Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2301 - Leveling Up Easily! Shadow Fortress’s Martial Warrior Appears! (3)

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2301 Leveling Up Easily! Shadow Fortress’s Martial Warrior Appears! (3)


“Let’s take a break.”

Shouzang Caiyun glanced at the group, noticing that they had expended a considerable amount of Force in the previous battles. Some had even sustained injuries. She spoke up, concerned about their well-being.

Many injured warriors from the five families glanced at her gratefully and settled down in a cross-legged position. They retrieved medicinal pills, restoring their Force and tending to their injuries, striving to bring themselves back to their optimal states as quickly as possible.

It was only the third day, and the road ahead was undoubtedly more challenging. If they didn’t recover swiftly, they would become a hindrance.

Two hours later, the group began to rise one by one, transforming into streams of light and continuing their swift journey forward.

Shortly after Wang Teng’s main body and the five major families left, a figure appeared in the territory of the snake-like origin beasts. It was Wang Teng’s clone.

“Universe-stage origin beast!”

Wang Teng’s clone stood by the great river, gazing at the vast expanse of water with a faint glint in its eyes.

In the next moment, he plunged into the river without a splash, disappearing in an instant.

Before long, another figure appeared by the riverbank, frowning as he observed the river below. He murmured, “The headquarters received a mission to kill Councilor Wang Teng, but they haven’t found any trace of him. Unexpectedly, he showed up at the last moment when the Five Burial Ancestral Land opened.”

“Others can’t intervene right now, so it’s up to me.”

“Dealing with him within the ancestral land is no issue. No one will discover it’s the work of the Shadow Fortress.”

“I’ve observed him for three days. His strength is decent, but it doesn’t give off that overwhelming feeling rumored about him. Is he hiding his true power? Or could the intelligence be inaccurate?”

“Besides, he seems to be aimlessly hunting origin beasts. I wonder what it’s for?”

“While the cores of these origin beasts are valuable, they pale in comparison to the opportunities within this place.”

This figure spoke as if to himself, with no one responding to his words. After a moment, his gaze flickered, and he leaped into the river.

Concealing his presence, he avoided all the snake-like origin beasts around him, continuously diving deeper.

Unfortunately, to his surprise, Wang Teng’s figure vanished, and despite searching for a long time, he found no trace of his opponent.

He had clearly followed the aura left behind by the other party, but he could not find him at all. This was strange.

“He disappeared?”

The person couldn’t help but furrow his brow.

The Shadow Fortress excelled in tracking and stealth, and he, in particular, was among the elite. Yet, he lost his target. If this news got back to the Shadow Fortress, it would undoubtedly be a source of great embarrassment.

He wasn’t worried about being discovered. With his concealment skills, even in the river, he could seamlessly merge with the surrounding waters, ensuring he wouldn’t be detected.

The only thing bothering him was that he had lost the person!

He was completely gone.

“Damn it!”

At this moment, he felt like a headless fly, searching frantically, on par with those foolish origin beasts.

This sensation made him very uncomfortable!

It was the first time he had encountered such a scenario since he started his career.

Just then, in the pitch-black water ahead, the river suddenly surged violently.


A roar echoed, causing his expression to change dramatically.

“What origin beast is this? Such a powerful disturbance!”

However, as soon as he thought of his concealment technique, he calmed down.

Even if it was a heaven-stage origin beast, he wasn’t afraid. His concealment technique could deceive even heaven-stage warriors, let alone these foolish origin beasts.

“It must be that Wang Teng provoked some powerful origin beast. But he definitely won’t detect me. When Wang Teng and the origin beast are both weakened, that’s when I’ll make my move.”

He was extremely confident. He hid in the river, eyes gleaming with anticipation, ready to witness a spectacular show.

In his view, Wang Teng entered the water to hunt the aquatic origin beasts below. However, the other party was unaware that this territory belonged to someone else. It was easy to provoke some formidable entities that couldn’t be dealt with. It seemed like fate was truly on his side.

Thinking so, a colossal black shadow surged from the distant river, and the surrounding waters transformed into a terrifying torrent, slamming into his body. Unable to maintain his form, he was pushed back dozens of meters.

“Universe-stage origin beast!”

A horrified voice echoed within him. The person widened his eyes, his face brimming with disbelief.

He had assumed it would be some powerful heaven-stage origin beasts at most, but he never expected it to be a terrifying universe-stage origin beast.

Damn it, this is a big mess! Run!

The warrior from the Shadow Fortress instantly became hesitant. Without thinking, he immediately retreated, rushing towards a distance, hoping to escape the impending danger.


However, it seemed that the giant python from behind had already observed him. Opening its enormous mouth, it suddenly sucked in, causing the river water around to reverse instantly, unleashing a powerful suction force.

The warrior from the Shadow Fortress found his body suddenly immobilized mid-flight. The surrounding space formed a blockade, pinning him in place.

“Oh no!”

“Let me go!”

The warrior from the Shadow Fortress, his face brimming with horror, roared internally. A sword emerged in his hand, and he swung it frantically in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The river water around him exploded, and the invisible spatial blockade began to waver.

But it was not enough.

In the distance, the approaching giant python’s enormous pupils glinted with a cold light. Another insignificant ant. It couldn’t find the one earlier so it decided to deal with this one first.

“Shadow Nine, why aren’t you attacking!” The martial warrior from the Shadow Fortress saw the giant python getting closer and closer, his eyes bulging with fear. He shouted desperately.


A cold snort emanated from the darkness on the left. Sword lights suddenly bloomed, flashing around the Shadow Fortress’ martial warrior. His body suddenly relaxed.

Their combined attacks finally loosened the spatial blockade imposed by the giant python. Seizing the opportunity, the warrior from the Shadow Fortress immediately fled.