Cultivating by picking up attri-Chapter 194 - : Chapter 129: The New Patriarch of the Chu Family, Arriving to Seize the Bride, Startling Change

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Chapter 194: Chapter 129: The New Patriarch of the Chu Family, Arriving to Seize the Bride, Startling Change

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“Are you saying that the current patriarch of the Chu family is no longer Chu Changkong?”

Upon hearing Chu Ming Kong’s words, Han Ye was somewhat surprised.

The young Chu Ming Kong nodded his head, “Perfected one, are you truly unaware that three and a half years ago, a mysterious man visited our Chu family. He confronted us about the whereabouts of a holy object from the Demonic Cult, defeated thousands of sword cultivators with a single palm, and after the great battle at the top of Sword Palace, Patriarch Changkong was seriously injured and has been in seclusion ever since.”

Upon hearing the key words “three and a half years ago” and “holy object of the Demonic Cult”, Han Ye’s pupils contracted.

Wasn’t that around the time when the Golden Cicada Secret Realm was about to open, shortly after he and Chu Xianyu returned from slaying a giant serpent in Beihai Province and returned to the Sect?

Could it be that this mysterious man is a member of the Demonic Cult?

Could it be because Chu Xianyu displayed her swordsmanship at that time, which was recognized, leading the Demonic Cult to think that the Heavenly Demon Nether Dragon Scroll was in the Chu family, thus causing this disaster?

First the Demonic Cult was unsuccessful in finding the chart, then Junior Sister Ning infiltrated the Dragon Sparrow Sect in search of traces of the Demon Chart, then she finally made her move in the Golden Cicada Secret Realm. This will finally make the timeline make sense.

If that’s the case, then isn’t he the one that caused today’s outcome?

If the patriarch of the Chu family had not been injured, they wouldn’t have used their daughter to trade for the development of the family, and the new Chu family patriarch would not have declared that the capable shall marry her.

Having understood everything, Han Ye’s heart was even more pained.

He suddenly recalled the explanation for “Reversing Misfortune and Fortune”.

Misfortune and fortune never just appear or disappear, they are transferred to other places, onto other people.

It seems that at that time, he had managed to escape catastrophe, but the disaster was borne by Chu Xianyu instead.

No wonder three years ago, that one-armed old man wanted Chu Xianyu to return home.

Chu Changkong had an accident and needed a new successor.

It seems that Chu Xianyu must not have won the position of patriarch and even became the sacrifice for the family’s political marriage.

Han Ye looked at Chu Ming Kong and asked in a heavy voice, “hasn’t your sister ever resisted?”

Chu Ming Kong shouted in dissatisfaction, “Ever since my sister came back three years ago, she has handed over Cangbi to the family and was placed in house arrest most of the time. What could she resist with!”

“This time when I was heading to the Dragon Capital of Great Zhou, I was fulfilling my sister’s mission to find someone. At first, I planned to go to the Dragon Sparrow Sect, but then I heard his name was being praised in the Dragon Capital City. When I finally got to Dragon Capital, I heard that he had already left and I could only reluctantly return.”

“Isn’t this frustrating?”

Chu Ming Kong, thinking of his encounters on the way, complained angrily.

Han Ye froze after hearing this, closed his eyes with heavy emotions, and said, “The person your sister asked you to find… who was it?”

“It seems to be a guy named Han Ye.”

“By the way, who are you? You’re not here for my sister’s paired sword like those people, are you?”

At this point, Han Ye opened his eyes and said, “I am Han Ye.”

When Chu Ming Kong heard this, he couldn’t believe it and asked back, “You are Han Ye, really?”

“Absolutely. Dragon Sparrow Sect disciple, Han Ye.”

Han Ye took out his Identity Jade Plate from his ring and gave it to him.

After Chu Ming Kong scrutinized the Jade Plate, he still found it hard to believe.

“So you’re the Han Ye who defeated the devil’s son with a sword in Dragon Capital City, the one who is being talked about all over the place recently?” “Yes, that’s me. But how did this title of Sword Leader come about?”

Han Ye frowned.

“The whole world is talking about it. When the Demonic Sect entered Dragon Capital, an imposing sword qi appeared with a proud and conceited man dressed in white. They say he is a Nine Turn Golden Core cultivator, a level that has not been seen for a thousand years.”

“So, this title is quite awe-inspiring.”

Han Ye shook his head and continued to ask, “Isn’t your sister the swordswoman of Cangbi? How could she be stripped of her sword qualification? The swordswoman of the Lien Flame, Bai Qiufu, everyone is very polite around her.”

“Although my sister can wield Cangbi, she hadn’t received the recognition of the Fuyao Sword Palace, so it’s considered private misappropriation.”

Han Ye had heard of this rule from Bai Qiufu, the swordswoman of Cold Waterfall. He didn’t expect it to be true.

Chu Ming Kong saw Han Ye turning around to leave, the white tiger on the ground also stood up. He couldn’t help but ask,

“Where are you going?”

“To save your sister.”

Chu Ming Kong’s eyes lit up, quickly caught up and asked, “But can you defeat them? The four main seed sword holders, and Chu Liuching, Chu Liubai…”

Han Ye stopped in his tracks, glanced at him, “You’re advising me now? Weren’t you unafraid of death just now?”

Chu Ming Kong’s gaze settled, “I said it before, if I see something I dislike, I will fight to the end. Life or death is not important. But you are someone who my sister cares about. If you die, how can I explain it to her?”

“Who did you learn this character from?”

Chu Ming Kong proudly said, “My father taught me.”

“As a sword cultivator, nothing is sadder than the death of the heart. The sword in your heart is more important than anything else. When you win, the victory is in your sword; when you lose, the victory is in your heart.”

After a moment of silence, Han Ye gently nodded his head, “Just like the current Sword Sovereign.”

“White tiger Perfected One, what is the relationship between you and my sister?”


“What kind of friends?”

“A child should ask less.”

At the Chu family mansion.

Everywhere is festooned with lanterns and streamers, rows of red lanterns hang under the eaves.

Paper cut-outs of rabbits, symbols of celebration and good fortune, are everywhere on the doors.

Inside the house, Chu Xianyu was dressed in overlapping red skirts, adorned with magnificent jewelry, as beautiful and as cold as a spring flower. Words cannot describe her beauty..