Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1730 - Success! Cosmos Stage! (1)

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1730 Success! Cosmos Stage! (1)
Countless Chaotic Beasts appeared around it. They roared and charged towards it.

It was a very messy scene.

The gigantic crow split into dozens of clones and charged towards the surrounding Chaotic Beasts like a dozen bolts of red light. Their cries echoed through the chaos, sounding like clashes of gold and iron.


At the same time, a dazzling bolt of lightning appeared and shuttled back and forth among the Chaotic Beasts. It was conspicuous.

“Little White, Lightning Spirit!” Elizabeth heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master asked us to help you,” Little White said.

Elizabeth was stunned. She glanced at Wang Teng involuntarily.

Her master probably anticipated this situation from the beginning and made the necessary preparations. She was worried for nothing.

She shook her head and stopped dwelling on these thoughts. A sharp glint flashed passed her eyes as she looked at the Chaotic Beasts charging towards her.

With Little White and the Lightning Spirit’s help, the pressure on her was greatly reduced.

Little White and the Lightning Spirit weren’t powerful so they found it a little strenuous to deal with the heaven stage Chaotic Beasts.

But, with their combined efforts, they managed to hold back the surrounding Chaotic Beasts and prevented them from disturbing Wang Teng’s enlightenment.

After Little White reached the mid-tier imperial level, its full power was appalling. It was able to kill some weaker heaven-stage Chaotic Beasts.

As for the Lightning Spirit, it displayed some peculiar effectiveness when facing Chaotic Beasts that mastered the Origin of Lightning. It could even kill them effortlessly.

However, in front of Chaotic Beasts of other elements, it was a little… weak!

The discrepancy in its ability was significant.

Nevertheless, it was clever. If it couldn’t defeat them, it could evade them.

It darted left and right, creating disturbances among other Chaotic Beasts and creating opportunities for Elizabeth and Little White to hunt.

What a smart little brat.

Wang Teng left a trace of spiritual power outside so he sensed Elizabeth’s plight. After Little White and the Lightning Spirit joined in, the situation got better. Wang Teng then fully immersed himself in his enlightenment. Various insights flashed in his mind, and the previous accumulated realizations resurfaced, deepening and connecting, gradually forming a more systematic understanding.

Wang Teng was like a mechanic. He was assembling various small and delicate parts, gradually revealing the true form of the colossal creation he sought to build.

Everything was progressing in the direction he expected.

The golden light spheres from the heaven-stage Chaotic Beasts were indeed extraordinary. It allowed Wang Teng’s comprehension to become even more profound.

These insights made his understanding of the law he wanted to create clearer. The throbbing in his mind grew more intense.

Time passed. All the golden light spheres he collected were devoured by him. Not a single one was left.

Even the golden light spheres dropped by the Chaotic Beasts killed by Elizabeth, Little White, and the Lightning Spirit got absorbed by him.

This scene astounded Elizabeth.

This… was frightening!

There were too many of them!

The number of golden light spheres Wang Teng absorbed had far exceeded what Round Ball, Little White, and her absorbed.

The three of them were unique cases. Thus, the number of golden light spheres they absorbed was more than any ordinary martial warriors or star beasts.

Yet, Wang Teng’s situation was even more extraordinary. It was beyond imagination!

As she watched Wang Teng continuously devouring the golden light spheres around them, the eyebrows on her delicate little face twitched.

She had an extraordinary master.

As his subordinate, she suddenly felt immense pressure.

It looked like she needed to work harder in her cultivation from now on. If not, she might easily be left far behind by her master.

A useless servant would have no place to survive.

Elizabeth started self-reflecting. As she followed Wang Teng for a longer time, Elizabeth found herself becoming less and less proud of her universe stage status.

Her pride was shattered in the face of Wang Teng’s extraordinary talent.

What’s more, she had already acknowledged Wang Teng as her master. Now that she was in the same boat as him, her mentality changed.

“Master is so amazing!” Little White was different. It had been following Wang Teng since it was young and its feelings towards him were solely loyalty and admiration. Hence, it didn’t think too much when it saw Wang Teng absorbing the golden spheres. It was simply happy.

Wang Teng didn’t know how magnificent the scene of him absorbing the golden light spheres was. He only knew that the golden light spheres weren’t enough.




Wang Teng was now in a state of epiphany. Various enlightenments emerged one after another, and countless inspirations were flashing wildly.

He only had one thought. He wanted to absorb more golden light spheres to complete his enlightenment.


A terrifying storm seemed to have formed in his mind. Enlightenment, inspiration, and his accumulated knowledge all spun and fused in a unique manner.

After some time, Wang Teng suddenly opened his eyes. There was a glaring golden glow in them.

Numerous occult runes flashed in the golden glow. They then disappeared in an instant as if they had never existed.

Elizabeth noticed his gaze and was shocked.

What was her master doing?

Why did a mere glance contain such profound meaning that even she, a universe-stage martial warrior, couldn’t comprehend?

This was incredible.

What a pity! Wang Teng sighed in his heart. He was filled with regret.

Just a little more!
He was so close. Why couldn’t he succeed?

His physical strength and soul had already reached the limit so he couldn’t absorb any more golden light spheres. However, there was still something lacking. This was why he couldn’t create his own law yet.