Ascension Through Skills-Chapter 230: 52nd Floor (1)

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Chapter 230: 52nd Floor (1)

[You. Are you really okay?]


“I’m telling you, I’m fine.”


The ghost seemed unconvinced.

But Taesan had nothing more to add. He was truly fine, aside from feeling a bit mentally exhausted.

[Really? Master. There was a moment when our connection almost got severed.]

“There’s no problem. If there were any issues, I would have noticed first.”

Taesan shook his head, just as Barkaza was about to speak.

“Is it over on this side?”

Just then, a wind blew.

Minerva appeared, and Barkaza bowed.

[Have you arrived, O King?]

“Yes, Barkaza.”

After observing Barkaza for a moment, Minerva turned away.

“We’re done here too. As long as I’m here, no god can interfere with this world.”

She looked at Taesan with a somber expression.

“Now… it’s time to say goodbye. It seems unlikely we’ll meet again.”

[We have a contract, don’t we? You can come whenever you want, right?]

“I could come, but I need to protect this world. Part of my power was transferred to you when we made the contract, weakening my protection. I’ll need to work harder, so I probably won’t be able to visit.”

Minerva shook her head.

“Don’t worry about the power. The strength from our contract remains with you.”

She managed a smile and waved her hand.

“It was fun, Taesan. And thank you. I pray for blessings on your journey ahead.”

With those words, the world was enveloped. Taesan closed his eyes as light covered everything.

When the light faded and he opened his eyes, he was in the space where he first met Beatrice.

[Oh, oh oh.]

Barkaza stuttered. Taesan turned his gaze.

[Well done, mortal.]

Beatrice was there.

[My, my lord, this humble body of mine, to, to serve…]

Barkaza stuttered. Even when meeting the Spirit King, he had expressed his respect calmly, but now he was too flustered to speak properly.

[Well done, my child.]

Beatrice gently used her power to envelop Barkaza.


[You have done well. I praise you.]


[Oh, oh oh oh…]

Barkaza trembled with emotion.

Beatrice turned her gaze toward Taesan.

[You too have done very well. This was the outcome I had hoped for.]

Satisfaction was evident in Beatrice’s voice.

Taesan spoke.

“Was this your intention?”

[To some extent. I'm blocking the high gods, but they always find another way. I expected them to interfere somehow. The timing was crucial.]

Beatrice chuckled. She seemed truly delighted with the outcome.

[No matter how much they interfere, there are limits as long as I protect it. If the Spirit King becomes complete, I can handle it. I managed to feed them their own medicine without any problems. The important thing is to hold on until then, but I judged that you could manage it. The result was a success.]

Beatrice’s gaze on Taesan was filled with goodwill.

[Even if there's no loss of power, with this level of interference, I won't be able to appear for a while. You did very well, human.]

The trial was over.

Now it was time for the long-awaited reward.

[You have perfectly done what I wished. Thus, I will grant you a fitting reward.]

A rumble.

The divine power of the Spirit God enveloped the entire area.

[Originally, the power I intended to give you was to stabilize the vessel. The vessel of the Spirit King is too much for you to handle now, so I was going to assist with that. But that's no longer necessary.]

His pure white ring. The equipment, capable of storing power, could also manage the power gained through the contract with the Spirit King without any issues.

[To think that such a thing could come from the hands of a mortal. It's surprising. The proper power isn't manifesting yet due to a lack of worthiness... but once all restrictions are lifted, it will be quite useful.]


The God acknowledged the ring’s effects. An overwhelming power, making even the Spirit King seem like dust, was evident. The ghost groaned softly at that fact.

[So, I'm thinking of changing the plan.]

The power surged toward Taesan.

[First, I acknowledge you. You have helped me according to my will. Everything that follows my will shall accept you.]

The god recognized Taesan, and those words alone stirred the world.

[The title [Opponent of Nature] has evolved into [Master of Nature].]

[And this is my gift for the cute child.]

[You have received the special continuous activation skill [Proxy of the Contract].]

A power swirled deep inside Taesan’s chest.

It was a kind of conduit, something Taesan instinctively knew.

[Poor child, you need someone to rely on. Since I've already given you my heart, I can't just leave you be.]

“Thank you.”

Taesan expressed his gratitude, and the Spirit God spoke indifferently.

[Not yet. You have done what I desired, so do one more thing for me.]

Beatrice looked at Taesan thoughtfully and then shook her power.

[Barkaza. You cannot receive my power. You already received it from that child. If you try to gain more here, your ego will be destroyed.]

[That's too generous of you. I am thrilled just to have met you, my lord.]

Barkaza spoke as if the thought had never crossed his mind. Beatrice continued.

[So, I'll take care of the spirit residing in your sword.]

“Are you talking about the mad spirit?”

The mad spirit, who sought revenge against the Spirit King, had sacrificed everything to reside in the sword.

[To grant the poor thing's wish.]

Taesan’s sword flew towards Beatrice. She gently stroked the tip of the sword.

Then, the entity residing in the sword revealed itself.

A white, trembling entity was agitated. To the anxious entity, Beatrice said,

[I affirm you.]

Her power imbued the entity.

The entity trembled.

The power and presence emanating from it were on a different level than before.

The entity returned to the sword. Taesan, catching the gently arriving sword, asked,

“Are you alright?”

The mad spirit’s wish was the death of the Fire Spirit King.

[It doesn't matter. Both are my children. If so, I simply respect them and provide a fitting reward.]

Beatrice spoke up.

[With this, my reward to you is complete.]

Taesan bowed respectfully.

“Thank you.”

He had gained much. The contract alone with the Spirit King had brought more rewards than expected, and beyond that, he had gained even more. The time spent was indeed worthwhile.

Looking at Taesan, Beatrice said,

[You've been swallowed by that fiend.]

The high gods were gathering power to kill Taesan, casting shadows around him. And when Taesan approached, they dispersed their power and devoured his ego.

[But there's no problem at all.]

It was the high gods who had swallowed Taesan. Beatrice might not know the details, but presumably, the very nature of the high gods was to trample on Taesan’s spirit.

The authority of the divine.

It was not something that mortals could endure. Even those who are trained experience mental disturbances just from seeing a Transcender directly.

Merely witnessing them was enough; to be trampled by them was another matter entirely.

Yet, Taesan showed no anomalies. Even from a divine perspective, there were no visible issues with his mind or body.

[It seems what they said was true. There is such a point of arrival.]

Beatrice muttered as the power gradually receded, and Taesan began returning to the labyrinth.

[The high gods must have noticed your abnormality as well. Be careful, as they will approach you through other means next time.]

“Thank you for the advice.”

[Ah. And one more thing.]

Beatrice began to speak as if she had realized something.

[I have no intention of meddling with the power you have obtained. It's surprising that such a thing is possible, but since you achieved it on your own, it's fine for you to keep it.]


But at the same time, it was a statement that could be understood.

[However, some might view your possession of their power unfavorably. Keep that in mind.]


Taesan nodded.

[Then, adventurer. Delve into the labyrinth. And fulfill both our wishes.]

With those words, Taesan returned to the labyrinth once again.


Taesan exhaled and sat down.

The beginning had gone smoothly, but suddenly, an incident occurred towards the end. It wasn’t supposed to be easy, but it proved to be quite challenging.

[Ho. So this is the labyrinth?]

Barkaza looked around the labyrinth with keen interest.

[...Strong. I can feel the presence of mighty beings just from the fleeting power. Good. Very good.]

Barkaza laughed with delight.

While he was exploring the labyrinth, Taesan also had things to sort out. He had gained a lot.

He needed to check how to handle it and what uses there might be.

[Title: One Who Contracted with the King]

[Guardian of the World. You have contracted with the Spirit King, the king of all spirits. Your control over spirits has increased, and you can exert influence over nature.]

The effects of the title had already been felt. When he had contracted with the Spirit King, he could feel nature itself.

And this effect became stronger when combined with the skill he acquired then.

[Special Continuous Activation Skill: Natural Harmony]

[Proficiency: 1%]

[You can exert influence by harmonizing with nature. For now, you can only bring about minor changes.]

“It doesn’t seem so minor to me.”

The influence Taesan felt over nature literally involved controlling the weather.

If he wished, he could make it rain in a sunny spot or bring sunshine to a foggy area.

It seemed miraculous, but for Taesan at his current level, it was no burden at all.

[If you're at the level of a Spirit King, such tasks would indeed be light. They are beings who can create waterfalls and manifest deserts.]

“I feel like I’m becoming less human.”

[Only now?]

“Maybe so.”

Taesan continued to verify.

[Special Activation Skill: King’s Vessel]

[Proficiency: 1%]

[Mana Consumption: 300]

[It embeds a part of the Spirit King’s vessel into your body. If you do not possess the appropriate power level, there will be penalties.]


It was a skill that essentially lowered the King’s status to make it manageable. Normally, Taesan would have struggled to wield such power, but with the ring, he could do so effortlessly.

[I expected as much given the material, but it’s still remarkable that it can harness the King’s power despite being incomplete.]

That must be the reason Beatrice showed interest in the ring as well.

This skill was the ultimate reward for forming a contract with the Spirit King. When combined with Apostle Transformation, it allowed him to battle on par with a true high god’s apostle.

“I might be ready to fight.”

Not just any apostle, but a genuine high god’s apostle. The one who had defeated Lee Taeyeon and led him to his downfall.

He might not win yet, but he was certainly capable of holding his ground. He was growing stronger.

[So, is summoning possible?]

The ghost inquired, evidently intrigued.

[Last time, Minerva said it was impossible, but I wonder.]

Minerva had explained she needed to protect her world and recover the power depleted by their contract.

Therefore, she had stated she couldn’t join him.

“What do you think?”

[Spirit Contract: Wind Spirit King, Minerva]

[Proficiency: 1%]

[Mana Cost for Summoning: 1000]

[You have formed a contract with Minerva. You can summon Minerva to issue commands and tap into a portion of her power.]

Summoning the Spirit King.

The mana cost, a staggering 1000, reflected its powerful effects.

“We’ll know if we try.”

[You have summoned the Wind Spirit King, Minerva.]


Space opened up, and as it did, the power within Taesan fluctuated.

[Your Proxy of the Contract has been activated.]

Space was torn open by an immense force.

And from it, a woman with blue hair emerged.

“Uh, what?”

Summoned to the labyrinth, Minerva sat down on the ground, looking bewildered as she surveyed her surroundings.