Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1740 - Return! Freshmen Leaderboard! (1)

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1740 Return! Freshmen Leaderboard! (1)
Wang Teng entered the passageway between the Chaotic Uncharted and the Original Universe.

The vast and complete universe they were in was known as the Original Universe, exuding a sense of “being at the center of the world.”

Perhaps every indigenous inhabitant here had such a self-important notion, just like how the Earth once believed it was at the center of the solar system.

In reality, Earth was just a tiny life planet in the vast expanse of the universe. It was insignificant beyond measure.


The people of Earth once fell into a panic because of this realization.

They weren’t the only life forms in the universe, nor were they the most powerful life forms.

This was… awkward!

Back to the main topic!

After the previous experience, Wang Teng felt much better after entering the passageway. It could also be attributed to his enhanced spiritual power, which reduced the impact of the chaotic sensation on him significantly.

That way, Wang Teng would have more energy to search for the attribute bubbles in the passageway. Space and time attributes were important to him, and he wouldn’t let any of them slip by.

Fortunately, the passageway didn’t disappoint him.

Not long after he entered the passageway, a few attribute bubbles appeared in front of Wang Teng.

Oh my god!





As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng smiled. He felt his Space Physique and Time Talent improving at a rapid pace.

This felt amazing!

It was as if he had activated a talent accelerator. His talents were rapidly soaring.

What’s more, they were extremely rare talents!

So what if he was about to leave the Chaotic Uncharted? This wouldn’t stop him from seizing the last opportunity to gain benefits!

He wouldn’t let go of any opportunity!

With a snort in his heart, Wang Teng constantly scanned his surroundings, never idling for a moment. He searched for more attribute bubbles.

Suddenly, his gaze paused as he spotted numerous attribute bubbles within a small time and space vortex. He immediately extended his spiritual power and picked them up one by one.






It had to be admitted that after Wang Teng advanced to the cosmos stage and devoured a large number of golden light spheres, his spiritual power increased many times. This time, he was more relaxed than before and stayed longer in the passageway.

He walked leisurely amid the turbulent currents of time and space as if strolling in a tranquil courtyard. He enjoyed the scenery of the chaotic time and space around him.

Such a scene couldn’t be seen outside.

Outside the passageway, the Guardian Elder frowned.

What was going on?

Why hadn’t he come out after staying inside for so long?
Did something happen?

It wasn’t his fault for thinking too much. Wang Teng got struck by lightning in the Chaotic Uncharted. If such an incident could happen in the Chaotic Uncharted, who could guarantee that nothing unexpected would occur inside the passageway?

What if the Chaotic Uncharted wanted to deliver a final blow to him at the last moment?

It was quite dangerous just thinking about it.

Speaking of which, even the ‘Chaos Will’ was angered. What did he do?

Did he touch the butt of the ‘Chaos Will’?


This youngster might be a promising talent but he was too troublesome. He had only been in the academy for a short time and he was already revealing his true colors.

“No, I have to see what he’s up to.” The Guardian Elder muttered to himself. He immediately extended his spiritual power and entered the passageway to search for Wang Teng.

That was when he saw Wang Teng strolling in the passageway.

The Guardian Elder: ???

In an instant, several question marks appeared above the Guardian Elder’s head.

What was this fellow doing?

Even a formidable martial warrior like him couldn’t see Wang Teng picking up the attribute bubbles. Hence, he thought that Wang Teng was… taking a stroll!

Well, this was probably the only way to describe what Wang Teng was doing.

This brat! The Guardian Elder was speechless. He was furious.

As Wang Teng was happily picking up the attributes, a slightly familiar, elderly voice suddenly sounded in his ears. It was none other than the Guardian Elder.

“Come out quickly. Why are you dawdling inside?”

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks. He felt a little frustrated and amused.

Why are you rushing me when I’m just walking through a passageway? Do you have to be so impatient?

He thought that the Guardian Elder hurried him because he didn’t want to waste time on him. He didn’t know that the Guardian Elder was just concerned he might get targeted by the Chaos Will.

But, no matter what, Wang Teng didn’t dare to disobey the other party. He replied to him with respect.


Then, he increased his speed and dashed towards the other end of the passageway.

What a pity. I wanted to stay longer. Wang Teng thought to himself helplessly. He scanned his surroundings and tried his best to pick up more attribute bubbles in his remaining time.

Unfortunately, joyful moments always passed quickly. After all, the passage was limited, and he couldn’t keep picking up attributes indefinitely.

After some time, a ray of light appeared in front of him.

This is the end! With a sense of nostalgia, Wang Teng cast one last look back before finally rushing out of the passageway.

In the blink of an eye, the dizziness vanished. Wang Teng’s spiritual power stopped circulating as he no longer needed to maintain the tense state of resisting the chaotic time and space.

He let out a small sigh. Although he could stay longer in the passageway after his spiritual power advanced, it didn’t mean that there was no pressure at all.

Wang Teng glanced at his attributes board.

Time: 1860/10000

Space Physique: 23500/400000 (fourth-rank)

Not bad! Wang Teng nodded secretly.