Catastrophe Card King-Chapter 334 - 136: Let it shine like fireworks

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Chapter 334: Chapter 136: Let it shine like fireworks

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“This guy is really reckless…”

In a dilapidated building, a cloaked figure put down the card in his hand that he was using to cast a spell and looked at the lone werewolf charging towards Saul Miller, his tone slightly reflective.

Surrounded by a large army, he doesn’t think about escaping, but instead, with the strength of a first-tier card master, he intends to counter-kill the young, newly appointed Lord Miller?

Hmph, in the entire Sinless City, you’d probably not find any behavior more insane than this.

What’s more,

This was not the plan we agreed upon in advance!

That guy just informed me before proceeding.

If I hadn’t come, or hadn’t planned to intervene, or didn’t have enough power, and any other unexpected circumstances,

He would certainly die if he rushed over like this.

But against all odds, he went.

“No wonder…”

The cloaked figure looked at the mad frenzy in the werewolf’s eyes, pondering something.

Then, he murmured to himself again: “He hasn’t transformed even till now, his will is really tenacious. Well then, let me see where your limit lies…”

Since I am here anyway, I will not let this guy die before me, either in terms of emotion or reason.

He probably thinks the same way.

On the other side.

Leonard Churchill, with wild red eyes, was rushing on the battlefield. Looking at the newly appointed Lord Miller, who was just about to draw his sword but froze on the spot, he burst out into a wild laughter: “Hahaha… Here it comes! Here it comes! As expected, it comes!”

This was the ultimate pleasure of risking everything, where the winner takes


A slight mistake would certainly lead to death.

But the fact is, he won the gamble!

The giant werewolf merely glanced, and in the blink of an eye, it was already in front of Saul’s face at an incredibly high speed.

The young lord didn’t understand what was happening and didn’t know why his guards couldn’t stop this assassin.

But the reality was right there.

In an instant, he was staring directly into those intimidating red wolf pupils.

Saul’s spirit shivered.

He felt as if he were gazing at the grim reaper for an instant, a nameless terror rushed to his forehead.

He wanted to escape, but his mind was completely blank at the moment.

Saul was deterred by this murderous aura and couldn’t move.

An invisible momentum was swirling around the werewolf s claw. The Second –

Tier Bounce was already stored up, waiting for this one hit.


Leonard roared in laughter and punched directly at Saul Miller’s chest.

Saul Miller was also just a first-tier card master. He didn’t have the ability to block this grab. However, at the moment when his fist hit Saul’s body, a card attached to Saul’s body suddenly shattered. Like a burst balloon, the white air dispersed rapidly and formed a layer of Protective Body Frost Armor in front of his fist.

The sound of ice cracking was heard, and the force of the punch was completely blocked by the armor.

Leonard gave a cold smile as if he had anticipated it.

The strange energy stored in his hand rushed out like a bullet that had just been loaded.

Second-Tier Bounce not only had a penetrating effect on armor, but also on various protective barriers.


Saul’s eyes were about to crack.

Even though the Protective Body Frost Armor and the Inner Armor took most of the impact, the punch felt like a mallet pounding him on the chest, disturbing his vitality and blood flow.

The raw brute force of the punch could not be offset. Though it was not fatal, Saul was thrown off balance and seemed to be on the verge of being thrown back.

But the deadly crisis was far from over!

Leonard’s understanding of Extraordinary Powers has much improved

compared to the past.

Last time he assassinated Young Master Kane, he became aware of it, so he wasn’t surprised that Saul, a high-ranking nobleman, had life-saving cards.

He had even specifically studied various protective barrier cards.

The Miller family of Sinless City was best at Frost Armor.

Saul was only a first-tier card master, and the upper limit of the rules of the barrier spell he could handle was at most third-tier!

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be broken.

At the very moment when Leonard forced Saul’s Frost Barrier to emerge, his fast-spinning thoughts had instantly calculated the weak points in the barrier.

At the same time, a radiant flying knife had precisely stabbed into the barrier surrounding Saul’s body.

The air crackled, and the intense cold tried to freeze the flying knife.

But the Demonslaying Keyword on this artifact exempted most of the magic effects. Although the speed was limited, it still kept stabbing.


Leonard, with a grinning smile on his face, stared at Saul as if he had a third hand holding a flying knife and jabbing it in.

Frightened, Saul forgot to breathe. He watched as the sharp blade of the flying dagger pierced his forehead, getting closer and closer… until it hit!

The sharp blade had cut open his skin. He could even feel the chill spreading from his forehead to his tailbone.

This Lord Miller was already scared out of his wits, and he was on the verge of dying on the spot.

However, at this moment, a single-edged longsword swung over like lightning.

“Clang!” went the sound of metal clashing.

The longsword accurately hit the flying knife, deflecting the deadly weapon. Turning his head to look, it turned out to be a swordsman dressed in black appearing from Saul Miller’s shadow.

The dark guard of the Miller family!

The third-tier profession, Weapon Expert, from the Courage Sequence, Diamonds A-Warrior.

After this knife resolved the crisis, Saul was finally able to take advantage of the situation and fly back.

Leonard, looking at his missed opportunity to kill, didn’t show a trace of disappointment in his gaze. Instead, his wicked smile seemed to say: Killing so easily wouldn’t be fun at all!