Cultivation Online-Chapter 1337 Golden Immortal Physique(2)

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Chapter 1337 Golden Immortal Physique(2) freewebnov

?"There is a way to discern if someone has a chance to acquire the Golden Immortal Physique. If a semi-transparent golden armor materializes on the individual during their tempering, they possess what's known as an incomplete Golden Immortal Physique." Giant Emperor Kulas continued.

"To fully attain the Golden Immortal Physique, they must promptly temper in Golden Immortal's Spirit Essence, created by combining a Golden Droplet with the Golden Celestial Tree's liquid."

"What's a Golden Droplet?" Huang Xiao Li asked, her expression filled with curiosity.

"It's a treasure even more valuable than the Golden Celestial Tree's liquid. Possessing heaven-defying properties, it can elevate the grade of any treasure by several levels," said Princess Meiya.

"For example, it can turn a Divine-grade treasure into a Mythic—even Empyrean-grade treasure. Of course, it can also immensely increase the potency of any medicine-type treasure like the Golden Celestial Tree's liquid."

"Wow… This is my first time hearing about such a treasure. How does one even find them?" Huang Xiao Li asked.

"They can rarely be found in the starry world, left behind by mythical rocks known as Golden Meteoroids as they soar through the void." Giant Emperor Kulas said.

"These Golden Meteoroids are indestructible and move at a speed that even the fastest cultivators cannot follow. Naturally, they are incredibly rare as well. Only two Golden Droplets have been found in the last million years."

After a brief pause, Giant Emperor Kulas spoke in a solemn voice, "Honestly, I once strived to attain the Golden Immortal Physique, which is why I possess the Golden Droplet. Unfortunately, I have never manifested the golden armor even after a dozen attempts over the past 500,000 years."

"And you gave the Golden Droplet to Yuan despite that? I'm in awe of your generosity," Huang Xiao Li remarked.

"I have already relinquished such a dream. If I cannot attain the Golden Immortal Physique myself, I want, at the very least, to contend with someone who possesses it. If my rival, Tian Yang, can attain the Golden Immortal Physique, I cannot ask for anything better," he responded with a smile.

"Do you think he'll finish before the tournament resumes?" Princess Meiya suddenly asked.

"Is the tournament more important than the Golden Immortal Physique? I couldn't care less about the tournament as long as he acquires the Golden Immortal Physique!" Giant Emperor Kulas declared.

"However, I do hope that he manages to finish before the tournament resumes." 𝑓𝑟ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝒷𝑛ℴ𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝘮

Giant Emperor Kulas proceeded to take a sit down.

"You're going to stay here and watch?" Princess Meiya asked after seeing his action.

"Of course. Do you think I'd miss the birth of the Golden Immortal Physique? I'd even risk my life to witness such a historical moment," he scoffed.

About an hour after Yuan acquired the Golden Immortal Physique, the water in the cauldron, resembling melted gold, began to lose its color, swiftly returning to its diluted texture. Six hours later, the water had nearly lost all of its color, reverting to its normal appearance of plain water.

'This monster in human skin…' Giant Emperor Kulas sighed inwardly after witnessing Yuan's absorption rate with his own eyes.

It would've taken him several decades to absorb such powerful treasure, yet Yuan was able to do it in several hours.

Yuan opened his eyes shortly after he finished his body tempering session.

"Giant Emperor? What are you doing here?" Yuan was startled when the first thing he saw upon opening his eyes was Giant Emperor Kulas glaring at him intently.

Giant Emperor Kulas silently smiled for a moment before speaking, "How do you feel?"

Yuan inspected his body and said, "A lot stronger."

"It would be strange if you weren't stronger after absorbing so much treasure! And you even attained the Golden Immortal Physique!" exclaimed Giant Emperor Kulas.

"Golden Immortal Physique? What's that?" Yuan tilted his head in a puzzled manner.

"Listen here, you…"

Giant Emperor Kulas proceeded to explain the entire situation to him.

"A physique that can only be forged through body tempering, huh…" Yuan had a smile on his face after realizing his achievement.

"Wait, does this mean that I currently possess two different physiques? Is that even possible?"

"It's exceedingly rare, but it's definitely possible."

Giant Emperor Kulas stood up, patted his robes, and continued, "Anyways, the tournament will resume soon. Show me what the Golden Immortal Physique can do or I'll personally skin you alive for wasting my resources."

Yuan smiled, "Thank you for the Golden Droplet."

Giant Emperor Kulas causally waved his arm and left the room shortly after.

Princess Meiya decided to stay for a little longer.

"Even though I said that I wouldn't give you any treasures, I ended up betraying my own words. With that being said, I do not regret it at all. As a Body Refiner, I cannot imagine anything more honorable than being involved in the birth of the legendary Golden Immortal Physique. I'm looking forward to your next match."

Princess Meiya left the room shortly after.

"You should get some rest. I'm also going to get some sleep." Huang Xiao Li said to him before flying to the bed.

Sometime later, Yuan tossed the cauldron back into his spatial ring and got dressed.

'Even if I want to get some rest, there's too much energy in my body to sleep.'

Yuan felt a strong urge to unleash the energy inside his body, but he refrained from doing so, not wanting to waste any energy before the tournament resumed.

Instead, he looked at his character status to see what the Golden Immortal Physique did to his body.

Name: Yuan

Cultivation: 9th level Spirit King

Bloodline: Immortal Monarch Bloodline

Physique: Heaven Refining Physique, Golden Immortal Physique

Physical Strength: ???

Mental Strength: ???

Soul Strength: ???

Physical Defense: ???

Mental Defense: ???

[Title: Golden Immortal Physique]

[Description: Increases your Physical Strength by ??? and Physical Defense by ???]

Yuan's eyes widened when he observed the effects of the Golden Immortal Physique. In his experience, the presence of a question mark suggested that the number was larger than what the system could handle.

However, even without the system's help, he could vaguely tell how much stronger he was compared to previously.

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