Back to the Past: The Rise of the False Heiress Marrying the True Tycoon-Chapter 344 - : Muddy Children

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Chapter 344: Muddy Children

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Gong Xin, regardless ot whether she was speaking her native language or a foreign one, always pronounced her words with remarkable precision.

To Gu Zi’s ears, there were certain details that could still be improved upon. However, because she found Gong Xin to be quite endearing at the moment, she naturally found listening to the radio program to be a pleasant experience.

Gu Zi believed that humans were creatures of emotion, and that a person’s fondness for another could also be seen as a form of ability.

Moreover, Gong Xin had initially just barely missed being eliminated, but her professional skills were commendable.

Now, after a period of learning and improvement, she had naturally progressed. Her current level had already reached the average standard of the station.

What Gu Zi didn’t know was how the investigation into Gong Xin’s sugar water allergy was progressing. She assumed there probably weren’t any significant results.

Lin Miao wasn’t entirely without schemes. It would be difficult for Gong Xin to find any faults with her.

Gu Zi was unclear about the specifics and didn’t have any particular thoughts about the sugar water allergy incident.

However, she didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, because a good show was about to start, and she was looking forward to the opening scene.

After listening to the program for about ten minutes, Gu Zi took a break, put on her sun hat, and continued her small project. She began working on the kiln body, intending to shape it like a bear’s head for both aesthetic and amusement purposes.

After her break, she worked with renewed vigor. She quickly mixed cement and river sand, then used red bricks to build two circular arches on two bases. She then used yellow sand as the mold for the kiln body’s inner cavity.

She had somewhat forgotten the size proportions and had to go inside to check the design drawings before coming out to pile up the sand mold. She was very meticulous.

After the sand mold was set up, Gu Zi covered the outer surface with wet paper and then began to build the kiln body.

The kiln body required yellow mud, which was abundant in the countryside. Gu Zi could easily shovel some up not far from her front door. However, she needed quite a bit of it and estimated she would have to make two trips.

Coincidentally, just as Gu Zi was getting the yellow mud, she ran into Su Bing and Su Li, who were returning from school. Seeing their mother moving mud, they offered to help, and in one trip, they gathered enough yellow mud.

Upon learning what their mother was using the yellow mud for, Su Bing and Su Li rolled up their sleeves to help.

Su Bing had already finished his homework and was free to help, but Su Li hadn’t completed his yet.

Gu Zi thought for a moment and decided that hands-on skills were something children should develop. If Su Li wanted to help first and do his homework later, that was fine, as long as he concentrated when doing his homework.

Gu Zi nodded, and Su Li happily joined the construction team.

Gu Zi guided the two boys to mix the yellow mud, river sand, and rice straw in a certain ratio, finally adding a bit of table salt. Then, she told them to change into their rain boots.

Su Bing and Su Li were somewhat puzzled, but obediently went to change their shoes. When they came out, they saw their mother had also put on rain boots.

Then, the mother and sons began the joyous task of stomping the mud. During this time, Shi Tou and Su Le couldn’t resist joining in. The two unequipped young ones quickly turned into muddy children.

Gu Zi watched the two of them for a moment, a chuckle escaping her before she could stop it. She didn’t rush to clean them up, though. After all, what child hasn’t had a moment covered in mud? It was a perfect scene in its own way.

Siblings Su Bing and Su Li found the situation amusing as well, but they heeded their mother’s advice, carefully guarding the two younger ones to prevent the mud from getting into their eyes.

The group, two adults and three children, stomped around in the mud, their joy so palpable that it made Big Yellow, the family dog, envious. His glossy black eyes followed their movements, a silent plea for inclusion. All the happiness seemed to belong to them, while he was left out, feeling rather pitiful.

After a while, their steps became heavier, weighed down by the clinging mud, and beads of sweat began to form on their foreheads. Gu Zi decided it was time for a break. “Alright, that’s enough,” she said. “Su Bing, Su Li, each of you take one of the little ones and go play somewhere else.”

Su Li took Shi Tou by the hand and walked away, while Su Bing was left with Lele. The little girl, however, seemed far from done. Her mud-covered hands patted her brother, resisting his attempts to lead her away.

Su Bing, ever the efficient one, simply picked up the muddy child and carried her away. The action left the little girl puffing her cheeks out in indignation, looking like a puffed-up pufferfish, much to the amusement of everyone else.

Before Su Shen entered the courtyard, he heard the laughter in the courtyard and couldn’t help but quicken his pace.

His wife, Gu Zi, always had a knack for bringing life and energy into their home.

Upon entering, Su Shen noticed the thick layer of yellow mud covering the ground. Realizing that Gu Zi and the children were making a mud oven, he looked at the completed base and model, impressed by how professional it looked.

Seeing him, Gu Zi seized the opportunity. “Perfect timing, darling,” she said, “Come and help me. Roll the mud into strips like this, making sure they’re evenly thick. I’ll take these two muddy children and get them cleaned up..”