Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy-Chapter 796 Curse

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Chapter 796 Curse

The Corruption Curse of the Demon Saint took hold, seeping into Halvor's being, corrupting the waters of life that flowed within him!

The Eminence of the Sea writhed under the curse's grasp, his divine aura dimming as the corruption spread.

He had certainly not expected that Kyle would possess Corrupted Divinity. It was something a Human Immortal should not possess in the first place!

Well, perhaps, if his previous Avatar even had a tiny bit of soul that managed to return to his main body, he would know some of the Shadow Immortal's abilities! However, his first Avatar was fully decimated and was unable to bring back any information that he might've needed!

"How could you?!" Halvor's eyes widened as he realized that getting the ocean's unlimited energy would be difficult for him!

The curse was too strong!

It was a sight that would have struck fear into the hearts of gods and men alike.

Yet, amidst the chaos, Lesley watched from the shadows, her breath caught between anticipation and dread. The Death God's eyes allowed her to see the battle unfold in all its terrifying glory…

"Mhmm… That Corruption Curse is nothing to me. That Immortal is too weak." Lesley commented as she saw how Halvor struggled after seeing him get hit by the curse.


"I will not die like this!"

The Eminence of the Sea felt the Corruption Curse searing through him, but he hadn't given up yet! It was a vile chain that sought to shackle his divine essence, but it wouldn't be easy…

With a roar that could split the heavens, he mustered his dwindling strength, calling upon the ancient rite of Ocean's Veil—a sacred movement spell known only to the deities of the deep.

Ocean's Veil worked by bending the very essence of water around the caster, creating a fluid portal that could traverse vast distances in mere moments.

It was a spell that required not only immense power but also a piece of the caster's soul force as a sacrifice.

Halvor, with his connection to the seas, was one of the few who could wield it without succumbing to its toll.

As the Astral Chains tightened, Halvor unleashed Ocean's Veil.

The air shimmered with the power of the ocean, and a gateway of swirling sea mist enveloped him. With a surge of will, he stepped through the portal, his form dissolving into a cascade of saltwater droplets that sped towards the ocean.

Kyle glanced at his two Time Manipulators as if asking them why they failed to stop that…

Jin could only try to explain what had happened.

"The Temporal Energy has a limit… Halvor released a stronger force—"

"Fine…" Kyle said, interrupting his explanation. He needed to focus and chase the Eminence of the Sea. If Halvor really worked together with the Demon Lord, he might really be in trouble!

It would be better to eliminate them before they could work together!

Kyle, sensing his target slipping away, enacted his Presence Shift.

In a split second, space folded around him, a distortion that defied the laws of physics, and he materialized precisely near the fleeing deity!

Halvor barely noticed Kyle's presence… He was too focused on getting into the water and recover his strength!

However, Kyle wouldn't let that happen so easily!

Kyle, who had been a silent specter up until now, revealed his true might. His hand transformed into the dreaded Void Claw, a skill that came from the Dimensional Creature!

With a swipe that tore through the fabric of reality, he struck Halvor with a force that could rend souls asunder!


The impact was cataclysmic.

Halvor's divine form bowed under the assault, a grievous wound marring his celestial flesh!

The ocean roared in response, its waves echoing the pain of its master.

But Halvor was not yet defeated. As he reached the ocean's edge, his essence began to knit itself back together, the waters responding to their lord's call.

The sea surged with healing power, its currents wrapping around him in a cocoon of regenerative energy!

Kyle floated above the ocean, their eyes fixed on the churning waters.

Halvor was definitely injured, but the battle was far from over. The ocean itself seemed to rise in defense of its ruler, and they knew that to engage Halvor within his domain would be madness.

Above them, the sky darkened, and thunder rolled—a prelude to the storm that was to come!

"Come at me now! Shadow Immortal!" Halvor taunted.

"Yes! I'm coming!" Kyle replied with a hint of a smile on his face… He was not worried at all!

This had obviously alarmed the Eminence of the Sea!

The waters of the ocean, once a source of unlimited strength for Halvor, now became the stage for his most perilous ordeal.

Kyle, the Shadow Immortal, emerged from the void of his teleportation… It was another Presence Shift and he appeared very close to Halvor!

He appeared before the recovering deity, his hand reaching out to touch Halvor's shoulder…

It seemed harmless and since Halvor wanted to tell that he was the mightiest in the ocean, he allowed Kyle to do so… He wanted to show how strong he was in the ocean!

He knew that even if Kyle decided to tear his body apart, the ocean would bring him back to full health!

There was nothing to worry about… or that was what he believed.

"Shadow Immortal, I will allow you to become my second in---"

Confusion marred Halvor's visage, his divine senses detecting no immediate threat. However, before he finished his words, he felt something off from how he was being looked at.

Within the sanctity of his aquatic realm, he felt invincible… Yet, as Kyle's voice sliced through the air, cold and devoid of emotion, a single word shattered Halvor's complacency.


The order possessed a strength that went against its simple essence!

Halvor's eyes widened in horror as he felt an unseen force latch onto his very being. It was as if the ocean itself had turned traitor!