Cultivation Online-Chapter 1223 Primordial Phoenix(2)

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Chapter 1223 Primordial Phoenix(2)

1223 Primordial Phoenix(2)

When Dragon Goddess Yeyou and Tian Yi got close enough, the Primordial Phoenix halted its movements and sprung around, sending its divine flames flying all over the place.

Tian Yi calmly dodged the flames that could easily burn even an Immortal to death in an instant. Meanwhile, Dragon Goddess Yeyou merely flicked the flames away from her body like she was swatting away flies.

"Sneaking up behind me— are you looking for an early death?" The Primordial Phoenix spoke a moment later.

"It may have been some time since we last fought, but do you really think you have what it takes to kill me now, you dumb pigeon?" Dragon Goddess Yeyou sneered coldly.

"Dumb pigeon?" The Primordial Phoenix immediately glared at Dragon Goddess Yeyou with enough killing intent to actually kill someone.

However, the Primordial Phoenix's eyes suddenly widened with shock.

"Either my eyes are deceiving me right now, or you are that annoying snake… in human form?!" The Primordial Phoenix sounded like she was in disbelief, yet there was a hint of entertainment within her tone, almost as though she was subtly mocking Dragon Goddess Yeyou.

Dragon Goddess Yeyou sucked her teeth and growled in a cold voice, "Hearing your voice makes me want to pluck your feathers."

"You dare?!" Primordial Phoenix screamed, causing bursts of flames to erupt from its body like it was an active volcano.

"Why wouldn't I dare? It won't be my first time, after all!" A cold smile appeared on Dragon Goddess Yeyou's face.

The Primordial Phoenix trembled in anger after hearing such words.

"It has been a million years since we last fought… While you've slept for probably 90 percent of that time, I've spent countless resources and effort into strengthening myself so that I would be able to scale you like a fish if I ever encountered you again… Looks like today will be that day!"

"How dare you… compare me to a fish!!!" Dragon Goddess Yeyou's eyes began glowing with killing intent, and dragon scales began appearing on her body.


Tian Yi suddenly cleared his throat loudly and spoke, "Dragon Goddess, please don't forget why we are here."

He then moved to stand between the two and continued speaking, "Primordial Phoenix, please calm down. We are not here to fight you."

"Huh? And who the hell are you?" The Primordial Phoenix just noticed Tian Yi's presence, as his presence was incomparably smaller than Dragon Goddess Yeyou's presence.

"My name is Tian Yi, and I am but a humble human with the desire to have a word with you."


The Primordial Phoenix started glancing back and forth between Tian Yi and Dragon Goddess Yeyou.

"Now this is something else. A Divine Beast— the Dragon Goddess, no less, traveling the starry sky with a human being… This is a sight that I never thought I'd ever witness…" The Primordial Phoenix muttered in an intrigued voice before fixing her gaze on Dragon Goddess Yeyou.

"When did you become so close with a human, Dragon Goddess, who has never given them any attention since the beginning of time? Don't tell me… Are you mating with this human as well?"

"You will pay for disrespecting me, Primordial Phoenix!!!" Dragon Goddess Yeyou returned to her original form the following moment, her eyes spewing heavenly fire and the intent to fight.

Tian Yi rubbed his eyes and released a stressed sigh.

"Dragon Princess, if you calm down, I will spar with you after this is over…" Tian Yi said to her.

Dragon Goddess Yeyou's tail visibly twitched after hearing such words.

Although it has been less than 100 years since they last fought, she has already begun to crave another fight with Tian Yi.

After spending a few moments controlling her emotions, Dragon Goddess Yeyou returned to her human form and proceeded to close her eyes, meditating in silence.

When the Primordial Phoenix saw this— saw how Dragon Goddess Yeyou listened to a human's commands, she was shaken to her core with shock.

"Who are you? How did you make her listen to you? Besides being known for being a bully, that dragon is also famous for not listening to anyone. And what are your relationships?" The Primordial Phoenix looked at Tian Yi in a new light.

"I already told you my identity. As for our relationship, it's complicated, but I guess we're something like traveling partners."

The Primordial Phoenix sucked in a long and deep breath after hearing such a thing.

"And you convinced her to be your 'traveling partner'? How?" The Primordial Phoenix clearly couldn't believe it.

"Well, we had a conversation and a little spar. It took 200 years, and I nearly died, but it worked out somehow."

"..." The Primordial Phoenix was speechless.

Once she snapped out of it, she asked, "So… What do you want from me?"

Tian Yi smiled, and he proceeded to tell the Primordial Phoenix of his ambitions.

"A world where beasts and humans can interact with each other without fear, huh…"

Compared to Dragon Goddess Yeyou, the Primordial Phoenix has more experience with humans, even dealing in business with some of them, so she understood Tian Yi's ambitions with more clarity.

With that being said, as a Divine Beast, she naturally saw humans as inferior entities, even if they do benefit her pockets.

"While I understand your ambitions, and it would benefit my business more if I had more human customers, I cannot see how you will achieve such a thing. Like fire and water, dragons and phoenixes, humans and beasts have fought with each other since the beginning of time. It will take a lot more than just convincing a few strong beasts to change the world."

"I am aware of that. While that is my ultimate goal, my current goal is simply to create a foundation. It may take several eras before things start to change, but nothing will change if there is no foundation."

The Primordial Phoenix didn't say anything and turned to look at Dragon Goddess Yeyou.

"Since you are following him, I'll take it that you believe he'll be able to achieve such a task."

Dragon Goddess Yeyou opened her eyes and responded calmly, "No, I don't believe he'll be able to do it."

The Primordial Phoenix looked puzzled by her response, and she asked, "Then why are you following him?"

"Because it's interesting enough to lessen my boredom."

"Unbelievable…" The Primordial Phoenix was left speechless by her response.