Cultivation Online-Chapter 1343 Fighting Giant Emperor Kulas(2)

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Chapter 1343 Fighting Giant Emperor Kulas(2)

?Amid their clash, neither Yuan nor Giant Emperor Kulas yielded an inch, suggesting that they were of equal strength.

The spectators were rendered speechless, overcome with awe at the sight unfolding before them. In their eyes, Giant Emperor Kulas stood as an unparalleled force, making the sight of a mere human successfully blocking his fist and maintaining an unwavering stance seem an impossible feat.

Following a momentary pause in their clash, as if both were contemplating and gauging each other's strength, Yuan and Giant Emperor Kulas simultaneously unleashed another punch, resuming the intense battle between their formidable forces.

One after another, they kept throwing punches, not pausing even when their fists were blocked. The battle continued relentlessly, with cracks in the air getting bigger after each clash.

In just a minute, they exchanged over a hundred strikes, leaving the area around them utterly devastated.

Despite the apparent profundity of their clash, both refrained from employing any techniques, relying solely on the prowess of their bare bodies and raw strength.

The velocity of their punches escalated, rendering it increasingly challenging to intercept. Inevitably, they abandoned the attempt to block each other's fists and transitioned to a direct exchange of body blows.

'As expected of the Emperor of Giants, his punches are lethal! It's akin to a jackhammer relentlessly attempting to create holes in my body, even with my Golden Immortal Physique!' Yuan could feel sharp pain throughout his body every time Giant Emperor Kulas landed a punch on his body.

Yet, Giant Emperor Kulas found himself in no better condition than Yuan.

'When was the last time I felt such pain? This is exhilarating!' he chuckled inwardly, embracing the intense sensation with a twisted sense of delight.

They continued pummeling each other for the ensuing five minutes until Giant Emperor Kulas spoke, "Shall we bring this up a notch?"

"I couldn't ask for more." Yuan grinned.

[Golden Mountain Body Refinement!]

"Great Mammoth Body Refinement!"

Having enhanced their bodies with a body refinement technique, Yuan and Giant Emperor Kulas propelled the prowess of their attacks to unprecedented levels. Their punches now possessed a potency capable of shaking the very foundations of the entire world.

"Hahaha! This is magnificent! This is exactly what I've been yearning for!" Giant Emperor Kulas laughed, as if caught in a frenzy of exhilaration.

Yuan, too, wore a broad smile on his face as he confronted his most formidable opponent to date.

"Are my eyes deceiving me? That human cultivator, who is only a Spirit King, is exchanging blows with Giant Emperor Kulas, who is at the third level Divine Master?"

"He's not just exchanging blows—he's fighting with his bare hands! Against the Emperor of Giants, who is recognized as the strongest entity on the continent!"

The audience didn't want to believe their eyes even though they were witnessing it firsthand.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour has passed since Yuan began his brawl with Giant Emperor Kulas. 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝙣𝓸𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

"Not enough! This is not nearly enough to satisfy me, Tian Yang!!! Let's stop holding back and start fighting as if our lives depended on it, just like old times!" Giant Emperor Kulas suddenly surged with a tyrannical aura that could be felt even by the spectators hundreds of miles away.

Witnessing this transformation in Giant Emperor Kulas, Yuan could no longer afford to hold back. He activated his dragon transformation, propelling his prowess to ascend towards the heavens with an unprecedented surge.

Giant Emperor Kulas broke out in cold sweat after sensing Yuan's tyrannical aura.

'Ahh… That overwhelming presence… this feeling of helplessness… You haven't changed since the first day we met, Tian Yang.' Giant Emperor Kulas held a nostalgic expression on his face.

'And just like in the past, I shall use all of my strength to fight you!'

Giant Emperor Kulas raised his head and unleashed a colossal howl towards the heavens, its force alone splitting the clouds asunder.

In the blink of an eye, a semi-transparent golden armor materialized on Giant Emperor Kulas, reminiscent of the golden armor that enveloped Yuan during his tempering in the liquid of the Golden Celestial Tree.

"I may have failed to attain the Golden Immortal Physique, but I managed to acquire the incomplete Golden Immortal Physique! While it's nowhere near as powerful as the real deal, it still boasts tremendous power!" Giant Emperor Kulas revealed his trump card.

"Here I come, Tian Yang!"

"Come, Giant Emperor Kulas!" Yuan greeted him with an excited grin, ready to face the heightened challenge with enthusiasm.

Yuan and Giant Emperor Kulas vanished into thin air the very next instant. free

The audience expected their reappearance when they inevitably clashed with each other, but that didn't happen.

Instead, massive craters suddenly marred the ground, accompanied by a thunderous noise and the emergence of substantial cracks in the air, almost as if they were fighting in another dimension.

"W-What is happening?! Why can't I see them?!"

"They are moving so fast that we cannot perceive them with our bare eyes!"

"Without using any movement techniques?! Is that even possible?!"

"It is when your raw strength surpasses common sense…"

Yuan and Giant Emperor Kulas remained concealed from the spectators for the next several minutes, building anticipation, until suddenly—


A pained cry reverberated, followed by the reappearance of Giant Emperor Kulas's figure, yet he looked entirely different from when the spectators last witnessed him.

His once-imposing appearance was now disheveled, and his bloodied body bore numerous fist-sized dents, looking like he'd just returned from a horrendous torture section.

Yuan, too, materialized shortly afterward. Despite appearing a bit roughed up, he was in a significantly better state, presenting a striking contrast to the brutally battered form of Giant Emperor Kulas.


Giant Emperor Kulas coughed out a mouthful of blood and wiped his bloodied lips with a smile on his face as he glared at Yuan, "This match is your victory, Tian Yang."

Dead silence settled over the audience as they absorbed Giant Emperor Kulas' declaration of defeat. After a moment of stunned silence, an eruption of shock and disbelief echoed through the air.

"His Majesty lost to a mere human?! That's not possible! I must be dreaming!"

Unsurprisingly, the audience responded with denial. The notion of Giant Emperor Kulas losing seemed inconceivable, a scenario that could never manifest even in their wildest dreams.

Yet, such a scenario had occurred, and it happened right before their very eyes.

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