Crazy! Are You Really A Beast Tamer?-Chapter 275 - 185 Cicada, Frog, and Elegant Dance!_3

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Chapter 275: Chapter 185 Cicada, Frog, and Elegant Dance!_3

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The poisonous rain shed by Rainy Doll, after being absorbed by the Poison Dart Frog Soul, can turn the poison dart frog into an assassin on the battlefield.

It enhances the Armor Break ability of Rainy Doll.

More importantly, in future team battles with Fang Mu, allowing the Poison Dart Frog’s Soul to follow his teammates is useful in absorbing surrounding toxins.

This ensures the safety of his teammates in the poisonous rain curtain.

The other frog beast spirit that attracted Fang Mu was the Tongue Chain Frog.

The Tongue Chain Frog can bind its targets with its long tongue.

The strength of the Tongue Chain Frog’s tongue chain is related to the abundance of Water Elemental Energy in the surroundings.

Thus, as the Ling Poison Dark Lotus enhances these residing cicada and frog beast spirits through the unique trait “Cicada, Frog, Lodging on Lotus”.

The Tongue Chain Frog’s tongue chain can effectively trap beasts that are comparable to those at Eden Greenfield.

The disadvantage of Rainy Doll’s attack is that the enemy’s beast will not stay obediently inside the rain curtain.

Once it escapes from the rain curtain covered by Rainy Doll, it is difficult for Rainy Doll to inflict effective damage on the target.

The soul of the Tongue Chain Frog can bind the target, ensuring that all of Rainy Doll’s attacks are effective.

After some hesitation, Fang Mu eventually chose the Poison Dart Frog.

On one hand, the Poison Dart Frog can absorb toxins allowing Fang Mu to let Rainy Doll participate in team battles.

This is equivalent to unlocking the constraint that confined Rainy Doll to fighting alone.

On the other hand, the purity of water elements can only reach a maximum of 100%, yet there’s no such thing as purity for toxic energy.

As the Rainy Doll absorbs more and more toxins, the toxin it contains will only become stronger.

Therefore, compared to the Tongue Chain Frog, the Poison Dart Frog which relies on toxins has a higher ceiling.

Having made his decision, Fang Mu said to Yi Han.

“I want all three souls of the Rain Curtain Cicadas and the two souls of the Poison Dart Frogs!”

Upon hearing this, Yi Han responded readily.

“I have already notified the Beast Taming Base. The premium Crane Beasts will be delivered soon.”

“When you pick the Crane Beasts, I’ll have someone pack the souls of the Rain Curtain Cicadas and the Poison Dart Frogs.”

Creators seldom use beast spirits as materials for concocting Elixirs.

Beast spirits are commonly used by Forge Spirit Masters when crafting spiritual instruments.

Yi Han previously collected these beast souls just to expand his treasury collection.

Many wooden boxes had already collected dust.

Even if Fang Mu asked for something truly valuable from the Yi Family, Yi Han would happily offer it.

Let alone these things he didn’t really care about.

While Yi Han was leading Fang Mu to select the top-class Crane Beasts, two women were sitting in the chamber at the peak of Ya Le Mountain. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝔩.𝔠𝖔𝔪

These two women were dressed in long gowns made of light gauze. Each piece of gauze was thin as cicada wings and almost transparent.

Dozens of layers of gauze were tightly woven together, and between every two layers of gauze was a large piece of silk embroidery.

The numerous layers of embroidery hidden between the layers of gauze added substantial dimension compared to regular embroidery.

This layered embroidery method can only be attempted by the most top-tier weavers.

Many newly appointed Weaving Grandmasters are unable to create clothing with five layers of layered embroidery.

The long skirts worn by these two women employed at least twenty or more layers of layered embroidery.

Layered embroidery is very time-consuming.

Even a seasoned Weaving Grandmaster would take at least five years to create a piece of clothing like this.

There was a group of women in plain clothes doing routine cleaning outside the chamber.

These women were watering the Elegant Dance plants, that resembled fine jade trees, with morning dew collected from the previous night.

The woman wearing the embroidery of apricot flowers and willows looked at another woman who was plucking a peony and using its stem as a brush to write. She said.

“Sister, you have been searching for a full one hundred and fifty years to this day.”

“Promise me that if you can’t find it today, you will stop looking!”

The woman who was writing with the flower stem heard this and exerted strength on her fingers, instantly breaking the stem she was holding.

The unfinished hate character filled with Evil Qi on the paper only had the first stroke, which looked more like the character for “affection”.

The woman swirled her left sleeve embroidered with phoenix, peony, boat and rivers, and rested her left hand behind her back.

She gazed at the scenery outside the chamber from afar.

Looking at the Elegant Dances in full bloom all over the mountain, she said in a bitter tone.

“He abandoned me in order to become a Grandmaster Creator. For one hundred and fifty years, there was no trace of him.”

“Completely disregarding our promises from back then.”

“In these one hundred and fifty years, the only new Grandmaster Creator that appeared suddenly was Qixing.”

“Qixing is a name that he would think of.”

“I want to know if Jianmu, brought by Yi Han, is really his apprentice!”