Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 790: Splitting

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Chapter 790: Splitting

Wen Zhong and Ji Ruiguang saw Ye Zhongming’s change in expression and moved over to take a look. What they saw on the tablet caught them off guard.

The green-skinned monsters were lifeforms they had never seen before. They didn’t have demon crystals, so they couldn’t tell their levels. From the information that they got, the taller they were, the stronger they were. Moreover, they relied on their bodies to fight.

But as they got more news, they started to have an analysis of their strength. Delin’s report was that they were stronger than humans of the same level. There were many of them, and they had some intellect and organizational structure!

That was terrifying. They were an army that was stronger than the humans!

If all the warriors from the Resistance Zones were here, naturally, they wouldn’t be afraid of these 300 thousand demon monsters. But apart from C Zone, which sent all their elites to the meeting, only half of the other zones came. Apart from those still defending Sharp Peak Mountain and those being surrounded, the remaining troops were not strong enough. They had to rely on external factions like Cloud Peak.

Even if these two thousand were elites, they couldn’t face 100 thousand demon monsters in such a situation.

Moreover, the others didn’t know, but Ye Zhongming knew. The monsters guarding the wheel were stronger than those surrounding the troops.

They actually move?

These hundred thousand demon monsters were different from those before. These were elites like Wen Zhong and his group. But the difference was that there were a hundred thousand of them, and you had two thousand.

“Let’s go!”

Wen Zhong decided to bring his people away.

Although he agreed to support Ji Ruiguang and also received many benefits from C Zone, as compared to his own life, the latter was more important. It was the same case even if his biggest helper and his sister were here.

Naturally, Ji Ruiguang was not willing to go. If he didn’t save them, C Zone would be finished. Seeing Wen Zhong want to leave, he pulled him back.

But all he got was a warning gaze.

If you wanted to stop him now, you would turn into enemies.

No one felt that these three thousand elites and ten times ordinary survivors could stop a hundred thousand demon monster elites.

Ji Ruiguang’s hand stopped in mid-air, and he seemed much older.

Wen Zhong turned around and wanted to leave with the T Zone members. But suddenly, he realized that something wasn’t right.

He turned to look at Ye Zhongming and frowned, “Zhongming, you aren’t going? Do you think we can defeat these hundred thousand demon monsters?”

Ye Zhongming lowered his head. He knew that he had a chance.

As the demon monsters had left that mysterious wheel, Ye Zhongming needed to rethink his plan. But this gave him a bigger chance to get there, but… He would have to take a huge risk.

The risk was his and his subordinates. If he wasn’t careful, be it him or his loyal warriors, they might all die.

Ye Zhongming had to make a choice. To take the risk or leave and abandon those from Ying City who followed him.

He told these allies who had fought alongside Cloud Peak. They followed Cloud Peak through thousands of miles and suffered losses because of them…

Should he give up on them?

He took in a deep breath and made his choice.

He was going to take the risk!

Hee wouldn’t abandon Ying City. Although he wasn’t a good person and had even conned tens of thousands of evolved, but… He had a bottom line.

If you added the results he might get from the risk, he had no reason not to do it.

“I don’t think we can deal with these hundred thousand demon monsters, but… I won’t abandon those that follow me.” He sighed and said, “I will bring people to charge into the encirclement and then defend. Whatever you all choose is up to yourselves.”

He gathered his men together and told them his plan. He then said solemnly, “My plan is dangerous. If it fails, we might all die.”

“High risk, high reward, we must take a risk to get good things. Don’t worry boss, we will wait for you.”

Ah Yang slapped his chest and shouted. However, he was young he knew how to repay kindness. He knew who gave him all he had. Moreover, he believed that Ye Zhongming could continue to create miracles and save them on his way back.

“Our lives belong to you. You don’t have to say all these things to us.”

Xiao min represented the female warriors. They had faced the worst of the apocalypse, and for them to be able to live still was because of him. They were willing to do anything for him.

“Not leaving.” Xia Bai’s attitude was clear.

As for Liang Chuyin, she rolled her eyes at him and hugged his arm.

“What about you, Big Yellow?”

Ye Zhongming smiled. He rarely felt so happy. He touched Yellow Ball’s neck and asked.

The dog barked and roughly meant it was totally loyal to Ye Zhongming.

He turned his head and told the ordinary evolved that followed him here about the demon monsters. Moreover, he told them that he was bringing people to take a risk. If they were willing to follow him, they were welcomed, and once it all ended, they would receive huge rewards. If they chose to leave, he wouldn’t stop them. They just had to head over to that person to collect their payment.

Ji Ruiguang didn’t hear what Ye Zhongming told Cloud Peak, but he heard all this. He told his men to take crystals and potions to hand to these people. He also tried to convince them to join in the saving operation. His payment was even much higher than what Ye Zhongming promised.

Some people were tempted, but most weren’t willing to stay. They took the payment and then left. Only three thousand were willing to risk their lives.

Wen Zhong looked at Ye Zhongming and opened his mouth. He then said, “Zhongming, do you know what you are doing?”

Ye Zhongming smiled, “I am not crazy. I am very clear-minded.”

Wen Zhong bit his teeth. He clenched his fist and then relaxed. He then turned around and led his third of the caravan away.

At this moment, be it Ye Zhongming or Wen Zhong, both of them knew that their alliance had split.

Ye Zhongming shrugged and told those who were willing to follow him, “Let’s go!”

The five thousand strong team charged towards the demon monsters.

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