Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2227 - : Don’t Get Up, Continue Kneeling! (3)

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Chapter 2227: Don’t Get Up, Continue Kneeling! (3)

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“Wait!” Tracy retreated. She stopped her attack a hundred meters away and opened her mouth.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Teng looked at her with utmost calmness.

“I give up! You wanted me to submit, right? I submit!” Tracy said decisively.

“Weren’t you refusing just a moment ago? And this doesn’t seem like your style,” Wang Teng said, looking at her with a sly smile.

“Your strength is enough to make me submit. 1 can see it. You’re different from those smelly men before. You’re not a universe pirate,” Tracy said.

“Is that so?” Wang Teng rubbed his chin and said, “Then come here, kneel, and call me master. I’ll believe you then!”

“Do I really have to kneel?” Tracy’s expression changed slightly. A hint of struggle appeared in her eyes, and a trace of grievance surfaced on her face, making her appear pitiable.

“Kneel!” Wang Teng nodded, speaking with seriousness.

Tracy cursed Wang Teng mentally a thousand times. This man was too heartless, showing no emotion at all.

“If you don’t kneel, we’ll continue fighting!” Wang Teng said.

“Fine, I’ll kneel!” Tracy gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and said.

“Put away your whip. It’s intimidating,” Wang Teng said.

Tracy was infuriated but ultimately put away the red whip in her hand. She walked in front of Wang Teng and slowly knelt.

Wang Teng was astonished. Was this woman really going to submit?

The script wasn’t right!

Based on his prediction, this wild Red Cat wouldn’t surrender easily.

At this moment.

Tracy suddenly lifted her head, a seductive smile appearing at the corner of her lips, captivating, but a glint of coldness flashed in her eyes. Simultaneously, her red lips slightly parted, revealing several icy glimmers.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Three needle-like rays of cold red light shot straight towards Wang Teng’s eyes.

The distance between them was too close, and these glimmers instantly reached Wang Teng’s face, seemingly about to pierce into his eyes.

A cold smile formed at the corner of Tracy’s mouth, but the next moment, her smile froze instantly.

“What a treacherous woman!” Wang Teng sighed.

Without any visible movement, the three rays of cold light suddenly froze in place, just inches from his eyes, unable to advance any further.

“How is this possible?” Tracy looked bewildered. Her body, halfway in the process of rising, froze. However, a hand suddenly pressed onto her shoulder. “Don’t get up, continue kneeling!”

At the same time, a mocking voice came from behind her.

“When did that happen?” Tracy was both shocked and enraged. She looked towards Wang Teng in front of her, only to see that the figure was slowly dissipating, leaving behind only a faint afterimage.

With a forceful push of his palm, Tracy solidly knelt on the ground.

“You!” Tracy’s face was instantly filled with humiliation.

“Don’t move. My battle sword doesn’t have eyes!” Wang Teng walked out slowly from behind her, a sword appearing in his hand at some unknown point, pressing lightly against her neck. He smiled faintly.

Tracy’s body stiffened, not daring to make the slightest movement. Although the young man in front of her wore a playful smile, his eyes were now indifferent to the extreme, unlike the previous men she had encountered, whose eyes were full of desire.

She was unwilling. Originally, she had intended to use this sneak attack, but unexpectedly, it backfired, leaving her unable even to escape.

“Look into my eyes,” Wang Teng suddenly said.

Tracy was already making eye contact with Wang Teng and immediately sensed that something was wrong. Subconsciously, she tried to evade, but it was too late.

A crimson light flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes, causing her gaze to instantly become hazy.

After a moment, Wang Teng walked out of the training room.

Unexpectedly, this woman was much more difficult to control than Payne, consuming a considerable amount of his spiritual power.

He picked up all the dropped attribute bubbles, but they were of little use. Wang Teng didn’t pay much attention to them.

Tracy followed obediently behind him, her eyes resentful, but she could no longer muster the thought of attacking him.

“Round Ball, ask Payne and the others to bring the spacecraft over,” Wang Teng said.

As Payne brought the spacecraft closer, Wang Teng had already taken control of all the martial warriors on the Red Cat Pirate Group’s spacecraft.

Looking at the group of female warriors in front of him, Wang Teng’s expression became somewhat strange. He said to Tracy behind him, “The difference between your subordinates and you seems a bit too significant.” Ordinary!

These female martial warriors looked too ordinary!

Not to mention comparing them to Tracy, even compared to ordinary beauties, there was simply no comparison.

For a notorious pirate group led by a renowned beauty, it was truly unexpected that her subordinates were just a group of plain-looking female warriors.

“They are all pitiful beings in the universe. Sometimes, having an ordinary appearance can attract less attention,” Tracy said coldly.

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.

“Sir!” At this moment, Payne walked in with his men from outside, extremely excited. “You’ve indeed conquered the Red Cat!”

At this point, Payne truly admired Wang Teng to the extreme. The elusive Red Cat had finally been conquered by someone!

“Payne! It’s you!” Tracy, upon seeing him, immediately knew that he must have betrayed her. This scoundrel.

“Uh, hahaha… Red Cat, long time no see. You’re still so charming,” Payne said awkwardly.

“FImph, by betraying me, you’ve violated a taboo. Aren’t you afraid of provoking other pirate groups to unite against us?” Tracy said coldly.

“Given his methods, do you think I could resist? You’ve already experienced it,” Payne said.

Tracy’s expression changed slightly, and she couldn’t help but look towards Wang Teng. She was under control and knew that she had no power to resist. For a moment, her face turned pale, and her heart felt as if it were ashes.

“Don’t worry, I won’t touch you,” Wang Teng said calmly and directly.



“I made you submit so that you could work for me, not for anything else,” Wang Teng continued.

“What do you want us to do?” Payne couldn’t help but ask.

Tracy also looked at Wang Teng, furrowing her brows.

“For now, 1 don’t know. We’ll talk about it later,” Wang Teng said, stretching lazily.

Payne and Tracy were speechless.

Damn it, this guy captured them without knowing what he wanted. Why were they being treated unfairly?

“Alright, continue searching for other pirate groups. Let’s capture a few more,” Wang Teng ordered.

“We still need to continue capturing?” Payne exclaimed.

“Any objections?” Wang Teng asked.

“No, no!” Payne replied hurriedly.

Beside them, Tracy’s gaze flickered, and it was unclear what she was thinking.

Next, Wang Teng continued to recruit other pirate groups encountered on the journey. Five days passed in the blink of an eye, and they were now approaching the Five Burial Stars. The number of recruited pirate groups had reached six.

“You all stay on standby in the surrounding space. Don’t cause trouble, and don’t let anyone discover you,” Wang Teng instructed the few people standing behind him in the spacecraft’s control room.

These people, including Payne and Tracy, along with four heaven-stage martial warriors, were all leaders of the pirate groups captured by Wang Teng along the way..

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