Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2225 - : Don’t Get Up, Continue Kneeling! (1)

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Chapter 2225: Don’t Get Up, Continue Kneeling! (1)

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“You’re going to… go yourself?!” Payne looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“I have to go alone to prevent alerting them. You mentioned that the Red Cat is quite fiery, and I’d like to see for myself,” Wang Teng said.

“I understand!” Payne suddenly showed a knowing smile that all men share.

“What do you understand?” Wang Teng was speechless and didn’t bother paying any more attention to him. He flew directly out of the spacecraft.

Watching Wang Teng’s departing figure, Payne couldn’t help but reveal a hint of curiosity.

He wondered if the other party could capture the cunning Red Cat.

Payne was eager to find out. Over the years, no one had managed to catch the Red Cat, and now someone was finally going to confront her.

He just didn’t tell Wang Teng that the Red Cat had a formidable escape skill, which was why she could always escape from other powerful universe pirates.

At this moment, Payne’s spacecraft was still a considerable distance from the Red Cat Universe Pirates. If the spacecraft got too close, it would undoubtedly be discovered. So, Wang Teng had to fly over by himself.

Wang Teng flew through the void with the speed of a cosmos-stage martial warrior. Soon, sensed a red spacecraft hidden in the void ahead.

“This should be the one!” Round Ball exclaimed in surprise. “It’s also a universe-level spacecraft. These universe pirates are all quite wealthy!”

“They earned their money by robbing others. It’s definitely easier for them,” Wang Teng scoffed.

“True!” Round Ball agreed wholeheartedly.

These universe pirates probably spent their ill-gotten gains on purchasing spacecraft first.

To be a universe pirate, you couldn’t do without a powerful spacecraft.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up. Without wasting words, he used the Space Concealment skill to hide himself in the crevices of space. Even the detectors of a universe-level spacecraft might not be able to detect his presence.

Then, he approached the red universe-level spacecraft using spatial means.

At the bottom of the spacecraft, near the airlock, Wang Teng asked, “Round Ball, can you handle it?”

“Leave it to me. Who am I? I’m a heaven-stage intelligent lifeform.” Round Ball patted its chest.

Wang Teng gave a faint smile and told it to go ahead.

In no time, the airlock silently opened. Round Ball deceived the intelligent system of the red spaceship, quietly unlocking the airlock.

Wang Teng flashed inside, opened the Real Eye, and immediately captured the brightest force within the spacecraft.

“Heaven stage! It must be the Red Cat!”

Wang Teng smiled slightly and went directly towards the direction of the light. This universe-level spacecraft was also a small one, and the internal space was not large.

He passed through a steel corridor and encountered two cosmos-stage martial warriors. As Payne had said, they were all female martial warriors, but their appearances were far from impressive.

He knocked them unconscious without anyone noticing.

Soon, Wang Teng arrived outside a practice room. In comparison to Payne and the others who were relaxed, the members of the Red Cat Universe Pirate Group were extremely diligent. Most of them were practicing, with only a few on guard duty and hunting for prey.

Others would only leave the practice room when there was prey to plunder.

Wang Teng stood outside the practice room, and Round Ball opened the door directly. Then, he pushed the door open and walked in.

At this point, the other side couldn’t run away. He didn’t need to worry about anything.

Hence, he had no intention of hiding anymore. He walked in confidently as if he was strolling in his territory.

Inside the practice room, a stunning woman in her early thirties was sitting cross-legged. She had a head of wine-red wavy hair and an exceptionally beautiful face. However, amidst that beauty, there was a cold and stern aura. When Wang Teng first encountered Clara on Yuming Planet, she was also charming. However, compared to this woman, she lacked a kind of sharpness and a unique temperament that could only be achieved by experiencing hardships.

“Who is it?!”

At this moment, the stunning woman suddenly opened her eyes, casting an icy gaze toward the intruder at the door.

“Red Cat Universe Pirate, Red Cat Tracy!” Wang Teng looked at her calmly and opened his mouth.

Tracy slowly stood up. She was wearing a red, smooth combat suit that perfectly outlined her curvaceous figure, giving people a feeling of blood surging.

Wang Teng suddenly understood why Payne had that expression when mentioning the Red Cat.

With that beautiful face and the voluptuous figure, it was impossible not to arouse criminal thoughts in any man.

Even with Wang Teng’s composure, he couldn’t help but feel a bit moved at this moment.

A woman like her could easily evoke a man’s desire for conquest.

“Wang Teng!” Round Ball shouted uncontrollably.

“Cough, cough!” Wang Teng snapped back to reality and cleared his throat.

Tracy did not act rashly and did not answer Wang Teng’s question. Her gaze was fixed on him, and she felt a sense of alertness.

Although in her eyes, the young man in front of her was only a cosmos-stage martial warrior, daring to walk into her practice room so confidently, even knowing her identity, indicated that he definitely had some confidence.

Moreover, from the moment the young man entered the practice room until now, there was no movement outside, which also indicated something.

Either he had bypassed all the martial warriors on their ship without causing any attention, or all the martial warriors on the ship had been silently taken care of..

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