Chrysalis-Chapter 12551144 - What Wouldn’t You Become?

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1144 Chapter 1255 - What Wouldn’t You Become?

Master approached, an enormous core held firmly in his mandibles.

[Hey there, Crinis! Hope the consultation went well. Did the rock-heads have some good suggestions for you?]

Crinis writhed her tentacles happily as the giant ant approached and placed the core down in front of her.

[They did. Though I don't think you should talk about them that way. I get the feeling they wouldn't like it.]

[Bah. Granin gets mad no matter what I say to him. Ignoring them, I'm glad you were actually willing to correct me on my poor behaviour! That's a step forward in your quest for independence!]

Held in a small ball with only a dozen or so limbs out, Crinis' body froze in shock.

[Oh my goodness! I'm sorry!]

[And you addressed me without saying 'Master'! Smashing out the milestones one after another now, Crinis!]


Her master folded his legs with a sigh and poked the quivering lump of immaterial flesh that was her with one antenna.

[You know you don't have to call me 'master', I've never once asked you to, right? I have a name, just call me Anthony. Well, when you're ready, I suppose. I don't expect you to completely change your attitude overnight.]

[W-w-w-what are you saying, Master? Why would I want to change? You deserve my respect!]

[Look, if you don't want to change, you don't have to, I don't really mind. Call me whatever you want. You've been a good and loyal friend to me for a long time now, you've earned at least that much.]

Her Master gave her a final poke with one leg.

[The whole point is that you become independent enough that you do what you want to do, rather than what you think I want you to do. Now hurry up and absorb this core, you need to evolve! I'm kind of excited to see the result, I've not seen this far in your core's evolutionary path, so I've got no clue what might happen. No doubt, it's going to be something awesome!]

At those words, Crinis felt an odd sensation around her core, but truly, she didn't understand it. What she wanted? She wanted to serve her master, the one who had brought her into this life by using a core. It wasn't any mystery, there wasn't any doubt, not for Crinis, of how or why she'd come into this world. She was a pet, and she felt that bond to her Master deeply. Unlike what he appeared to expect, she didn't resent it, not in the slightest. In fact, she embraced it.

[Am I not allowed to stay the way I am?] she asked quietly.

Halfway to the exit, Anthony turned around.

[Crinis, you can do whatever the heck you want to do, and I'll support you. That's what friends do.]

Then he was gone.

 [Would you like to use the evolution menu?]

 [Congratulations on reaching the maximum level for your current species. Evolution will allow you to change your form and increase your stats as a monster.

 Warning: evolving will make securing XP and Biomass more difficult as fewer rewards are given for preying on creatures less evolved than yourself.

 Your evolution options are as follows:

Mind Shredder

Immaterial Grasper

Mind Sculptor (special)

Void Render (special)

Thing Between (rare)

Dweller In Darkness (rare)

Cerebral Infector (rare)

She had hoped, desperately hoped, that she would have a Mythic option, as her Master had, but it appeared it wasn't to be. Perhaps her species simply didn't merit such an option at the seventh tier. 


She raised two tentacles and clenched the ends in determination. If she couldn't become a mythic monster at the seventh tier, she definitely would at the eighth. She would stand alongside the person she admired eventually, no matter how much effort or pain she needed to endure to get there!

Although, by that time, perhaps he would already have evolved into something beyond her reach….

There was no need to be downcast, this was a great occasion! Even if she couldn't achieve a mythic evolution, she would once again be on the same tier as her Master. So long as she wasn't a burden, she was happy. 

There were three rare evolutions to examine, so she looked at each in turn.

[Rare Evolution: Thing Between (rare). +70 Bonus to Cunning, +70 Bonus to Will, +80 Bonus to Toughness, +80 Bonus to Might. Already, the physical word has but a tenuous grasp on you. To the Thing Between, even those flimsy chains are broken. Go where you will, and bring harm to that place. Tentacles will be reforged into Phantasmal Matter (warning, this will reset all mutations). Shade Phase Organ will be reforged into Universal Phase Organ (warning, this will reset all mutations). A Dimensional Weave Eye will be added for free.]

This evolution was interesting. Crinis quite enjoyed her unconventional movement. Already, she could slip through shadows in a limited fashion, and also pass through solid matter, though at an exorbitant cost. Were she to choose this evolution, she would become even less tethered to physical limitations.

With the last of her tentacles changed from shadow flesh, no major part of her body would remain completely physical except her core and organs. She could do a lot with that sort of freedom, reach many places others would much rather she couldn't get to….


[Rare Evolution: Dweller In Darkness (rare). +60 Bonus to Cunning, +60 Bonus to Will, +120 Bonus to Toughness, +120 Bonus to Might. A creature of shadow now rises to become something more. No longer be at home in the darkness, become the darkness. Tri-Legion Tentacles will be reforged into Darkness Flesh (warning, this will reset all mutations). Shadow Eye will be reforged into Vanishing Darkness Eye (warning, this will reset all mutations). A Light Annihilator gland will be added for free.]

Another interesting choice. She'd worked hard at her ability to control and manipulate Shadows, but now this evolution promised to lead her down a more powerful path. Not shadow, darkness. How would the properties of Darkness Flesh and Immaterial work together, if at all? Perhaps she would need to consult the golgari again….

She liked this option. It was another angle toward getting the power she desired, another shape in which she could grow. What of the last?

[Rare Evolution: Cerebral Infector (rare). +100 Bonus to Cunning, +100 Bonus to Will, +40 Bonus to Toughness, +40 Bonus to Might. The mind is a malleable thing, you know this already. The Cerebral Infector does not simply break minds, it shatters them, then recreates them in it's image. Thought Scraper Talons will be granted for free. Spirit Scalpels will be granted for free. Terror Injector will be granted for free.]

Now this tantalised Crinis. She delighted in terrifying her foes, in making them run, in breaking them. It was a fitting punishment, in her opinion, for those creatures daring to raise their claws against her Master.

Cruel, some might say. She believed her cause was just, and that was all that mattered to her. However, did she want to continue down this path? Was that all she wanted to be?

She wrapped her tentacles around herself and pondered.

If she were being honest, and her master had encouraged her to be true to herself, then shredding the minds of her foes was… a hobby, a side interest, not her true purpose.

Her true purpose was to be useful to her Master, not to fall behind him, and be by his side. She would protect him. No matter what.

To that end, which of these evolutions would grant her the power she needed? Not desired, needed. Her master had many foes, and would have many more before he was done. 

She considered once more The Dweller In Darkness. 

That was, after all, where she felt most comfortable.