Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent-Chapter 2813-End - 2813 Chapter 2759, ending chapter, no book currency (grand ending)

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2813 Chapter 2759, ending chapter, no book currency (grand ending)

When Yun Jian got the news that Yun Zhu and Duan Li were dating, it was already a year later.

When he found out about this, Yun Jian wasn’t surprised at all. He only slightly curled his lips.

Qin Yirou, on the other hand, jumped up from her seat in shock.

“What! The two of them actually fell in love right under my nose! At such a young age! They didn’t study hard, yet they did all this stuff! How are they going to study hard in the future, get into a good high school, a good university!”

Hearing this, Qin Yirou cried out in surprise from the table, but she accidentally flipped over the stool.

“Alright, Alright. The children have already grown up, and it’s no longer necessary for us to do everything ourselves. Don’t think that the children are young. When we reach that age, we will all be sensible. The children have their own limits. We adults, don’t follow them blindly!”

Although GE Junjian had retired, his skills were still there. He pulled back the stool that Qin Yirou had almost flipped over. With his other hand, he stabilized Qin Yirou and said with a kind smile,

“The children don’t like to listen to our nonsense. Just like when we were young, they don’t like their parents to Nag at us. It’s not a bad thing for us to be sensible parents!”

GE Junjian’s words made sense to Qin yiruo. She nodded slightly and didn’t say anything else.

Yun Jian, who was sitting across from her, picked up an ink-colored ceramic teacup and took two sips of the water in the Teacup. He curved his lips slightly and didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end.

As for how Yun Zhu managed to woo Duan Li, Yun Jian didn’t know either.

Two months later, all the members of Falcon Palace officially emigrated overseas.

Five months later, Xinqi Company went from a small company in Longmen City of Zhejiang province in country Z to one of the top ten international multinational corporations.

Although Xinqi company only climbed to the top ten of the international top ten multinational corporations, the fact that it was able to become one of the top ten multinational corporations in just a few years was enough to prove that its future was immeasurable.

Eight months later, the ancient death mercenary group and the dark soul group officially announced the merger and removed the dark soul group’s title. The two internationally renowned assassin groups were collectively named the ancient death mercenary group.

According to internal sources, after the former leader of the dark soul group married the BOSS of the ancient death mercenary group, he handed over all his assets to his wife.

He was a safe wife.

However, after the merger of the Dark Soul Organization and the ancient death mercenary group, the organization was divided into two regions. The forces of the former dark soul organization and the former ancient death mercenary group were in charge of their respective regions.

In other words, other than the name being different and the fact that there was only one BOSS of the organization after the merger, cloud note, nothing else moved.

The two regions were called the ancient death mercenary group and the dark soul mercenary group respectively. Their respective territories were also the respective regions of the former ancient death mercenary group and the former Dark Soul Organization.

This matter had just been exposed and had attracted the attention of the international bigwigs.

When the ancient massacre mercenary group and the dark soul group were independent, they were two existences that stood side by side and never collapsed.

This was great, the two organizations that never collapsed had merged!

In the future, who would dare to act Rashly?

Every year after that, on the day of Liu Shiyun’s death, there would be six people gathered in front of the tombstone.

It was the six members of the King’s team.

Every year on the day of his death, no matter how busy he was, he would find time to visit him. As usual, he would tell him about the achievements of the king’s team after he left, as well as the major and minor events that had happened in the past year.

It was as if he had never left.

What was unbelievable was that on this day every year, two dandelions would float down from the tombstone.

After the king’s team left, they would float away with the wind.

However, from the beginning to the end, the two dandelions that were as white as snowflakes were nestled together, as if they were announcing to the world that they would never be separated again!

Yun Jian’s younger sister, Yun Lian, who was a brake god, finally confessed to the boy she liked, Zhou Zawa. 𝑓𝔯𝑒e𝘸e𝘣𝓷𝘰ѵe𝚕.c૦𝙢

She thought that a tomboy like Yun Lian should at least be in a relationship with the boy he liked for a few years before moving on to the next step.

However, she didn’t expect that once the two of them announced their relationship, they would go and get a certificate every month. After two months, Yun Biao would get pregnant and the child would grow up. The relationship between the two of them couldn’t be any better.

In short, everything was fine. Everyone’s lives were gradually on the right track.

Zhejiang city, Z country.

Today, Yun Jian returned to her alma mater to get her graduation certificate. This graduation certificate was something that she should have gotten two years ago. Unfortunately, she had too many things to deal with in the past two years, so she couldn’t get away.

For example, Falcon Palace, New Start Company, ancient death mercenary group, and dark soul organization, including the later development of rongyao company, were all done by Yun Jian alone.

Today, she finally had time to go back to her alma mater to get her graduation certificate.

The two-year graduation certificate in the President’s office was finally taken away by Yun Jian after the president made hundreds of calls.

The president of Jiangcheng University of electronic technology heaved a sigh of relief and immediately made a call, asking all the professors and teachers of Jiangcheng University of electronic technology to gather in an emergency and hold an emergency meeting.

The name of the meeting was: How to let students take their graduation certificate on time on the day of graduation.

Of course, Yun Jian knew all of this.

At this time, Yun Jian was holding the graduation certificate in one hand and leaving the president’s office, passing through rows and rows of campus streets.

From junior high to senior high, she could not leave campus life after her rebirth. Now that she had received her graduation certificate, it meant that her campus life was completely over.

Yun Jian walked slowly in Jiangcheng University of Electronics and technology.

When she passed by the Library of Jiangcheng University of Electronics and technology, she suddenly stopped, as if she was attracted by some kind of attraction. She turned around and stepped into the rarely-visited library.

The library was very quiet. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop on the ground.

She passed through rows of bookshelves until she came to the most inconspicuous corner on the left side of the bookshelf. She raised her eyes and suddenly saw a book that was completely different from other books. It did not even have a back cover.

She raised her slender hand and took the book from it. She flipped through a few pages and found that the book, including the book cover, was completely blank!


Yun Jian patiently flipped through the book from beginning to end.

The entire book, which was five times thicker than a junior high school math textbook, was completely blank pages!

This made Yun Jian involuntarily frown.

When she flipped to the last page, a large black character appeared in front of her eyes:

Death Note!

At the bottom right corner of the large character, an eye-catching title also bloomed on the white page, announcing the title of the book:

Death, Moli!

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