Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1882 He’s Not A Poison-Element Martial Warrior But I Am! (2)

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Chapter 1882 He's Not A Poison-Element Martial Warrior But I Am! (2)

Wang Teng didn't know what Iceyth was thinking. With his increased understanding of ?Ancient Ice Runes?, he had greater confidence in enlarging the crack.

Ge sat down right where he was, closed his eyes, and extended his spiritual power from his spiritual body, spreading it beneath the ice layer.

Iceyth had a sudden thought. She stood on Wang Teng's shoulder and didn't disturb him.

Wang Teng's spiritual power quickly located the subtle crack on the sealing array once it entered the ice layer.

He had to admit that this array was powerful.

Even a being like the Ice Hornless Dragon, after all these years, had managed to create only a finger-sized crack.

The entire array remained intact, with only this one tiny fissure.

No wonder Iceyth was so anxious when Wang Teng wanted to erase her fragment of soul.

If it were him, he probably wouldn't react any differently.

After being trapped for countless years, she finally created a crack and released a fragment of her soul, only to have someone try to erase it. No one could endure such a situation.

He sniggered in his heart when he remembered Iceyth's authoritative attitude while shouting "Master" earlier


"Why are you smiling?" Iceyth frowned. She felt that this human was mocking her.

"Nothing. Don't disturb me. I'm working on enlarging that crack." Wang Teng's expression became serious, and he said earnestly.

Iceyth: …

Wang Teng breathed a sigh of relief and immersed himself once again in the task of locating the interactive runes nearby. He only needed to halt the operation of a few of these runes to widen the crack naturally.

However, he had to ensure that stopping these runes wouldn't affect the operation of others. Otherwise, the entire array would be ruined.

He mustn't let Iceyth come out so early. He was still too weak.

If she were to come out now, Wang Teng wouldn't be able to control her.

Even with the spiritual contract, it was hard for the other party to do anything. Hence, it was better to keep her obediently under the array for now.

Wang Teng meticulously scanned the sealing array with his spiritual power. He needed to understand the entire array's structure thoroughly before deciding which runes to stop.

Time passed, and several hours flew by. Iceyth was growing somewhat impatient.

Why was this human taking so long?

Was he even capable of doing it?

Unfortunately, Wang Teng had his eyes closed at the moment, seemingly engrossed in the sealing array.

Iceyth didn't want to disturb him as she understood that runemasters couldn't be interrupted when they were working.

This was common sense.

Suddenly, the ice layer below started to vibrate, emitting cracking sounds, as if something was breaking apart.

"Huh?" Iceyth's eyes lit up. "Success!"

A hint of joy surged from the depths of her heart, and she couldn't contain it.

Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes, sensation relieved. The scale of this array exceeded his expectations. Just going through it once took him several hours.

He was curious about who had set up such an array.

Wang Teng glanced around him and noticed a few attribute bubbles floating on the ice. They must have dropped when he halted the runes.

Get them!

Ancient Ice Runes*20

Ancient Ice Runes*35

Ancient Ice Runes*30

Huh? It's even more than before. Wang Teng was surprised. He closed his eyes and sensed it again, realizing that his mastery of ?Ancient Ice Runes had improved considerably.

"Step back a bit!" At that moment, Iceyth's cold voice suddenly rang out.

Wang Teng opened his eyes and looked at her. He had a sudden thought. He nodded and floated away.


The instant Wang Teng left, an explosion was heard.

In front of him, below the ice layer, a not-so-large golden pillar of light suddenly soared, shooting straight toward the dome of the Hornless Ice Dragon Pearl.


Iceyth's fragment of soul bathed in the golden light and emitted a somewhat excited roar.

Wang Teng's gaze flickered as he clearly sensed her growing stronger. He immediately activated ?his Real Eye? and saw that her spiritual fluctuations had reached the heaven stage. It slowly halted, and finally stopped at the peak of the heaven stage.

Heaven realm spirit! Wang Teng repeated in his heart.

At the peak of the heaven stage, Iceyth could harness a portion of the Hornless Ice Dragon Pearl's power. It was capable of affecting heaven-stage martial warriors.

Normal people wouldn't be able to withstand the coldness of the Hornless Ice Dragon Pearl.

The stellar academy students who had entered the chaotic rift in the past were heaven-stage martial warriors, and they had struggled to resist the cold aura of the Hornless Ice Dragon Pearl.

At that time, Iceyth's fragment of soul was only at the cosmos stage, and she could already make heaven-stage martial warriors feel challenged purely due to the Hornless Ice Dragon Pearl's natural cold aura, let alone now.

The golden pillar of light in front suddenly came to a halt, and Iceyth's excitement subsided like a receding tide.

She thought that she could reach the universe stage but she halted at the peak of the heaven stage.

The sensation of being neither here nor there nearly made her mad.

Iceyth rushed over, angrily demanding, "Human, why is it only this much? Why?"

"Sorry, my abilities are limited!"

Wang Teng smiled slightly, not taking Iceyth's anger to heart. He still wore an naive look as he replied.

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