Card Apprentice Daily Log-Chapter 1849 Blinded By Certainty

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Chapter 1849 Blinded By Certainty

Date- 17 April 2321

Time- 11:47

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, basement

"I did not know you were so flute in speaking the dark language," Field Marshal's voice sounded in Wyatt's mind after he hung up Muth Diya's call. She could not be more obvious about her eavesdropping on him. Though in her defense how can it be eavesdropping if she were to listen to his conversation when protecting him. One would not blame their bodyguards who were guarding them of eavesdropping. Would they?

"Could you not be so obvious? It is getting hard for me to ignore it," Wyatt complained. He did not expect Field Marshal Heatsend to be so shameless.

"Wyatt would you blame the rain for getting you wet, it just doing its job," Field Marshal defended, then added, "Should your excellent fluency in dark language concern me?"

"I don't know, but excuse me, I have a call to make," Wyatt understood that the concerns that Field Marshal spoke of were the same Asong warned him of. However, he did not bother to assure her but rather let her decide.

"Master Ezra," Muth Diya answered the call politely after contemplating for a while. He did not want to pick up the dwarf's call since he was using the Infinity Library's channel to make this call as such he could not record the call. However, he did not dare to ignore the call because he not could risk further angering the dwarf.

There were two reasons why Muth Diya was so concerned about angering dwarf Ezra, the first one was he did not want dwarf Ezra to close himself to him as it would make it hard for him to collect evidence to support his assumption that it was dwarf who was targeting them in the Card World. The second one was that if the dwarf Ezra was really the mastermind behind the series of mysterious events targeting their faction then he should not get on his bad especially when he knew his deepest secret.

However, the reason that actually got Muth Diya to answer the dwarf's call was how the dwarf Ezra quick-wittedly hung up the call Muth Diya made using the normal merchant codex network and called him later using the Infinity library network. With this, Muth Diya had a hunch that the dwarf Ezra would be loose-

lipped during this call and he might get the evidence he sought supporting the assumptions and speculations he made.

In conclusion, Muth Diya was afraid of fire burning him but it did not stop him from trying to use it. Now the question was if he would be successfully able to use the fire to get what he wanted or if the fire would reduce him to ashes.

Muth Diya was so focused on what he wanted from dwarf Ezra that he forgot what the dwarf Ezra wanted to get him to call him not once but twice. As he was blinded by the certainty that his assumption and speculation were correct.

According to Mith Diya's assumption, the chaos dwarf Ezra called him to warn him about the natives of the Card World knowing about their human sacrifice. Muth Diya never once stopped to think why would chaos dwarf Ezra do that. His certainty was going to be his undoing. He further blinded himself believing that the reason dwarf Ezra called him a second time was to answer all the questions he had asked in his call, feeling safe thanks to having made the call through Infinity Library. Muth Diya was so certain that chaos dwarf Ezra was the mastermind that he never once stopped to think what someone capable of pulling something of such caliber wanted from him.