Chaplain!-Chapter 1029 - : Crab and Shrimp Soldiers

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Chapter 1029: Crab and Shrimp Soldiers

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The entrance of Thomas Corporation’s villa complex was blocked by black cars! In the middle of the main entrance was a black Wright Elfa MPV!

The car’s sliding door was completely open.

Ichiro Wright was sat in a chair that had been turned sideways, facing the gate of Thomas Corporation’s villa complex!

“Young Master, do you think Oliver Walker will dare to accept the challenge?” Takeshita asked with a frown.

He did not know that Oliver Walker had been defeated by Jessica Wright. He also did not think that Ichiro Wright had the possibility of defeating Oliver Walker. However, as a subordinate, he had already made the higher-ups unhappy. If he did not flatter them, he would not be far from being fired.

Those words clearly belittled Oliver Walker’s courage, but also imperceptibly raised Wright Ichiro’s strength.

“Haha… If he doesn’t dare to accept the challenge, I’ll turn around and set up an arena to challenge the Chaplain on the busiest street in this city.” Ichiro Wright said with a smile.

“At that time, he will only be even more embarrassed!”

This was definitely a plan that would not work.

First of all, Ichiro Wright believed that the difference in strength between him and Jessica Wright was not too big. Therefore, Oliver Walker’s defeat to Jessica Wright meant that he was no match for him.

He had also studied the video. It was true that Oliver Walker would not be able to beat Jessica Wright. Therefore, Ichiro Wright believed that he could also win the battle.

The fact that he had just defeated George Lee with ease was the best proof of his strength. However, if he had known that even Lucas was no match for Oliver Walker, he would not have been so confident.

“Young Master, you’re really impressive!” Takeshita quickly complimented.

“Your moves are amazing. When the time comes, I’ll defeat Oliver Walker and casually declare it. Then…”

“You’re invincible in America! Your prestige will definitely spread back to the country!”

This flattery made Ichiro Wright smile.

This was exactly what he had in mind.

After all, Oliver Walker was the chaplain of this country and the master of the five War Gods. It was enough to prove that his martial strength was one of the best.

He wanted to use Oliver Walker as a stepping stone to make a name for himself! The more he thought about it, the more beautiful it became. He could not wait any longer!

“Boss!”That’s him!”

George Lee did not expect that Ichiro Wright would be so powerful. In addition, strictly speaking, he was a soldier first and a martial artist second. His attainments in the military were far higher than his identity as a martial artist.

Unlike Ichiro Wright, a true martial artist who had been trained by top-notch ninjas since he was young!

Oliver Walker glanced at Ichiro Wright who was in the car!

At the same time, Ichiro Wright met Oliver Walker’s sharp gaze without showing any weakness. When experts exchanged blows, even if it was just a glance, the atmosphere at the scene changed in an extremely short period of time.

“Ha… Did the Crab General come out to look for trouble after beating up the Shrimp Soldiers?”

Ichiro Wright had long forgotten Wesley Wright’s instructions.

He had always been arrogant and had never planned to reconcile the conflict with the Silver Dragon Group. Instead, he will defeat Oliver Walker by force and then threaten the Silver Dragon Group to reach a settlement agreement. This move was indeed vicious, but he had used it in the wrong place!


Such mockery also made the Imperial Guards present furious!

Ichiro Wright was definitely the first person who dared to compare George Lee to a shrimp soldier and the Chaplain to a crab general!Perhaps there were others who did so in the past, but the grass on their graves should be two meters tall now, right?

In fact, those words had indeed humiliated George Lee. After all, he had lost to Ichiro Wright. However, he could not tolerate this guy in front of him humiliating the Chaplain.