Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy-Chapter 668 Last

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Chapter 668 Last

?Vale ordered Yvaine and Lotus, his Dark Spirits, to impale or cut the shadows of the Demon Saints…

The two Dark Spirits didn't question Vale's command as they executed his orders and followed his plan. novelbuddy.(c)om

"Don't worry about their counterattacks… I'll protect the both of you…" Vale said as he decided not to get too close to the void.

Although he was confident that he was stronger than those two Demon Saints, he didn't feel comfortable getting too close to the crack leading to the Abyss Realm. After all, it was a place where many Celestials had perished.

Soon, the two Dark Spirits controlled their energy to form a blade and spear that they used to impale or cut the shadows of the Demon Saints.


"A curse?! When did he?"

The two Demon Saints felt a sharp pain in their bodies and souls!

They were both confused as they couldn't recall when they were attacked by their enemy.

Nevertheless, because of their ability to sense their surroundings, they immediately sensed the source of their problem.

They swiftly looked at their shadows and noticed the Dark Spirits.

"When did you—"

After being noticed, the two Dark Spirits didn't even stop as they continued to attack the shadows of the Demon Saints!

"Stop! You vile creatures!"


The malevolent Demon Saints, driven by sinister resolve, unleashed their Corrupted Divinity to forcefully expel the Dark Spirits entwined within their shadows.

Unyielding in defense of his spectral allies, Vale swiftly intervened as he released his Moonlight Specters and the formidable Chain of Souls with a wave of his hand!

Clank… Clank… Clank…

Amidst a symphony of resonant metal noise, the ethereal chains materialized, weaving a mesmerizing web of radiant light that ensnared the Demon Saints in an enchanting embrace.

As the Demon Saints found themselves ensnared, six resplendent Moonlight Specters materialized. These Specters' spiritual forms looked more menacing than the Abyssal Creatures!

Each of them wielded a shimmering Moonlight Blade, poised to kill the Demon Saints!

The Demon Saints released their Corrupted Divinity once again, and this time, they were no longer holding back!

They tried to escape or fight back, but it was too late!

The Shadow Mutilation still had ten more seconds... Yvaine and Lotus continued with their attacks to hurt their bodies and souls!

The two Demon Saints couldn't defend against all the attacks on them! They might have killed five Moonlight Specters and destroyed the Chain of Souls in the end, but they weren't capable of defending their shadows!

Soon, they screamed and collapsed in pain…

They looked at Vale and felt hate and dread. They wanted to curse and retaliate, but it was useless.

Vale didn't waste any time and tried to finish them off once and for all.

He aimed his Stormbringer Sword at their hearts, hoping to end their lives and take their Corrupted Divinity later!

However, as Vale believed that this was already the end, one of the Demon Saints had a last resort.


Without any signs, the spear-wielding Demon Saint detonated himself, creating a massive explosion of Corrupted Divinity that engulfed the area!

Furthermore, the other one seized this opportunity to escape to the void, leaving behind a trail of blood and curses!

It all happened so fast!


Vale barely had time to react. He shielded himself with his Shadow Divinity, but he still felt the impact of the blast!

It was so strong that he coughed up blood and felt his body ache!

'What a ruthless Demon Saint…' Vale stabilized himself as his Divinity immediately worked on healing his body.

He then looked around and saw the devastation. The gate or the void was already destroyed, the Moonlight Specters were gone, and the other Demon Saint was nowhere to be seen.

'He really sacrificed his life to let his friend escape…' Vale remarked as he didn't expect that the Demon Saints were capable of making such decisions.

Nevertheless, he immediately looked for Yvaine and Lotus, who had attached themselves to the shadow of a stone that was thrown away by the blast.

"Are you guys hurt?" Vale asked the two Dark Spirits, who seemed weak and wounded based on his Dragon's True Sight

"Yes..." Yvaine and Lotus replied in unison.

"Then feel free to draw some energy from me to heal yourself." Vale said as he was confident with his current Arcane Energy, Divinity, and Vitality.

He was sure that even with their absorption, he wouldn't be in a risky situation.

The two Dark Spirits paused for a moment and looked at each other before accepting Vale's offer...

They then fully came out of the shadows and revealed their gorgeous figures.

Vale couldn't help but admire their beauty and splendor before he gestured for them to begin to gradually take some of his energy to recover themselves.

As the two Dark Spirits touched Vale's skin, he felt a slight pain and a warm sensation.

'So this is what it feels like…' Vale mused as he felt that a fraction of his energy was being drawn to the two Dark Spirits.

It didn't take that long before he could feel their energy rising and their expressions brightening up.

He smiled and said, "Don't worry, I can handle it. You two have helped me a lot. You deserve this."

"Thank you..." Yvaine and Lotus said softly, feeling grateful and attached to Vale.

They continued to take his energy until they felt fully restored. Then, they let go of him and bowed respectfully.

"Vale, we are ready to assist you again." They said in sync… This time, they seemed to be even more powerful as Vale couldn't help but guess that they also took some of his Divinity!

Well, even if they did not, they still took the energy from a Shadow Immortal!

'I guess it's not bad if they get even stronger…' Vale mused.

He then nodded at the two and replied with a smile.

"Good. Let's go then. I'm thinking of visiting the Arcane Bureau to see if they know other places where a void has appeared."

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