and Qian Senlai left.

The entire Peaceful Splendor County was in an uproar. Since when had such a prodigy appeared?

Though it was only a Mystery Realm Tier, to be able to defeat a super genius like Luo Xi and Qian Senlai, just how freakish would he have to be?

All of a sudden, Ling Han, the mysterious prodigy, became extremely popular.

Among the younger generation of Peaceful Splendor County, too outstanding prodigies had been selected based on a combination of cultivation level, battle prowess, battle merits, potential, and so on. Now, Luo Xi and Qian Senlai, prodigies ranked eighth and ninth respectively, had been defeated, causing those ranked below them to feel indignant. That was because they had not even seen Ling Han in person, and were already thought to be inferior to Ling Han.

There were many young and impetuous people, and they all set out, heading towards the Cold Water Lake. They wanted to personally defeat Ling Han and prove their reputation.

On the other side, when the Pang Clan and Lei Clan received this news, they immediately concluded that this person was Ling Han.

—How could there be so many prodigies in this world? Ling Han had just appeared, and now another mysterious elite had appeared?

Moreover, this mysterious prodigy had definitely gone to the Cold Water Lake to gather the essence of water. Who else could it be but Ling Han?

“This brat must be eliminated!” The higher-ups of the Lei Clan issued a command.

“At all costs,” the ancestor of the Pang Clan personally commanded.

Once the two great forces of Core Formation Tier-level became serious, the power they could make use of was also astonishingly powerful. They adapted to the situation, and very soon, devised a strategy to deal with Ling Han’s situation.

This time, they would make this boy disappear completely.

The elites from the two clans set off, bringing with them the treasures that they had paid an exorbitant price to obtain, heading towards the Cold Water Lake.

Cold Water Lake.

Ling Han had already stayed here for ten days, and his gains were still very little. It was completely incomparable to Extreme Flame Valley.

He felt rueful. It was no wonder that even though everyone knew that there was such a good thing like the Five Elements Karmic Pill, there were extremely few people who were really willing to concoct it. Just look at this Cold Water Lake; it was difficult.

However, no matter how difficult it was, Ling Han wouldn’t give up. He had an obsession with perfection. He clearly knew that it was best to do this. Even if he was just a little bit away from perfection, he would still be unwilling to give up.

It was precisely because of this that he had become the most powerful Heavenly Venerable Tier elite.

On this day, he resurfaced and climbed onto an ice floe to rest.

This piece of floating ice was very small, not much bigger than an ordinary house.


He looked into the distance, and saw a figure walking over on the waves at an extremely fast speed.

Xiu, this person had also discovered Ling Han’s presence. With a flash, he had already landed on the floating ice.

“Are you the mysterious person who defeated Luo Xi and Qian Senlai?” the person asked. He was dressed in golden robes, and he appeared especially haughty..