Apocalypse Of All Races-Chapter 2962 - 622 unexpected gain (subscription required)l

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Chapter 2962: Chapter 622 unexpected gain (subscription required)l

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Imperial residence of Yue

This was the name Su Yu had decided on.

The name was very big. Even invincible felt that it was inappropriate, but Su Yu did not care.

Was Ren Huang Dead?

No one knew!

What happened to the experts in the ancient times?

Did they disappear and go to the grid, or did they really die? were they all in the Dead Soul Realm?

Su Yu did not care. If the human emperor was really not dead, he would return. This would save him a lot of trouble. If he really died, it would not be a big deal to give the Yu Imperial residence a name.

As for the Karma with the human emperor… There was no need to worry about the debt.

Wen Tombstone, time book. He, King Wen, and Shi Guang all had a pile of karma. There was no need to worry about another human emperor. The formation was still ongoing. It seemed that it was about to succeed.

Su Yu suddenly disappeared.

A moment later.

Su mansion.

Su Yu had returned. Outside the door, the five elements clan’s people had arrived.

That Elder was a little perturbed and a little excited. He sensed that Su Yu had returned and waited for a moment. Only when he heard Su Yu’s reply did he enter.

In the hall.

The five elements clan’s elder said carefully, “City Lord Su, my clan’s bearer has already been escorted here. Do you think…”

“Do you want to change it now?”

“Yes. ”

The elder of the five elements clan replied carefully. He was really afraid that Su Yu would refuse to change it.

Meanwhile, the floating-earth spirit beside him remained calm and did not say anything.

Other than the floating-earth spirit, there was another elder of the five elements clan who was also at the Sun Moon realm. He might have brought the carrier here. It was normal for him to not bring any valuable items when he was out.

Of course, there was a greater possibility that he was worried that something might go wrong and had someone come to check on him.

Su Yu did not mind. He said calmly, “Then let’s change it! ”

As soon as he said that, a nine-leaf heavenly lotus flew out.

As expected, the person who took over was the unfamiliar sun moon expert. freew(e)bnovel.com

The other party checked on him, but he did not dare to make it too obvious. Soon, he sent a telepathic message, “It’s not forged from weapons. It’s natural! ”

As soon as he said this, the elder from before heaved a sigh of relief.

What he was afraid of was that it was a fake item forged by Su Yu using the art of forging weapons. It was still fine.

The new sun-moon realm expert carefully inspected it once more, he sent a telepathic message, “From its appearance, patterns, and aura… from all aspects, it matches the characteristics of the nine-leafed heavenly lotus recorded in our clan’s records. However, I can’t guarantee that it’s real, unless… it’s used on the spot to observe the effects! ”


This thing was so precious that it was not for the sun and moon, but for some invincible or quasi-invincible cultivators to use.

It was definitely not edible.

If it was not edible, then from all aspects, it would be no different from the real thing.

This was also the specialty of the smiley face Lotus. Other than the chaotic patterns of time, the other things were no different from the nine-leafed heavenly lotus. As for the patterns, Su Yu had made a slight revision.

In fact, the floating earth spirit had also looked at them for a while, but he could not tell if they were real or fake. He was still a little surprised and helpless.

This fellow, Su Yu, was indeed difficult to deal with!

Even if he faked it, it was as if it was real. This fellow had faked it several times, but no one could tell. The last time he faked it, even in the end, Zhan Wushuang was unable to determine how he had been deceived? If the corpse was real, how could he have been cheated?

When he faked it, everyone knew that he had been cheated, but they did not know where. This was also the brilliance of Su Yu’s forgery.

Even if the floating earth spirit knew that this nine leaf sky lotus was fake, he could not tell where it was fake.

The two sun and moon experts were the same.

After looking for a long time, they still could not see anything wrong. novelbuddy. com

Su Yu said impatiently, “Are you done? I still have something to do. I don’t have so much time to waste with you! ‘”

When he urged them, the two sun and moon experts were also anxious.

After discussing for a while, they were generally sure that there should be no problem. Soon, the new elder took out a five-colored stone, he said carefully, “Lord Su, this is the five elements origin stone. It can be used as a carrier. It is also the most precious treasure of our five elements clan…”

Su Yu directly stretched out his hand and grabbed it. After observing it for a moment, he felt the five elements power contained within it. He nodded slightly and said indifferently, “Then that’s it.”

“Lord… then… can we really not sell a few more pieces?”

The five elements clan still wanted to fight for a bit more.

Su Yu said calmly, “You’re thinking too much. How can I sell it to the same force so that you can hand it over to the eternal high-level cultivators? It might be possible for someone to reach the immortal soul third level. Isn’t that just creating trouble for yourself? So, don’t even think about it! ” The two elders felt a little regretful.

However, they were looking forward to it in their hearts. They had even arranged for some people to come over, hoping that they could buy it.

When the floating earth spirit saw this, it was afraid that the two elders would say anything else. It cupped its hands and said, “City Lord Su, then we’ll take our leave first. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the southern yuan to attend a meeting to celebrate old master Su’s birthday! ”

They were already calling him old master..

Su Long didn’t know if he wanted to cry after hearing this.

A 50-year-old old man… perhaps even the heavens would want to cry.

But this was reality.

Who asked you to be Su Yu’s father? You had no choice but to be Su Yu’s father.

Very soon, the five elements clan walked out.

Outside the door, a group of experts from various clans were hiding in the dark. When they saw them coming out, someone quickly sent a voice transmission to the floating earth spirit, “Floating earth spirit, did you buy it?”

The floating earth spirit was a little helpless. He sent a voice transmission, “No, he didn’t sell it to the large clans. We didn’t buy it! ”

He knew that this was what everyone was thinking.

No matter who bought it, they would say that they didn’t buy it.

Therefore, even if they sold it for 70 petals, it would be very difficult to expose it in a short period of time.

Who would dare to easily expose this treasure?

If they bought one petal, they would be worried that others would try to kill them or the large clans would try to kill them. In order to collect all the nine-leafed sky lotuses, under normal circumstances, unless the same faction bought more than seven petals, otherwise.., everyone would only say that they did not manage to buy any..

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