Crazy! Are You Really A Beast Tamer?-Chapter 269 - 184: The 3rd All-Kinds Carp!_1

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Chapter 269: Chapter 184: The 3rd All-Kinds Carp!_1

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As the words had just been spoken, the bloodthirsty barks of three fierce dogs abruptly rang out from outside the window of the Wang Family mansion.

In the dark of night, the explosive barks startled Wang Aozhong and Du Xiumei to their feet.

With the sound of shattering glass, three hellhounds had already appeared within the room.

The dark blue flames devouring the light emitted by the room’s fixtures on their backs, plunging the room instantly into darkness.

Wang Aozhong summoned his own two main battle mystic beasts. f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

Once a giant, eight-meter-long lizard and a ten-meter-long lizard appeared, they both let out long hisses.

The blue-spotted lizard curled its tail and a wave of chill instantly spread throughout the room.

In front of Wang Aozhong, Du Xiumei, and the lying Wang Xingming, a significant area of frost spread out.

Wang Aozhong clearly felt the aura emitted by the three fiery hellhounds, and he saw the large lumps on the throat of the beasts.

Knowing that his beasts were no match for them, he was preparing to go on the defensive to buy some time.

The robust lizard, its ten-meter-long body covered in shield scales, turned to one side, its tail bent inward.

It used its body as a shield, positioned at the outer edge of the frost zone.

But a battle among beasts is never decided by size alone.

Even though both of the lizards, just entering diamond rank, with one’s bloodline already awakened as an earth dragon, they were still no match for the diamond-rank peak hellhounds.

Especially as Yin Nanzhen’s three hellhounds had just been enhanced by Fang Mu.

Wang Aozhong, now in a defensive stance, yelled out in anger.

“Who are you! What are you doing sneaking into our Wang Family?”

“You can’t really believe that our Wang Family has no way to handle you, can you!?”

Yin Nanzhen grinned ominously upon hearing these words.

For some reason, aiding Fang Mu in executing a force in this way brought a strange pleasure to Yin Nanzhen’s heart.

The more Yin Nanzhen indulged in this sensation, the more wonderful it became.

“Your Wang Family should know what you have done, don’t you?”

“Doesn’t even consider your own capabilities, daring to provoke anyone!”

“Hehe, your Wang Family indeed has several Five Point Star Beastmasters with impressive abilities.”

“If I were to confront them all by myself, indeed, it would take a considerable effort, and I couldn’t ensure that you wouldn’t escape.”

Upon saying this, Yin Nanzhen paused, then took a step forward.

“You don’t really think that those outside have a chance of coming in to help, do you!?”

As he spoke, Yin Nanzhen casually waved his hand.

The three fiery hellhounds growled low and excitedly pounced.

Sharp bone spurs suddenly grew from their claws, allowing the leaping Hellhounds to fix themselves firmly on the giant ten-meter lizard.

The dark flame exploded, swiftly burning through the shield scales.

The sound of its fat sizzling echoed beneath the giant lizard’s mournful cries.

A smell of cooked meat began to fill the room.

The Fiery Hellhounds munched contentedly on the half-cooked lizard meat, flavored with singed flesh and blood, allowing the giant lizard to agonize on the ground.

Their eyes were fixed firmly on the other lizard inside the frost zone, as well as Wang Aozhong, Du Xiumei, and Wang Xingming being protected in the center.

Any slight movement by any one of them would prompt a Fiery Hellhound to pounce.

Watching his beast being eaten, Wang Aozhong could directly sense the pain suffered by the Heavy Rock Dragon Lizard through their spiritual connection.

The Heavy Rock Dragon Lizard was in pain but straining hard to control its struggles, afraid of accidentally hurting its protector, Wang Aozhong.

This made Wang Aozhong both heartbroken and mournful, completely forgetting his promise to Wang Xingming to capture Yan Wood’s Mystic Beast.

He planned to let Yan Wood find out that he made her Vermilion Sun Crane into meat patties for his dogs.

“Are you from Changming Organisms or Hawk Falcon Commerce Guild?”

The Wang Family knows how to flatter and accommodate powerful forces, they maintain great relationships with many powerful entities.

When facing forces equal to their own, the Wang Family tries as much as possible to be friendly with them.

Only when faced with forces far weaker than theirs do the Wang Family strike hard to announce their majesty.

Among all of the Wang Family’s enemies, the only entities Wang Aozhong could think of that had the power to threaten the Wang Family were Changming Organisms and Hawk Falcon Commerce Guild.

However, the Wang Family’s past grievances with Changming Organisms and the Hawk Falcon Commerce Guild were already safeguarded by medium-sized powers, their affairs considered settled.

Upon hearing this, Yin Nanzhen chuckled disdainfully.

Yin Nanzhen had heard of Changming Organisms, their rank hideously inferior to the Yin Family at its peak, only being one-third of their power.

Wang Aozhong considered him someone from Changming Organisms, which Yin Nanzhen found quite insulting.

If Changming Organisms is viewed as a formidable opponent, Yin Nanzhen couldn’t comprehend why the Wang Family would dare to harass Yan Wood.

“If anyone’s to blame, it should be your foolish son who has roused the ire of someone he shouldn’t have provoked!”

“He even dares to covet Miss Yan!”

Neither Wang Aozhong, Du Xiumei, nor the immobilized Wang Xingming on the couch had expected such an answer from Yin Nanzhen’s mouth.

Wang Xingming was the first to exclaim.

“Yan Wood! You are a family member of Yan Wood!”

Upon hearing Wang Xingming’s words, Yin Nanzhen’s eyes narrowed sharply.

A Fiery Hellhound directly sprayed its dark flame toward Wang Xingming.

Hurriedly, Wang Aozhong ordered his Mystic Beast, the Ice Wall Split Lizard, to gather frost to block the attack.

Due to the substantial disparity in strength, the frost wall formed by the frost zone melted instantly upon contact with the dark flame, just like ice cubes dropped into molten iron.

Fortunately, the ice wall formed rapidly enough, and the dark flame only managed to burn Wang Xingming’s legs.