Dear Commander-in-Chief-Chapter 948 - Gu Xuexue Seduces Young Master Ye

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Chapter 948: Gu Xuexue Seduces Young Master Ye

Thinking about this, Gu Meifeng’s skin immediately thickened and she became braver. She smiled and revealed her wrinkles. “Young Master Ye is really a noble person who forgets things. Director Shen Ping from the Empire Medical University is my biological older brother. He often mentioned that Young Master Ye’s medical expertise is peerless and that he’s an outstanding talent in the medical world. I was also present at the previous famous medical gathering…”

Gu Meifeng was purely talking nonsense.

She had only heard from Gu Xuexue that Young Master Ye’s medical expertise was good. Thus, she naturally thought that Young Master Ye must have attended a gathering organized by Shen Ping before.

Anyway, she had seen many of such noble people. She only needed to come into contact with them a little…

She initially thought that by mentioning the famous Director Shen Ping, she would be able to gain Young Master Ye’s favor. But who knew that…

The other party only listened coldly and said expressionlessly, “Who is Shen Ping? I don’t know him!”

Gu Meifeng was speechless.

In the Empire, Shen Ping was a famous medical professor after all. Before anything happened to the Shen family, they also owned a very famous pharmaceutical company that made a lot of money, okay?

This Young Master Ye actually said that he didn’t know Director Shen Ping. Wasn’t he too arrogant?

Gu Qiqi glanced at Gu Meifeng coolly and curved her thin lips. “If there’s nothing else, don’t get in my way!”

That gaze and that tone were as disdainful as they could be!

Gu Meifeng choked again.

Gu Qiqi was clearly bullying Gu Meifeng and looking down on her!

Gu Meifeng really couldn’t take it anymore. Gritting her teeth, she was about to lose all her face.

She was about to turn around and leave.

Gu Xuexue pulled her back and whispered, “Mommy, you can’t give up halfway. Let me try…”

Gu Meifeng knew that her daughter didn’t have other abilities, but she still had some ability to act coquettishly towards men.

Otherwise, Mu Liuchuan wouldn’t have been coaxed by her daughter and wouldn’t propose marriage.

She thought for a while. Among the few projects that she had invested in with all her assets, Gu Qiushan’s villa had now been burned down by a fire. The land had also been retrieved by Qing Cheng. Not a single brick was left. Qing Yuxuan had already gone completely bankrupt and couldn’t get back a single cent. The Shen family was in danger. If they couldn’t revive from the dead, the money that they had invested would instantly turn into foam.

If she couldn’t save the Shen family, she would really become poor!

Just thinking about the feeling of poverty made her feel afraid.

Since she was already at her wits’ end, she should let Gu Xuexue try again to see if Gu Xuexue could conquer Young Master Ye.

Thus, Gu Meifeng forced herself to be positive and thickened her skin. “Young Master Ye, this is my daughter, our Gu family’s eldest daughter, Gu Xuexue…”

Gu Qiqi was disgusted by this introduction.

Gu Meifeng was really thinking about Gu Xuexue’s identity of being the Gu family’s eldest daughter all the time!

Since that was the case… Gu Qiqi would disgust her too.

Gu Qiqi pretended not to understand. “Oh? Your surname is Gu. Your daughter’s surname is also Gu. Is she the eldest daughter of the Gu family? Could it be that you and your older brother gave birth to your daughter? You guys don’t allow your family’s benefits to be shared with outsiders, so you’re staying in the Gu family as a daughter as well?”

Gu Qiqi emphasized the words “as a daughter”.

Upon hearing this, Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue’s faces turned pale.

The people behind them were even discussing among themselves. Oh, wasn’t this the meaning of ‘incest’? A child who had been involved with her own older brother also had the cheek to call herself the Eldest Young Lady? Could it be that the Gu family had gone crazy?

Young Master Ye was really ruthless to expose the truth in public!

They didn’t know if this Young Master was usually so vicious with his words or if he didn’t like them?

Of course, Gu Xuexue wasn’t willing to give up just because of one sentence of humiliation.

She was indeed the most thick-skinned person in the world. Even after being scolded as a child of incest, she still smiled and curried favor with Gu Qiqi.