Debuff Master-Chapter 471

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Chapter 471

[Lamborghini van Labyrinthos]

[The Last King of the Labyrinthos Dynasty that existed eight hundred years ago.]

[The Labyrinthos Royal Family was known to have Minotaurs Blood in them, but the Minotaurs Blood in Lamborghini mutated.]

[He would become a monster named Maranello when agitated, and the monster would destroy everything in sight.]

[Lamborghini could no longer bear the guilt of the destruction he had caused, so he built the Daedalus Underground Great Labyrinth to trap himself in it for eternity.]

[Type: NPC]

[Rating: Boss Monster]

[Race: Half-Monster]

[Level: 350]

[Class: Hyper Taurus Berserker]

[Note 1: He is an immortal being that neither grows old nor dies.]

[Note 2: It is advised to stay away from him or risk calling forth a catastrophe.]

[Note 3: Caution is advised when dealing with him.]

The man in front of them right now was indeed Lamborghini.

C-Crack Crack!

Lamborghinis body mutated, and his muscles grew larger and larger.

H-Hurry! Run away! There is no time run awaaargh!

Mr. Lamborghini! Calm down!

I would not have trapped myself in here if I could do that! This cursed blood flowing in my veins Argh!

That was the longest Lamborghini could maintain his consciousness as a human.

Crack! Crack!

Lamborghinis transformation progressed faster, and he could no longer speak in human tongue.

Argh Aaaaah! Kuheok! Grrr Waaaaa!

Lamborghini let loose a piercing roar.

Siegfried and the others finally realized that the man in front of them was no longer a human being.


[HP: ]

[Stamina: ]

Lamborghinis head was no longer that of a human but was now of a bull, and the name above his head changed to Maranello. He stood four meters tall and seemed to weigh at least a few hundred kilograms. On top of that, his entire body was covered by black fur, and his large eyes like that of a bull were bloodshot as if to showcase his rage.

He was without a doubt a hideous monster.

Ah I think were fucked Siegfried muttered in disbelief.

It felt as if he had messed with something he wasn't supposed to mess with. It wasn't that he was scared or anything, but it was more like he felt like he had caused unnecessary trouble..

Huff! Huff! Maranello scoffed air out of his nostrils at Siegfrieds face.

Siegfried took a few steps back and said, I think We have to run

MOOOO! Maranello unleashed a cry and darted toward Siegfrieds party.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground shook whenever Maranello took a step, and it felt as if the entire labyrinth was shaking from it.

R-Run! We gotta run now! Siegfried exclaimed and ran as fast as he could.


Siegfrieds party ran as fast as they could.

Mooooo! freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

The boss monster chased after them, looking like a tank charging toward its target at speeds of two hundred kilometers per hour.

What would happen if they were run over by the raging boss monster? They would without a doubt meet a gruesome and tragic end.

And that was why Siegfried and his party members were running as fast as they could from the rampaging tank.

Of course, it was the same for one of the continents Five Star Heavens, the Grappling Master, Leonid.

Excuse me! Elder-nim!


Cant you do something?! You are one of the Five Star Heavens!

Im not confident Ill survive after getting run over by that thing!

Just keep running!

Maranellos charge was so fierce that even Leonid dared not to stand in his way.

Siegfried continued running and saw an intersection up ahead.

He's fast, but he cant go against physics! Siegfried came to the conclusion that it would be difficult for Maranello to suddenly change directions, as the boss monster was running at extreme speeds despite weighing hundreds of kilograms. He was certain that the boss monster would definitely crash into the wall while trying to switch directions.

That will be our chance! Siegfried decided on his plan and led the others.

Over here! Hurry up!

The party members hurriedly turned the corner, but


Maranello suddenly turned his gigantic body, sliding on the floor as if it were ice to turn the corner smoothly in one fluid motion.

Mooo! Maranello cried out and continued chasing after the party.

Hey! Thats cheating! Thats fucking cheating! Siegfried screamed out of agitation.

That giant monster actually managed to change directions with ease despite running at high speed?! This was a blatant disregard of the laws of physics! It was possible to be fast despite being so gigantic, but being able to turn so easily with such a massive body was supposed to be impossible.

However, Maranello seemed to be able to control the massive kinetic energy that his body was generating while turning. He used it to propel himself forward instead of crashing into the wall.

Thus, Maranello instantly caught up to Siegfrieds party, and the first victim was Metatrons loyal subject, Chaos.


Chaos got run over by the tank and flew several meters.


The demon hit the labyrinth wall but did not bounce off of it. The sheer force of the impact from getting hit by Maranello ensured that he'd get stuck in the wall.


Siegfried and the others were shocked.

This will go on forever if we keep running away Siegfried realized it was futile for them to try and run away.

Not only was Maranello fast, but he was also extremely nimble, as proven by his ability to drift into corners. It was not an exaggeration to say that escaping from such a monster was impossible.



Shoot it!

Kyu? Shoot what?

Shoot something at that thing!

Alright! Kyuuu!

Hamchi opened his mouth and shot his Kyu~ Ray at Maranello.


The attack managed to slow down the boss monster just by a little bit.

Me too, Siegfried thought as he thrust his hips forward and shot out Energy Buster at Maranello.

Their combined efforts seemed to be effective.

M-Mooo! Maranello cried out after coming to a halt. Then, he slowly inched forward step by step trying to close the distance with his targets.

Of course, Maranello did not suffer one bit of damage in all of this, and the combined lasers of Siegfried and Hamchi proved to be ineffective against the boss monster.

The entire scene looked like a fire truck shooting its water cannon at a protester, who was inching toward the truck, and this was a testament to the absurd tenacity of Boss Monster Maranello.

D-Do something! Siegfried shouted at Leonid.

Alright! Leonid replied as he ran behind the boss monster. He grabbed Maranellos leg and started spinning around it, and a current formed as the Grappling Master spun.



The current formed a small tornado that eventually lifted both of them off the ground. Then, they flew all the way up to the labyrinth ceiling before making a U-turn and plummeting to the ground. Leonid smashed Maranello into the ground.


This was the Grappling Masters skill, Tornado Powerbomb.

Nows your chance! Leonid shouted before unleashing a barrage of attacks at the boss monster.

Whoa Look at that damage. Siegfried was shocked by the damage that Leonid had dealt to Maranello.

A Master was indeed a Master, as every attack from Leonid dealt damage on par with a mortar shell.

However, Siegfried knew that he did not have the luxury to be in awe of the damage. He immediately took out his +13 Horse Fly and placed down his debuff fields. Then, he transformed his +13 Horse Fly into a shield and smacked Maranello with it.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He even used Machine Gun Smash and focused every strike on Maranellos head.

Kyuuuuu! Hamchi cried out and grew as large as a grizzly bear, and angrily stomped on Maranello.

The damage dealt by the joint attack was so fierce that it would have totaled more than one hundred million by now, but the problem was


[HP: ]

[Stamina: ]

The boss monster still had fifty percent HP remaining even after receiving more than one hundred million damage.

The party was able to deal this much damage all thanks to Siegfrieds debuff fields, and without them, they would have only shaved off less than twenty percent of the boss monsters HP.

What the hell is this monster? Siegfried muttered in disbelief. He was shocked by the boss monster's sheer toughness, and he realized that they needed a powerful attack to defeat it.

Just then, Maranello grabbed Leonid and slowly got up to his feet.


Argh! Leonid groaned in agony.

Huh? Siegfried was dumbfounded by what he was witnessing.

Why? Because Maranellos HP suddenly replenished itself right in front of Siegfrieds eyes.


[HP: ]

[Stamina: ]

Maranellos HP was instantly restored to one hundred percent.

So is this what they meant by immortal? Siegfried muttered, bewildered. He finally realized why Maranello was considered an immortal monster.

We cant let this turn into a battle of attrition We need to look for an opportunity to deal as much damage as we can and kill him before he can replenish his HP, Siegfried thought. He tried to come up with numerous plans on how to win this battle but realized that saving Leonid from the monster's grasp was the priority.

However, Siegfried suddenly stopped after he heard a strange sound coming from somewhere.

Hum~ Hum~ Hum hum hum~ Hum~ Hum~

Someone was humming for some reason.

What the hell? Siegfried looked around his surroundings in search of where the humming was coming from.

Hum~ Hum~ Humm~ Hum hum~ freew ebnove

He found the source of the humming, and it was none other than Gringore, who had his eyes closed and was peacefully humming a tune.


A vein bulged on Siegfrieds forehead. That damned bastard! He's leisurely humming while the rest of us are struggling right now?!

He expected Gringore to use his abilities as the Phantom Singer to at least dish out damage. However, Gringore was leisurely humming a peaceful tune that would only make kids fall asleep.

Hey, Gringore! What the hell do you think youre doing right now?! Siegfried shouted.

Hum~ Hum hum~ Hum hum hum~ Hum hum~ Humm~

However, Gringore completely ignored him and continued to leisurely hum.

Hey! What the fuck are you doing, Gringore?! Siegfried screamed out of agitation.

Hum~ Hum hum~ Hum hum hum~ Hummm~ Hum hum~ Hum~



A string of messages popped up in front of Siegfrieds eyes.

[Alert: The Song of Cradle has calmed you down.]

[Alert: Your character feels very calm.]

[Alert: Your heart rate has slowed down.]

[Alert: You have relaxed.]

[Alert: Your character is feeling the true meaning of tranquility.]

Siegfried couldn't understand what was going on, but he noticed a sudden change in the landscape of the battle.

Huff Huff Maranellos snorting slowed down, and his eyes grew heavy.

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