Daddy! Come Home for Dinner!-Chapter 272 - : Self-taught

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Chapter 272: Chapter 272: Self-taught

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Adrian Zhekova had no idea that Cindy Clarke would do this.

It was both a surprise and a shock.

This little girl, her face was as red as a beet.

But she was so bold!

Adrian Zhekova pulled Cindy Clarke straight into his arms.

“Next time, don’t just peck and run, you should do it like this,” Adrian Zhekova said with a hoarse voice, “Understand?”

Cindy blinked, thinking to herself, didn’t Adrian say this was his first relationship too?

How does he seem so experienced?

Nothing like someone who had never been in a relationship before.

Could it be, Adrian was the type to separate playing around from actual relationships?

His first love is real, but that doesn’t stop him from having rich experience with other women prior to this?

Without realizing it, Cindy blurted out what she was thinking.

Before, when Cindy expressed her fear that Adrian was with her because of Morgan, he didn’t get upset.

But this time, revealing her inner thoughts unwittingly made him frown.

Adrian slapped Cindy’s forehead without mercy, not content, but also not knowing what else to do with her.

He was quite annoyed.

Grinding his teeth, he said, “Didn’t you know that men are naturally talented in this aspect?”

Cindy: ‘

Only then did she realize that she had spoken her thoughts out loud. Cindy gave a dry laugh, but before she could say anything, he enveloped her tight in his arms.

“I call this natural talent, understand?” Adrian Zhekova was quite angry, “In the future, don’t think about such baseless things in your head!”

Cindy: ‘

“This is my first relationship, there were no other women before, no other experiences.” Adrian said angrily, “No, the only experience, is you. Even that was when I was confused. Apart from you, there has been nobody else.”

Really, he was completely baffled by this girl!

“1…1 see…” Cindy said in a feeble voice.

There was no helping it, she couldn’t find a suitable refutation.

Contained snugly within Adrian’s arms, she dared not move.

But, hearing Adrian speak such words, she couldn’t help but feel delighted inside.

So, Adrian Zhekova, from beginning to end, only had her.

If possible, naturally, she also wished the person she loved had never belonged to another.

“Me too,” Cindy said in a small voice.

But knowing that from beginning to end, she was the only one for Adrian, she couldn’t help but let a smile graze her lips as she spoke this sentence.

Every curve of her lips betrayed her delight.

Seeing her joyous and giggling, Adrian Zhekova’s mood became radiant.

“I know,” he smirked.

When he initially suspected that Cindy was the person from five years ago, he had Sheldon Rowland investigate.

Although he might not know every detail of Cindy’s past years, he did know enough to say that she had never been in a relationship.

Even slightly familiar males didn’t exist.

Somehow, this made Cindy feel a bit embarrassed.

His elated expression, as if he had scored a victory, made her face burn with heat.

Immediately, she felt embarrassed that she had no relationship experience. Wasn’t this quite humiliating?

Adrian Zhekova was silent, rendering the room very quiet.

“Though I lack experience, I am naturally proficient,” Adrian Zhekova said with a smirk and a somewhat husky voice, whispering into her ear. By the time Cindy reacted, Adrian’s face was already in front of her eyes..

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