Astral Pet Store (WN)-Chapter 1581-END - 1581 Epilogue: Welcome Back (4)

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Chapter 1581-END - 1581 Epilogue: Welcome Back (4)

1581 Epilogue: Welcome Back (4)

The rodent looked at the surrounding wilderness and bellowed, “Show yourself! Aren’t you going to keep your promise? You promised me!”

“He’s not dead,” said the Mother of Chaos.

There was grief in her eyes as she saw the Lightning Rat bellowing. She looked elsewhere and noticed the others who were eager to learn of Su Ping’s whereabouts. Her eyes then encompassed the vast chaos and the people present.

She murmured, “He’s right here. It’s just that… We can’t see him anymore…”


In a universe in the distant future.

On a certain blue planet.

In a prosperous city… There were many stores on a clean and lively street. It was a high-end business street.

Many figures from different races, wearing different clothing styles were moving to and fro.

Most were carrying small beasts in different forms. Some were cute, while others looked ugly and innocent.

In the middle of the street was a splendid store.

However, unlike the splendid store decorations, its name was rather cute. It was the Pixie Pet Store.

Many customers were going in and out of the store’s entrance.

Someone was keeping order at the entrance. Although most customers knew the rules and wouldn’t dare to make a scene, the beautiful woman was still receiving them at the door.

“Keep it quiet inside. You may ask me if you have any questions, free of charge,” said a smiling Tang Ruyan, who had the name “Tang” embroidered on her clothes, next to her chest.

Standing next to her was another receptionist, who actually looked very much like her. It was none other than her sister, Tang Ruyu.

“I have long heard about this famous store. I never imagined that even the receptionists would be this pretty. They’re twins, even.”

A young man wearing glamorous clothes walked up the steps and teased one of the girls, “Little sister, tell me, what kind of services do you provide?”

“Huh?” Seeing the plain flirting objective, Tang Ruyan immediately dropped her smile. She rolled up her sleeves and released a horrifying pressure. “Looking for a beating?”

The pressure was so daunting that it could have easily shaken an entire planet or even half a universe.

In the young man’s eyes, the formerly sweet and beautiful woman had suddenly become as horrifying as a monster thousands of meters tall. He was like an ant next to her feet. Terrified, he trembled and soaked his pants.

The frightening aura was only directed towards the young fellow; the others present didn’t feel much. However, the old customers couldn’t help but laugh when they saw this happen.

“There are truly people who aren’t afraid of death. He dared to offend Miss Tang. He didn’t realize she’s already an Undying State expert, did he? She could be the master of a universe if she wanted to.”

Those customers shook their heads, then walked into the store and dismissed the poor fellow.

“Welcome,” said the soft-spoken Green Lady behind the counter, clad in gray clothes.

Two gorgeous figures stood next to her. One of them had cascading golden hair, looking as enticing as an angel.

The other was impeccable. She had silver gray hair, with a somewhat mysterious and breathtaking look. Many customers would visit not just because of the great training effects; they also went to see the beautiful women.

There was a long line in front of the counter. Joanna, with her lush, golden hair, asked with a smile, “Hello. What kind of pet do you want to train?”

Unlike her previous coldness, she would often wear a casual smile.

“Well… Hello, can you train Lightning Rats here?”

It was the turn for a timid young girl, seemingly an academy student. She was clearly nervous while being in that famous, legendary and mysterious store.

“Lightning Rats?”

The silver haired woman raised her head while flashing a smile. She said, “What a cute thing. Of course it can be trained; everything can be trained in this store…”

The girl was obviously relieved. She said, “Fantastic. Little Ball, come out.”

She took off her backpack and unzipped it. Then, a furry, purple-haired little head popped out; it looked around with vigilant eyes, obviously nervous in that strange environment.

The silver-haired woman smiled and touched its head. Surprisingly, the anxiety in the Lightning Rat’s eyes went away. It felt relaxed, seemingly quite attached to her.

The woman took the pet out of the backpack and gently stroked the little one in her arms. It was soon appeased.

The wondrous scene was mind boggling for the girl, as she knew that her Little Ball was very scared of strangers and could easily attack when touched.

She couldn’t help but feel convinced of the rumors she had heard about the store. She then asked in a hurry, “How much is it going to be?”

The silver-haired woman’s eyes seemed to be reminiscing. She said softly, “About the money, the store happens to have some promotions. Lightning Rats are trained for free.”

“For free?”

The girl was thrilled, eyes wide open. It was obvious that she wasn’t well-off.

The silver-haired woman smiled and passed the Lightning Rat to Joanna, who handled the registration. She then said, “You may claim it tomorrow, or the day after.”

“That fast?” The girl was rather shocked. She hesitated for a moment, but eventually held back; after all, the service was free. She nodded and said, “Thank you then. Little Ball, you have to behave. Don’t hurt anyone.”

While lying in Joanna’s arms, the Lightning Rat glanced at its owner lazily, like saying, ‘do you even have to tell me’?

The girl felt jealous when she saw that look, even more so when she saw the golden-haired woman’s ample bosom and flawless face. She never realized that her pet liked beautiful women!

The store was soon closed after the day of business was done.

The woman with silver-gray hair took a glass of water from the store and then went outside. She saw a few tiny figures lying underneath the intimidating statues by the door.

It was a gray puppy, a fat mouse with purple-black hair, a tiny snake no more than thirty centimeters long, and a young dragon only half a meter tall…

They seemed lethargic; however, upon closer look, their narrowed eyes were always gazing at the end of the street.

The silver-haired woman heaved a sigh as she looked at them. “It’s been so many years already. You still can’t let go of him? You’re already free. You can go to any universe; you don’t have to stay here with us.”


The young dragon snorted and said, “Master will come back. This is our home; we’re not going anywhere.”

“Exactly,” added the gray puppy.

“I’ll wait for him to come back. He promised me. He wouldn’t go back on his word!” said the Lightning Rat in a solemn tone while keeping an eye on the street, “He said that he wouldn’t keep me waiting. He can’t go back on his word!”

The woman pursed her lips, but didn’t say anything else. She turned around and went back to the store.

Soon after, the wind chimes outside the store started ringing all of a sudden; someone was knocking on the door.

Tang Ruyan, who was resting at the moment, quickly walked out.


“Hello, the store is closed. Please…”