Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2307 - : Perfected Five Elements! Ninth Level Cosmos Stage! (1)

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Chapter 2307: Perfected Five Elements! Ninth Level Cosmos Stage! (1)

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“No need for that. Your talents are still commendable. At least you managed to survive until I returned,” Wang Teng waved his hand, saying casually, “Most of the prodigies from the Stellar Academies are not much different from you. Unfortunately, your luck isn’t great. You encountered me.

Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven were speechless.

For a while, they couldn’t figure out whether Wang Teng was praising them or himself.

“Since you deliberately led that universe-stage origin beast to kill us, why did you then save us in the end?” Shadow Nine asked.

“I just wanted you to help distract that universe-stage origin beast. I don’t care if you die. There wouldn’t have been much regret. But since you’ re still alive, it sparked a bit of interest in me. So, I reluctantly saved you,” Wang Teng chuckled.

The two felt aggrieved.

They never expected that their lives would be spared simply because they held on a little longer!

But they couldn’t find any joy in this revelation.

Councilor Wang Teng completely disregarded their lives.

As proud prodigies of the Shadow Fortress, being so disdainfully regarded was

a considerable blow.

Although they had long been prepared for the possibility of death in their line of work, it didn’t mean they were willing to die in vain.

Previously, they were completely deceived by this guy!

“What do you want after saving us?” Shadow Eleven suppressed the anger within and asked.

“I have a question for you,” Wang Teng said.

“What question?” Shadow Nine’s gaze flickered, asking cautiously.

“Who sent you to kill me?” Wang Teng smiled. The question immediately caused both of their hearts to skip a beat.

“No one told us to assassinate you. We were merely following you out of curiosity,” Shadow Nine said.

“Is that so?” Wang Teng tilted his head, looking at him. “Do you think I m naive?”

“We have no grievances or enmity with you. Why would we want to kill you?” Shadow Nine replied.

“Who doesn’t know what Shadow Fortress does?” Wang Teng was speechless.

Shadow Nine:…

Having such a notorious reputation wasn’t good!

“Never mind, I’ll take matters into my own hands.” A strange red light suddenly flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes as he looked into theirs.



These two spiritual techniques were activated simultaneously. The martial warriors’ expressions changed.

“Not good!” Shadow Nine was the first to react. His pupils suddenly contracted, attempting to mobilize his spiritual power to resist. However, he forgot that his spiritual power was already sealed and couldn’t be utilized.

In an instant, his gaze became confused.

As for Shadow Eleven, he struggled a bit but soon fell into a completely

confused state.

Both of them were quickly controlled by the Bewitch and Enchantment skills.

” Snap!” Wang Teng snapped his fingers, awakening the two.

Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven had no idea what had happened. Upon waking up, they felt as if they couldn’t resist the youth in front of them. Their eyes revealed a look of astonishment.

How did this happen?

What had this guy done to them exactly?

Even these two martial warriors from the enigmatic Shadow Fortress, known for their cunning and unpredictability, felt bewildered by these mysterious methods. It was truly shocking.

“Speak. Who ordered you to kill me?” Wang Teng, still sitting on the tree branch, looked down at them and asked calmly.

Shadow Nine wanted to struggle a bit more, but he found it futile. His mouth opened obediently, “It was someone from your Stellar Academies named Feng Qingyan. Originally, other Shadow Fortress warriors were assigned to the task, but since you didn’t appear for a long time, they couldn’t locate the target. When you finally showed up during the opening of the ancestral land, our fortress transferred the mission to us. That’s all I know.

Shadow Eleven gave him a strange look that seemed to say “You’ve said more than enough!”

Shadow Nine’s face turned pale. He realized he wasn’t under control, so he naturally spoke out. What had this guy done to them?

“Feng Qingyan!” Wang Teng’s eyes narrowed slightly, a chilling light flashing in their depths.

Never would he have expected it to be him!

He had initially thought it was someone from the five major families, but it turned out to be Feng Qingyan.

That guy was truly persistent. Constantly causing trouble for him was one thing, but now he even tried to kill him within the Phantom Drift Territorial Domain.

Did he really think I am someone to be trifled with?

“Wang Teng, that guy is too much. He got Shadow Fortress people to assassinate you,” Round Ball said angrily.

“Rest assured, he will pay for this sooner or later,” Wang Teng thought to himself. “I will make him regret everything he’s done. Feng Qingyan thinks he can cover the sky with one hand.”

Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven couldn’t help but exchange a glance, feeling an inexplicable shock. The temperature around them seemed to have suddenly turned extremely cold.

This situation was all too familiar to them!

Killing intent!

It was undoubtedly the intangible killing intent emanating from the young man before them!

His killing intent was so strong!!!

Wang Teng’s killing intent was powerful enough to make the two Shadow Fortress assassins feel alarmed. The extent of its strength was evident.

However, the killing intent came and went quickly. Wang Teng swiftly restrained it, once again wearing that smiling expression as he looked at them. “Alright, now that I know what I wanted to know, you can go.

“You… are letting us go?” Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven were both stunned, finding it hard to believe.