Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2163 - : Did He Successfully Decipher It? (1)

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Chapter 2163: Did He Successfully Decipher It? (1)

In Wang Teng’s eyes, flashes of mysterious runes seemed to swiftly pass by, creating an intriguing spectacle.

“Using runes to form restrictions, like shackles, restraining the body, spirit, and talent!”

“The creator of this Spiritual Hollow Mountain is truly ingenious, beyond the reach of ordinary people.”

“Unfortunately, after analyzing for a long time, I’ve only decoded a small portion. The runes in the entire Spiritual Hollow Mountain are simply too numerous to fully decipher.”

“It’s clear they want us to climb the Spiritual Hollow Mountain, leaving us with no other path.”

Various thoughts raced through Wang Teng’s mind, and he couldn’t help but sigh, deciding to give up.

Some things were beyond his control, and it was better not to force them.

However, before doing so, he wanted to make one last attempt.

With great difficulty, Wang Teng manipulated his spiritual power to extend into the depths of the Spiritual Hollow Mountain.

“What’s this?”

In an instant, he felt as if his spiritual power had sunk into a swamp. Despite the runes being right in front of him, he couldn’t get any closer.

Unwilling to give up, he gritted his teeth and fiercely mobilized his spiritual power to infiltrate the mountain wall.

The process lasted for over ten minutes before he suddenly felt a release, and his spiritual vision instantly expanded.

It seemed as if he could now touch those ancient runes.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel a slight joy, controlling his spiritual power to probe into the area where a cluster of ancient runes was densely concentrated.


In an instant, Wang Teng’s head buzzed, as if something had exploded inside.

In a daze, he wasn’t sure what had happened. When he came to his senses, he saw transparent bubbles floating in the area where the dense runes were.

Attribute bubbles! Wang Teng was elated. He picked up the attribute bubbles without any hesitation.

Picking up the attribute bubbles wasn’t as difficult, as they turned into strands of insights and merged into his mind the moment they touched his spiritual power.

Ancient Runes*100

Ancient Runes*i20

Ancient Lightning Runes*i30

Ancient Runes*95

Cosmos Realm Spirit*200

Most of these attribute bubbles were ancient runes, and some were even special ancient runes. For example, among the attribute bubbles Wang Teng had just obtained, there was the presence of ancient lightning runes.

As these ancient runes merged into Wang Teng’s mind, his mastery of ancient runes instantly improved significantly.

What surprised Wang Teng even more was the spirit attribute.

The fact that the Spiritual Hollow Mountain dropped spirit attributes was truly beyond his expectations.

But this was undoubtedly a good thing. Since he needed to pick up attribute bubbles, it would inevitably consume spiritual power. Now, with these spiritual attribute bubbles, he could replenish his spiritual attributes at any time.

“1 didn’t expect it could be like this.” Wang Teng thoughtfully realized he might have found the correct way to exploit the benefits of the Spiritual Hollow Mountain.

A slight curve appeared at the corner of his mouth, and without hesitation, he continued to control his spiritual power to explore the more distant ancient runes.

Indeed, many attribute bubbles appeared again, and he picked them up one after another.

Wang Teng’s mastery of ancient rune attributes increased once again, and this time there was even the appearance of ancient ice patterns.

“It seems that the ancient runes of the Spiritual Hollow Mountain include various special ancient runes.” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered as he silently speculated.

Excited, he started frantically picking up attribute bubbles.

To thoroughly exploit the benefits of the Spiritual Hollow Mountain, Wang Teng even returned to the base of the mountain, picking up all the areas he hadn’t collected before.

Those observing from outside were left bewildered.

What is this guy doing? People are desperately climbing up, and he’s going down?

There must be something wrong with his head!

“It’s over! It’s over! Is Wang Teng crazy?” Tong En covered her face, indicating that she couldn’t bear to look.

Wei Na and Bi Yao were speechless too. They had never seen anyone climbing the Spiritual Hollow Mountain upside down.

Wang Teng was the first.

Not only them, but even the eternal-stage powerhouses in the sky were a bit dumbfounded at the moment. They looked at each other, completely unable to understand what Wang Teng was doing.

“This…” Even the president couldn’t help but show a trace of astonishment in his eyes.

“What is he doing?” The two god-stage existences beside him hesitated.

“I don’t know.” The president smiled bitterly, shook his head, and said with a flicker in his eyes, “He’s climbing back up.”

“Is this kid here to play?” The god-stage existence on the throne of lightning couldn’t help but be speechless.

The god-stage existence on the throne of flames shook his head. He felt that Wang Teng seemed a bit unserious and couldn’t figure out what was going on in his head.

At the forefront of the Spiritual Hollow Mountain, Yuan Mu looked down and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

That guy didn’t catch up!

His talent was truly the strongest!

Just watch, he would definitely become the most dazzling figure in this Grand Disciple Acceptance Ceremony.

Yuan Mu remained indifferent. He glanced at the peak of the Spiritual Hollow Mountain with a firm gaze and continued climbing up.

Ockham nodded when he saw this scene in the plaza of the Grand Universe Hall. Yuan Mu’s talent was indeed the strongest.

Then, he looked at Wang Teng, who was far behind, and a sneer appeared on his lips.

Behind them, Zhulong Shan, Feng Mo, and the others were making every effort to climb, unwilling to fall behind.

Wu Yan, Yu Yunxian, Lu Tian, and the others slowly caught up with them. They overtook the other talented martial warriors and followed closely behind Zhulong Shan and the others.

Their talent wasn’t much weaker than Zhulong Shan and the others. They only lagged because they entered the Spiritual Hollow Mountain a little late..