Atticus's Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground-Chapter 553 Found

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Chapter 553 Found

The city, once teeming with millions of inhabitants, was now completely emptied. It all happened within seconds, leaving everyone who had witnessed it completely and utterly baffled.

Thick clouds formed high above the air at a location far from the city, and millions of lightning bolts abruptly struck the earth at the same instant.

As the clouds cleared, the onlookers saw the millions of people who had just appeared where the lightning had struck, each one staring around with confused and frightened expressions.

No one had been spared, from those taking a shower or using the bathroom to those who had been in intimate moments in their rooms. They had all been transported.

Avalon smiled wryly and turned his gaze towards his father, whose blinding light had long since dimmed. The power of a paragon was still something that many found too profound to fathom.

Millions of people, from novice rank to master rank, had been taken against their wills, none being able to react. It was evident to everyone present that if Magnus wished, only a thought was needed to turn every one of them into ash.

Avalon clenched his fist, his mind firming. 'Soon,' he thought.

Meanwhile, Sirius sucked in a cold breath, a shiver running down his spine. If not for Avalon's decision to see what Magnus was up to, he wouldn't have dared follow a paragon.

Truly, only Atticus could speak to Magnus in such a way. Even Sirius, the head of the Raven Vanguard, wouldn't dare be even the least bit rude.

Such was the weight of the name Magnus Ravenstein within the family.

The reactions of the crew members and Atticus's subordinates were as expected, complete and absolute awe. The power of a paragon was always a spectacle to behold.

Everyone took their focus off the intense battle to digest the overwhelming power that had just been displayed, but it was just for a second.

The brutal sound of Ae'ark crashing through the walls and buildings of the city snapped them out of their reverie, each of them turning to focus on the battle. It wasn't over yet.

Ae'ark's gaze snapped open, his brain struggling to comprehend his current situation. The part of his body from the waist upwards felt completely numb, and both hands sent him waves of pain.

Ae'ark kept crashing through the concrete buildings of the city as if they were made of paper, the cataclysmic sounds of enormous skyscrapers collapsing echoing across the entire city.

A mountain of dust spread out and engulfed the surroundings, with Ae'ark's figure showing no signs of stopping as more buildings continued to fall.

As soon as Ae'ark was able to formulate a thought, only one question came to his head: 'Where the hell was all this power coming from??'

He was confident that this wasn't one of the powers of the life weapons. He also had one and had never seen anything like it! Ae'ark was very sure of this, considering the small fact that he was more advanced in the matters of the life weapon than Atticus.

So where the hell did such a powerful suit come from?

As soon as the question came, Ae'ark cleared his head in the next instance. Why was he stupidly thinking about useless things while he was getting beaten up?

As though trying to prove how stupid his earlier actions had been, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky above him like a phantom.

Due to the intense amount of dust in the area, Ae'ark's vision was obscured. But a cold shiver ran down his back as his gaze caught sight of a red flamey shroud through the dust. No one needed to tell him who it was; he knew perfectly.

Ae'ark's gaze narrowed as he felt the air suddenly change, the dust engulfing the area between him and Atticus abruptly disappearing.

His gaze instantly landed on Atticus, who had already sheathed his sword, his crimson gaze focused on him.

'I have to use it,' Ae'ark's gaze suddenly turned cold, his hand straining and trembling as he channeled his mana into his space storage. A round ball with intricate markings appeared in his hand.

Ae'ark instantly focused and channeled his mana, the ball lighting up before erupting in a blinding white light.

White shimmering light erupted from Ae'ark's figure, shooting through the dust filled area and reaching the skies. The color of his spectrum shifted, the crimson red losing its color and being replaced by an intense shimmering white in an instant.

Ae'ark felt strength, the likes of which he had never felt before, coursing through his veins like current through an electric circuit.

Every single one of his fatigue vanished in the blink of an eye, and his broken arms healed.

Ae'ark's gaze sharpened. His right hand grasped his spear tightly, sweeping it in a blur to his side before cocking back with his spear held closely.

Atticus didn't seem to care about this development, his gaze cold as ice as he looked down at the figure of Ae'ark, his hand holding his sheathed katana firmly.

They both erupted in unison, colliding in a series of cataclysmic booms.

A smile appeared on Ae'zard's face as he watched the unfolding battle. In truth, he truly hadn't expected the battle to reach this level.

He had never doubted, even until now, Ae'ark's victory.

But the last thing he expected was a human boy pushing his grandson this far. At the very most, Ae'zard had expected Armageddon to be able to easily handle Atticus.

The Aeonians' power system was completely simple as it was a unique power system.

It had been what they had chosen as the best suitable for themselves after years of research and trial and errors.

They didn't have bloodlines like the humans but had discovered something even more interesting and mind-numbing. It was completely rooted in their unparalleled control over mana.

This control allowed them to enhance their physical and magical abilities, making them formidable in battle.